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St. Louis Magazine

St. Louis Magazine is the smart, stylish and sophisticated guide to the city.

1 Year, 12 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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4 Star ReviewFavorite magazine about my town.
A review of St. Louis Magazine, March 2, 2014
Submitted by: Denise

Well written articles about St. Louis' best. Photos of top Italian dishes are mouth watering. Can't wait to explore familiar restaurants and new ones too that are recommended. 

5 Star ReviewThis is the best "Hometown" magazine!
A review of St. Louis Magazine, January 30, 2014
Submitted by: Trish from Lester, IA

I'm very happy with my St. Louis magazine. I get homesick everytime I see the front cover. My current issue has an article about italian restaurants. I went to high school on "the Hill" in St. Louis so again it tugged at my heartstrings. It's a very modern magazine with the latest happenings. 

4 Star Reviewlocal lowdown
A review of St. Louis Magazine, September 26, 2013
Submitted by: ap from Florissant, MI

I love finding out about the latest dining, entertainment and cultural events in St. Louis.  thanks.

3 Star ReviewFor a targeted audience
A review of St. Louis Magazine, September 25, 2013
Submitted by: Average Joe from St. Louis, MO

This is a good magazine, however, it really is targeted to the upper class St. Louis citizen, really not for your "average joe".  I really would like to see the magazine's target audience expand.  I would be considered your middle class, hard working, weekend loving St. Louis citizen.  Therefore, I did not renew my subscription.

4 Star ReviewThis magazine is more for someone who makes alot of money.
A review of St. Louis Magazine, February 22, 2013
Submitted by: Jean from Florissant, Mo

I liked seeing articles about St. Louis, but I felt that it was geared more for someone who was really upper class.

5 Star ReviewBest all around
A review of St. Louis Magazine, November 1, 2012
Submitted by: Best all around from Florissant, MO

I love this magazine.  Look forward to receiving it next month.  Glad that the high school information was in the first one I received.

5 Star ReviewSt.Louis Magazine is the Best!
A review of St. Louis Magazine, November 1, 2012
Submitted by: Jane from Saint Charles, MO

I  enjoy exploring the restaurants reviewed in this magazine. The articles are informative and nicely photographed. It is one of the best magazines I've seen and my family has also gotten subscriptions to it.  They enjoy it as much as I do.

2 Star ReviewWrong Target Audience
A review of St. Louis Magazine, September 27, 2012
Submitted by: Max from St. Louis, MO

I am not the correct target audience.  I want to read about the St. Louis I can afford, not the St. Louis movers and shakers who are so far out of my line of sight articles and photos about them mean nothing to me.

I was hoping to find information about restaurants and art events from all social spheres, but I am disaapointed.  It's a fine magazine for someone  in the elite.  This is not me.

2 Star ReviewA booster view of St. Louis
A review of St. Louis Magazine, September 27, 2012
Submitted by: Jelly Roll Morton from Wildwood, MO

There are some good articles in St. Louis magazine, but hard-hitting they're not. The magazine is LOADED with ads and seems to be more of a Chamber of Commerce guide rather than a magazine that helps one to understand what it is to be a St. Louisan.

5 Star ReviewA Trendy Magazine
A review of St. Louis Magazine, September 6, 2012
Submitted by: Janet from Saint Charles, MO

I always look forward to this magazine.  They seem to know what St. Louis consumers are looking for and where to find it. The best restaurants, events, and sights are reviewed. I like being informed, don't you?

5 Star ReviewBest of the "local" magazines!
A review of St. Louis Magazine, September 4, 2012
Submitted by: artmommy

Love this! Relevant to many aspects of the St. Louis metro area. GREAT online magazine site, too!!

3 Star ReviewThe only STL magazine
A review of St. Louis Magazine, August 10, 2009
Submitted by: A St Louisan

St. Louis Magazine attempts to be glitzy - and its shiny pages are attractive. There's really no alternative publication, so it's a source of restaurant reviews as well as local news. Its articles tend to be very wordy and could be halved; there are way too many "chic" clothing photos; and reporters never pose challenging questions. It's simply a social publication and is okay at what it does.

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