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Zoobooks Magazine

Brilliantly photographed, simply written, and advertising-free! For kids ages 6 through 12.

1 Year, 10 Issues
Our Price: $29.95
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4 Star Rating
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5 Star Review
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, December 13, 2011
Submitted by: Awesome Animals

Awesome Animals

Zoobooks brings animals to life in the pages of a magazine.  I love the focus of the magazine - one animal or group of animals are featured in each issue!  Children are entralled at the photographs and learn all about the animal - no advertising too! 

5 Star ReviewSuper animal magazine
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, May 24, 2011
Submitted by: 3rd grade teacher from Oh

My students love the facts and photos of animals used in the magazine.  It is a great resource for writing a report in addition to using the internet.  The articles are not only informative, but also easy to understand.

4 Star ReviewPretty educational
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, November 3, 2009
Submitted by: Jay from Parker, co

We have so far received 2 issues of Zoobooks. I really like how these magazines read like small stories. (I previously subscribed to National Geographic-Kids for my 7 year old and it was cute but mostly just pictures and some breif interesting facts. Reading the entire magazine took maybe 15 minutes.) If you have a child  who is intersted in animals and doesn't like to read, I would highly suggest Zoobooks! There is nothing better than hearing your child say, "Mom, did you know that........?" over and over again and not know she is learning. :-)

3 Star Review
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, November 18, 2008
Submitted by: ps

         I miss the diagram of the featured animal of the magazine. I specifically ordered Zoobooks  to help my students with diagraming for writing their animal reports.  I am a little disappointed  to see it is no longer a feature in the magazine.

1 Star ReviewOverpriced
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, November 6, 2008
Submitted by: bambina

Just buy the DK Eyewitness books instead...cheaper and more thorough.

5 Star ReviewRead and re-read for years
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, March 4, 2008
Submitted by: Andrea from Ponder, TX

My now seven year old daughter has saved every ZOOBOOKS we have received, more than three years worth, and refers to them time and again.  She has shared what she has learned with me, her father and anyone else willing to listen!  We have made many trips to the library to find new books on the animals featured in each months issue.  Right now her interest has been piqued by Wolves. 

This magazine is worth every penny.

4 Star ReviewDaughter Loves It!
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, November 19, 2007
Submitted by: A Homeschool Mommy in LC, Tex from League City, TX

My 8-yr loves this magazine. She'll say "Mom, did you know..." just like they promised. To get her started, sometimes I'll read it too, and say things like "Wow, Grace, it says here that a bald eagle weighs less than a house cat!". "Really?" she says & comes over to read it, which of course, is what I wanted her to do in the first place! Very readable & interesting. I've actually learned some nifty things along with my kids!

4 Star Reviewgreat kids animal magazine
A review of Zoobooks Magazine, August 21, 2007
Submitted by: dolly from cedar grove, wi

excellent vivid pictures.  kids love to look at the books over and over again.  great gift for any classroom teacher.

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