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Green Living Magazine

1 out of 5
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Green Living
Green Living
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About Green Living

Green Living Magazine is dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle. Our credo is "Work Green, Live Green, Play Green." Green Living Magazine is therefore divided into Work, Play and Live sections to inform readers on methods to pursue life in an environmentally conscious manner.

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1 out of 5

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1 out of 5
Waste of money

Terrible publication. I tried to give it zero stars. The description is misleading. Read the other reviews. I want my money back...

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1 out of 5
Nothing useful - full of ads,

This magazine was full of ads and had little substance. It was very short and the few articles present had little to do with green living. The magazine didnt have any ideas for sustainable living and was not what I expected at all.


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1 out of 5
horrible magazine

its like a local magazine for arizona nothing else


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1 out of 5
Arizona Based Magazine

This magazine is 75% ads for businesses in Arizona. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you live in that area. Even then, I probably wouldn't buy it sense it is not real reading material. Just advertising.


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