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5 Star ReviewSuper interesting
A review of this Magazine, September 13, 2012
Submitted by: Keith from Hillsboro, OR

This has been a great magazine. Students have found it to be of high interest.

5 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, March 21, 2012
Submitted by: fourthgradeteacher

If you're a science buff, there are tons of new and interesting discoveries that are explored in every issue.

5 Star ReviewThis is the most informed mag I have ever read
A review of this Magazine, February 8, 2012
Submitted by: Missy from Glendale, Az

I read this mag from front to back, and then read it again. I feel I know more about things then I every could ,and I have had most of my questions answered by this mag.

5 Star ReviewColorful, engaging, timely, and informative
A review of this Magazine, July 17, 2011
Submitted by: Science girl

Love the illustrations & graphics that help the reader to visualize the concepts being presented.  Wide variety of topics and experts are referenced in the magazine.  Plenty to ponder and do more research on.  Great way to see what is going on in the world.  Often I find myself saying, "Who knew?" or "That's incredible!".  Wonderful way to broaden one's horizons.

4 Star ReviewIn the Name of Science
A review of this Magazine, May 17, 2011
Submitted by: Jo from Northwest, PA

This magazine covers a number of topics that others don't. I primarily am interested in the cosmos; how is it that the universe came to be and what came before the big bang.

It's very diverse, be it medicine on the cutting edge, the dynamics of the mind or futuristic voyages using the most outlandish of transportation.

A must for those who want to be in the know.

5 Star ReviewVery good science magazine for average reader
A review of this Magazine, April 19, 2011
Submitted by: smuss

This magazine does a great job matching illustration to article content. Seeing the illustrations makes me want to read it before I read the other science magazines I subscribe to.

4 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, February 22, 2011
Submitted by: KAT

I picked this up because I was looking for a science magazine to keep updated on what was going on in the scientific community. What I didn't bargain on was that my teenage kids steal it to read before me! Great for all ages.

4 Star ReviewGreat, very informative.
A review of this Magazine, February 15, 2011
Submitted by: Len from Jamestown, ND

5 Star ReviewLove it!
A review of this Magazine, November 19, 2010
Submitted by: educate777

Great Pictures that I use in my 6th Grade Science Classroom!

4 Star ReviewThis is the best science magazine
A review of this Magazine, June 29, 2010
Submitted by: Danny

This magazine is complex and interesting while also easy to understand

4 Star ReviewThis is the best science magazine
A review of this Magazine, June 29, 2010
Submitted by: Danny

This magazine is complex and interesting while also easy to understand

5 Star ReviewIt's not just your usual Science
A review of this Magazine, May 11, 2010
Submitted by: CoolClay

The most amazing cutting edge science relating to your everyday person, illustrated w/ gorgeous photos and diagrams and just the right amount of descriptions!

2 Star Reviewaverage magazine, below average value
A review of this Magazine, March 8, 2010
Submitted by: JP from Washington, DC

As someone who has been a subscriber to Discover magazine for many years, and who has been an on & off subscriber to Popular Science, I finally decided to give Science Illustrated a try this year. 

My reaction could best be summed up as:  lukewarm.  It's okay; some of the articles are interesting and some of the photography is quite nice.  But it doesn't have the variety that Discover does, and for the same amount of money you pay for 6 issues of Science Illustrated, you can get 12 issues of Discover.  So in terms of value, it's just not there.  If the yearly subscription price of Science Illustrated was the same but you got 12 issues a year, I would probably have fiven this a 4 star rating.  But quite frankly, $16 for 6 isssues of this is not really worth it in my opinion when there are better options out there.

4 Star ReviewNot Science for Dummies
A review of this Magazine, January 26, 2010
Submitted by: Candy from Arlington, TX

Since science is not my forte, I thought an illustrated version of the subject would be perfect for me. My husband, who was a biology major, probably enjoys this magazine more than me, though it has encouraged me to read about the latest information, discoveries and inventions.  This magazine is packed with information and is definitely not just for science majors but is also NOT science for dummies.

