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Elle Magazine

Elle is an international style magazine edited for the sophisticated, affluent, well-traveled woman.

1 Year, 12 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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5 Star ReviewElle - Great Fashion Magazine
A review of Elle Magazine, July 19, 2012
Submitted by: Guardian from Cary, NC

Elle is a very well put-together, great fashion magazine with fashion ideas and information which are creative, germane, realisitc and useful!

4 Star ReviewGreat fashion and style
A review of Elle Magazine, July 9, 2012
Submitted by: sugar from nashville, tn

I enjoy the fashion,

4 Star Reviewgreat fashion plus journalism about women's lives
A review of Elle Magazine, September 28, 2011
Submitted by: suzythomas

Goes beyond world of fashionistas--great journalism about issues that affect women, especially urban women. I forwarded a great recent piece about anger to several friends.   Every fashion magazines is created for the affluent, but at least Elle manages to create a more inclusive vibe.  (The mag I can't read because it makes me feel I chose the wrong profession is Harper's Bazaar. Only for the rich, I say!) Elle bonus:  I always turn to " Ask Jean" for hilarious advice.

5 Star ReviewA Very focused fashion magazine
A review of Elle Magazine, September 15, 2011
Submitted by: Sharon from Riviera Beach, FL

Elle is a fashion-only magazine with an abundance of ads geared towards the fashionista. If you are a diehard fashion lover with a killer shopping instinct who has the money to buy designer clothing, it is a wonderful magazine. I love it for the same reason that I also hate it. I do not have the money to buy the beautiful items in it's glossy pages. I do however love to gaze wistfully at those items and keep abreast of the newest trends, so I continue to be an Elle lover.

4 Star Reviewvery good modern woman's mag
A review of Elle Magazine, May 31, 2011
Submitted by: the doctor from morristown, nj

4 Star Review
A review of Elle Magazine, April 19, 2011
Submitted by: midnites1

I really like this magazine because it is international, in fashions and in stories. 

2 Star Reviewyawn
A review of Elle Magazine, April 12, 2011
Submitted by: lil_kerch from sioux falls, sd

magazine not worth it.

4 Star ReviewThe best way to keep up
A review of Elle Magazine, February 22, 2011
Submitted by: Fran

I am an elderly citizen (85) but I enjoy ELLE (I have receiced two issues) because I can see what is in and what isn't and even at my age I do like to keep up.  When I am finished I give my copyu to my daughter who in turn gives it to her step daughter.

4 Star ReviewLove this magazine!!!
A review of Elle Magazine, February 18, 2011
Submitted by: Chris

This is my favorite magazine! It has really good cover stories and it give great new places to shop.

4 Star Reviewgreat personal style mag
A review of Elle Magazine, February 2, 2011
Submitted by: lusciou from dallas, tx

this mag delivers awesome reviews for beauty products as well as fashion tips for the fashion savvy diva!

1 Star ReviewToo much adds and poor topics
A review of Elle Magazine, January 7, 2011
Submitted by: Seidy

I really do not recommend this magazine. It is all adds, the advices are for rich people and the shoes and dresses !!! One year of my check!! Hello we are on a real world on a recession period!!!

1 Star ReviewToo much adds!!!!
A review of Elle Magazine, December 29, 2010
Submitted by: Dragonfly

I expected a magazine that teach how to dress appropriate for any ocassion, but I found the opposite!! A lot of adds and expensive clothes and jewerly!!! I really do not recommend it!!

5 Star ReviewElle is the best style magazine for a sophisticated woman
A review of Elle Magazine, August 10, 2010
Submitted by: iloshechka from Rego Park, NY

In comparison with “In Style”, I like Elle better... It fits MY style :)

5 Star ReviewGreat fashion magazine
A review of Elle Magazine, April 22, 2010
Submitted by: RussianGurl

I like this magazine for the high fashion

1 Star ReviewOnly ads! No substantial material!
A review of Elle Magazine, April 13, 2010
Submitted by: 100cerries from MO

This magazine was a complete dissapointment. I thought that it would have great information about fashion and great material, bu 95% of the magaine is made up of advertisements, and the fashion that they do show through the ads is clothing that nobody would wear. I will definitely not buy it again.

5 Star ReviewElle really keeps me up on fashion, I like that!
A review of Elle Magazine, March 16, 2010
Submitted by: ART from Montgomery, AL

I really enjoy Elle. It's a great fashion tool.

2 Star Reviewtedious and shallow
A review of Elle Magazine, December 22, 2009
Submitted by: fashionista

the magazine is tedious and shallow. also for some reason the home delivery cover is in black and white, which is irritating.

