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Country Magazine

4.6 out of 5
13 reviews
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About Country

Country Magazine is the magazine for people who live in or long for the country. Celebrate the land and life they love. Discover America through heartwarming and humorous reader-written stories, gorgeous scenic photos, family-friendly humor, home-style recipes, country shortcuts and more!

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Average Rating
4.6 out of 5

Based on 13 reviews

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3 out of 5
Used to be good

I'm not sure when Reiman affiliated themselves with Readers Digest but to me that's a turnoff, but probably due to high publishing casts and cost of sending way too much solicitation mail all the time. Now the magazine is filled with ads including a center insert that pulled the staples out. The worst issue I have is no receipies any more and those were the first things I read. For these reasons I will no longer subscribe to Country...but don't make your decision based on my review. If I find out Extra has receipies then I'll subscribe to that. Otherwise that's it for me and I've been getting it for many years. (wife doesn't like this decision)

5 out of 5
Country...Oh my Country

Love Country Magazine......but going back to the "old days" of no advertising would be the icing on the cake. That 'needle' is a tough one tho'! I have not found one needle yet! Possibly it's my old eyes that are the problem?


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3 out of 5
Nice photography

Originally I subscribed to a wonderful magazine, "Discoveries" which beautifully photographed all areas of the country with captions, suggestions where to eat in an area from the locals, etc. It was kind of like a travel magazine. Once they went out of business my subscription was transferred to this magazine. It was a wonderful substitute but with fewer photos and short interesting stories about people in the country.

5 out of 5
Wonderful views of country

I love Country magazine and would like to know what crop was featured in the Amish article from Minnesota. It was a short crop with yellow tops.

5 out of 5

I really enjoy this magazine. I actually used to subscribe to it years ago and loved it then. It's still the same wonderful, inspirational magazine. I just wish I could jump in the pages and live there for real!

5 out of 5
The most outstanding photo's, EVER!!!!

I love Country. I can hardly wait for my next one to arrive. I love everything about this magazine.

5 out of 5
Country Magazine

I love this magazine, finding the needle is my first priority then I look through the beautiful pictures as I love to take outdoor and wildlife photography myself. Reading the articles are very interesting about the different places and things in other's traveling or where and how they live. It is a very inspiring magazine to me.

5 out of 5

My first time reading your magazine was when I had to take my father to the eye doctor, it was such an excellent magazine, some of the stories just bring tears to your eyes. I enjoy taking my father to the doctor so I can read back issues of your magazine and i have order it for myself. Thanks for putting out a family friendly magazine.


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