5 Star ReviewFabulous Photographs
A review of this Magazine, September 1, 2009
Submitted by: Cindy from Charleston, SC

This magazine really IS fabulous.  Perfect for use in my middle school science classes.  The articles are cutting edge, and the pics and diagrams are clear and easily understood.  Only wish it came every month instead of six times a year! Great investment.

A review of this Magazine, July 28, 2009
Submitted by: BIGFISH

5 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, June 8, 2009
Submitted by: Starsearcher

I love science. This magazine gives me a great explanation of differing aticles i would otherwise not understand. In a recent issue, they expained that in March, 09, a group of scientists created the first synthetic life. I probably never would have known without Science Illoustrated.

4 Star ReviewScience for the "non-geek"
A review of this Magazine, May 27, 2009
Submitted by: KDR from Norco, Ca

I love science but have no formal background. These articles are interesting, informative and foster Curiosity. Excellent for all ages from teens to eighties.

5 Star ReviewGreat science for the average guy.
A review of this Magazine, April 22, 2009
Submitted by: Bill from Marcola, OR

Science info easy to absorb and understand.  Great photos of amazing things.  I look forward to this magazine's delivery.

5 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, February 9, 2009
Submitted by: Amy

Great magazine. I am a classroom teacher and use it for background information and articles that young elementary children can read. I really like the mix of short articles and longer in depth articles. I would recommend this magazine for anyone interested in science. Other kids magazines are too cutesy and I love using this magazine with kids because it is more grown up. Although, it is not a kid magazine at all, I just don't subscribe to treating kids like they need bells and whistles and goofy characters to hold their interest. I love this magazine and hope I can find it when I move to Europe next year.

5 Star ReviewA great read that needs to be monthly
A review of this Magazine, December 1, 2008
Submitted by: Nemo from Carbondale, IL

I absolutely love Science Illustrated. I really like how they have little stories about quite possible anything science related spread through out the magazine. I look forward to getting every issue. I only wish it was a monthly subscription though.


4 Star ReviewSlightly confused
A review of this Magazine, November 4, 2008
Submitted by: none from baltimore, md

This is a great magazine for adults or older teenagers, however I ordered it because it showed up in a children's book review. I thought I was ordering something that I would be able to use with my 4th graders. I love the magazine, but obviously I cannot use it the way I originally intended. .

5 Star ReviewExcellent Coverage of Sciene
A review of this Magazine, October 7, 2008
Submitted by: rajeshn from Daniels, WV

Makes science fun for kids. Pictures are self explanatory. I feel it is a must buy for people with kids in the house.

5 Star Reviewgreat information!
A review of this Magazine, September 30, 2008
Submitted by: carrie from bruce twp., MI

Wonderful magazine!!!  My mother-in-law turned me onto it.  My kids love it!!  I love the topics, great information on everything.

5 Star ReviewExcellent news magazine
A review of this Magazine, August 27, 2008
Submitted by: Michael from Truckee, CA

I enjoy the news articles and the photographs. The magazine is directed for those interested in science, but not with a scientific mind. Very interesting news articles and practical information.

5 Star ReviewLove this magazine!
A review of this Magazine, April 16, 2008
Submitted by: homeschool mom

I home school my 10 year old son. I ordered the magazine for him because he loves science. We were not disappointed. I have to drag my son away from it so he'll do his other work. Thank you so much for a fabulous magazine.

4 Star ReviewIf you love the Discovery channel, you'll LOVE this!
A review of this Magazine, February 26, 2008
Submitted by: Mark from Lenexa, KS

I read this mag at my son's orthodontist, and came right home to subscribe (after I asked the receptionist if I could have their magazine)!  There's a TON of interesting articles, and a plethora of tidbits of interesting, timely facts.  This magazine is filled with unbelievably interesting snipits of scientific truths.  I love it!

5 Star ReviewGreat pictorial - easy to understand
A review of this Magazine, February 24, 2008
Submitted by: equaten

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