4 Star Review
A review of Elle Magazine, December 11, 2009
Submitted by: Qvdk from Chula Vista, CA

I like the magazine, even though all I do is see the pages without reading them.

5 Star Review
A review of Elle Magazine, December 9, 2009
Submitted by: MizZexy

I think it is a great magazine for fashionistas and people who love fashion.

4 Star ReviewGreat fashion, surprisingly in-depth interviews.
A review of Elle Magazine, August 20, 2009
Submitted by: sarahjwalk from Takoma Park, MD

Great fashion, surprisingly in-depth interviews

5 Star ReviewSuch great quality and takes me hours to read it!
A review of Elle Magazine, August 10, 2009
Submitted by: Recessionista

I have been a subscriber of Elle since I started college about 10 years ago. I have always and continue to be impressed with the quality of the articles. They are very interesting and about topics that are not superficial at all.

Yes, there are a lot of ads. But I don't understand why people complain about beautiful fashion ads in a magazine about fashion, which contains fashion spreads. The ads are just like fashion spreads. What is the difference, other than you're not paying for the ads - you're paying for the fashion spread content? Plus, all of those ads allow you to pay a cheap price. If you don't like ads, you can subscribe to an ad-less or low ad European version and pay over $100 for it.

Anyway, I highly recommend Elle to people who like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I actually think it is better than Vogue.

2 Star ReviewNot What I Expected
A review of Elle Magazine, July 28, 2009
Submitted by: AmandaT from Chicago, IL

I felt that Elle magazine did not represent its website-where I first consider purchasing Elle magazine because I found articles about relationship and school/career to be interesting. Upon receiving my first Elle magazine, I was disappointed that more than 50% of the magazine was made up of ads and there wasn't a decent amount of articles covering anything in general. This magazine was definitely longer to read than any other magazines. I am a bit confused on whether its a tradition of Elle magazine to pick a theme/topic every month and repeats it throughout their issue. The March '09 issue was all about being eco-friendly. Although, I found the articles on the topic to be interesting, the amount of ads packed into that issue was really frustrating and caused me to lose interest in what I was reading in Elle. I would miss some pages of an article or even a whole article itself because they're so much ads in between and all I care about was getting pass the ads and just reading. Overall, I am deeply disappointed and most likely will not be renewing my subscription. A star for interesting articles, another for being "conscious" of things outside of fashion. Loses 3 stars for poor layout of ads and articles, the massive amount of ads, and causing the reader to hesitate to even wanting to tackle the next issue.

3 Star ReviewGreat photography!
A review of Elle Magazine, March 3, 2009
Submitted by: deb from wichita, Ks

Good photos and models.  Really great fashion with some really great prices.  Have to pick and choose cuz some is strictly for some other place or the runway only.  Articles well written with humor...Molly... I never thought I would get through that article, it   surprised me.    She does have a knack for being different!

3 Star ReviewThe magazine is become much thinner
A review of Elle Magazine, December 16, 2008
Submitted by: bububear

I understand that the economic condition is not good. But the magazine became much thinner issue by issue. I'm considering unsubscribe now.

3 Star ReviewIt's ok
A review of Elle Magazine, November 25, 2008
Submitted by: KD

There are just way too many ads in this magazine.  It took me a while to find the table of contents...because it was on page 56.

4 Star ReviewMore than just fashion
A review of Elle Magazine, November 11, 2008
Submitted by: Blondie

Much more than just fashion -- took much longer to read than I expected -- which is good!

5 Star ReviewEndless fashion Information
A review of Elle Magazine, May 8, 2008
Submitted by: Penny from Buda, Tx

Elle Magazine is one of my favorite magazines because its not  a magazine you finish reading in a day. It gives you real value for your money. Evrytime you open the magazine, you discover something you did not see the last time.

Love it!!!!!

3 Star ReviewEh
A review of Elle Magazine, December 15, 2007
Submitted by: Keli from Santa Fe, Tx

The magazine is alright. I feel like there could be more to it though.

4 Star ReviewThis is a good source of fashion and beauty magazine
A review of Elle Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: Alicia from Coppell, Tx

I like Elle because it gives me a good sourse of fashion sense a well as a good reference on how to looks good and fit at the same time.

5 Star ReviewCulture and fashion
A review of Elle Magazine, July 12, 2007
Submitted by: Mari from Santa Monica, CA

I look forward to receiving this magazine each month because of my interest in traveling and other cultures. I will be seventy in October but I still love beauty and fashion as well as new books, music and films from other countries. It would be nice to see us older people profiled, but actually I have seen that in this magazine.

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