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Working Mother Magazine

For working mothers, this magazine is a source of ideas for balancing time, money, and sanity.

1 Year, 6 Issues
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All customer reviews for Working Mother Magazine

Average Customer Rating:

4 Star Rating
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5 Star ReviewGreat magazine!!!!
A review of Working Mother Magazine, November 28, 2013
Submitted by: Working Mom 247 from Montgomery, AL

4 Star ReviewA great magazine for a woman on the go!
A review of Working Mother Magazine, August 24, 2013
Submitted by: Liz

Working Mother has information that applies to almost any woman on the go! There are tips for fun family-time, tips for making more time and using it productively. I love the mini-articles every couple of pages. Perfect for a woman who has only minutes between the next kid-tastrophe or extra-curricular activity!

2 Star ReviewOvercrowded pages
A review of Working Mother Magazine, June 13, 2013
Submitted by: SR

The magazine has some good articles; however, I find it to be very busy and overwhleming to look at.  They try to cram too much information on a single page.

5 Star ReviewGreat Ideas
A review of Working Mother Magazine, April 23, 2013
Submitted by: Antonia from Charlotte, NC

I enjoyed all the articles.

2 Star Review
A review of Working Mother Magazine, April 18, 2013
Submitted by: Lauren

Very small publication. More adds than articles. Not what I expected.

5 Star ReviewThis is a very good magazine.
A review of Working Mother Magazine, February 14, 2013
Submitted by: ma

I think this is a good magazine.  I enjoyed reading it.  The articles was interesting and I was able to relate to them good being a working mother.

4 Star Review
A review of Working Mother Magazine, January 24, 2013
Submitted by: Val from Frederick,md, Md

I am writing to say, I really enjoy the magazine called working mother. I have found some important articles and encouraging ones inside the magazine. I hope this magazine will continue to help and encourage all the women who's a working mother.

5 Star ReviewBest for Woking Parents
A review of Working Mother Magazine, January 17, 2013
Submitted by: Keena from Bronston, Ky

I love all the practical ideas. It makes you feel normal about feeling stressed over alll the juggling we do as parents

2 Star ReviewDoesn't really apply
A review of Working Mother Magazine, January 10, 2013
Submitted by: Dee

Too much "corporate America" working mom topics. I didn't feel like a lot applied to me.

3 Star ReviewThought that this mag was better than it turned out to be
A review of Working Mother Magazine, February 9, 2009
Submitted by: LynnPVaz from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

I first read Working Mother in my doctor's office and that is why I subscribed. I found out that the articles are mostly geared toward divorced people which isn't a bad thing, but not information that I need.

3 Star ReviewGreat if you are a lawyer but not if you are a police officer.
A review of Working Mother Magazine, November 26, 2008
Submitted by: Lizzardcop from Castle Rock, CO

This magazine has some good stuff for Moms but I have learned that the careers featured here are only of a highly professional nature. The careers are mostly of fortune 500 or office jobs. I am a police officer and I have never heard mention of any careers that are even close to that. There are many issues that police officers as Moms have to deal with and it would be nice to hear from those Moms. I do benefit from many of the articles but find that I am just flipping through the magzine instead of reading it from cover to cover.

2 Star Reviewits ok
A review of Working Mother Magazine, November 19, 2008
Submitted by: j from MT

Not that interesting I will not renew

4 Star ReviewGreat resource for moms trying to have a "balanced" life of work and home!
A review of Working Mother Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: jmh4law from CA

Great resource for those of us who are trying to balance work and home life.  Would highly recommend!

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