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Time Out New York Magazine

The complete entertainment guide to the city that never sleeps!

1 Year, 47 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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1 Star ReviewFEH!
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, August 23, 2012
Submitted by: ringo

If you don't live in Brooklyn or downtown, there is nothing here for you. It's like midtown and uptown do not exist. Don't need articles like "where to drink this week".

1 Star ReviewHonestly, I do NOT like it one bit.
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, October 18, 2011
Submitted by: J

5 Star Review
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, September 29, 2010
Submitted by: J


5 Star Reviewbest guide to the city that there is
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, November 30, 2009
Submitted by: LahTzu

4 Star ReviewA must have Magazine
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, August 25, 2009
Submitted by: JS from New York, NY

Good read and keeps me informed about what is going on in the city.

5 Star ReviewAlmost too much?!
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, May 26, 2009
Submitted by: amandarg from New York, NY

TONY is fantastic.. the only problem is that there are almost TOO MANY cool things to do every week! Luckily, the staff writers excel at finding and listing a cool cross-section of a variety of eats/drinks/interestings stuffs to do, and giving you a no-nonsense quick take (what's free? what's absolutely not to be missed? what's only so-so? what's innovative?). I have especially enjoyed the recent Cheap Trips Around NYC and Summer Concerts features. Highly recommended to anyone living (or traveling) in or around New York City!

5 Star ReviewCan't be in New York without it
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, November 4, 2008
Submitted by: Mj from New York, NY

When I lived in London in my youth, I poured over Time Out every week. It wasn't just that I could find out everything that was going on, there were fascinating articles about things it would never have occurred to me to try. The addition of Time Out New York to our lives had the same effect. I can't imagine how they come up with such interesting articles every week. You cannot live in New York without this magazine.

5 Star ReviewBest ALL-Around NYC Guide
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: gómez from nY, NY

TIME OUT NY is useful guide on everything NYC-related for both the local New Yorker and the out of towner.  In addition to covering all the latest city exhibitions and events they cover fun things from activities for kids to reviews of new cds, films, etc., to a listing of noteworthy radio or tv shows. Definitely a guide worth having!

5 Star ReviewGreat New Yorker Magazine
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, August 21, 2007
Submitted by: jacki from Monroe, NY

Hi, I bought this as a gift for my daughter who is 24 yrs old and lives in lower Manhattan.  She thoroughly enjoys the magazine and told me it has valuable info about NYC happenings in it.

4 Star ReviewEverything in one magazine
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, July 13, 2007
Submitted by: Shadow from Hillside, NJ

When I want to find any type of activity to do in NY "Time Out NY" has everything.   From music to theater.   I just love flipping through the pages.

2 Star ReviewNot great for the over 60 set!
A review of Time Out New York Magazine, July 12, 2007
Submitted by: JC from Neew York, NY

This magazine is great for younger people. I thought that I could be able to relate to the fitness and Theatre and Arts sections but find that I "have been there done that" and I find that it does not meet my needs at this time of my life. In fact, today I gave away the latest issue I received to a younger tenant in my building who was delitghted that I offered it to her.

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