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Star Magazine

The inside scoop of your favorite stars, horoscopes, advice columns, and puzzles!

1 Year, 52 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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5 Star Reviewthis is one of my favorite magazines.
A review of Star Magazine, July 22, 2014
Submitted by: angie from wv

Just made my subscription for this magazine. I've always bought them from the store but can't wait to recieve my first copy in the mail.

5 Star ReviewGreat Gossip updat
A review of Star Magazine, February 20, 2014
Submitted by: starlite express from Danbury, CT

Star seems to be the best and most truthful gossip magazine out there today. I have always enjoyed the information that they write and find that usually what ever they print sooner of later is proven to be the truth and they have great cross word puzzles that are not to hard or to easy! Just love my Star!

5 Star Review
A review of Star Magazine, June 20, 2013
Submitted by: rose

This is the best and latest updates on this magazinr

5 Star ReviewTHE BEST
A review of Star Magazine, March 9, 2010
Submitted by: CAROLYN53 from Detroit, MI


3 Star Review
A review of Star Magazine, January 19, 2010
Submitted by: huck from spearman, tx

good fashion advice/great pics

2 Star Reviewstar studded magazine
A review of Star Magazine, December 9, 2009
Submitted by: tuckleberryhound

the magazine is not quite what i was expecting...

4 Star Review
A review of Star Magazine, October 26, 2009
Submitted by: hartt from st francis, me

love the star. dont care for the style section.  i used to buy  mostly for the crossword, but cant do them anymore the squares are way to small.  please go back to the bigger print. karen

4 Star ReviewGreat workout reading!
A review of Star Magazine, January 27, 2009
Submitted by: dan from Perry, Fl

My wife loves this magazine. She reads throught the articles and great pictures as she's walking on the treadmill. Always the latest info on all of the "popular" people.

4 Star Reviewgood magazine for what it is
A review of Star Magazine, December 19, 2007
Submitted by: pappie

5 Star Reviewlove the crosswords
A review of Star Magazine, December 12, 2007
Submitted by: juju from empire

love the crossword puzzles, don't care for the best or worst dressed or the fashions tips or what kind of make up the stars use or where I can buy almost the same but cheaper.  Like for the price to come down on your subscription.

5 Star ReviewYou want information about the stars buy the star magazine
A review of Star Magazine, December 7, 2007
Submitted by: Sexy from Bethel Park, PA

The best

5 Star ReviewGreat reading
A review of Star Magazine, August 20, 2007
Submitted by: Rita from Enfield, Ct

I have gotten the Star for about 3 years as a subscription although I have boughten it at the groacery store for years, and years.  It is great reading, it is what I call my "Saturday night special reading".

I enjoy it from cover to cover, reading every article.

5 Star Review"Just a Girls best friend"
A review of Star Magazine, July 14, 2007
Submitted by: Samise from Oakham, MA

It has everything you could possibly look for ...from stunning pictures to just flick through quickly of all the amazing outfits being worn on the red carpet. To the latest gossip and items of interest for the precious moments we busy women have to indulge ourselves.

5 Star ReviewVery up to date information on stars
A review of Star Magazine, July 13, 2007
Submitted by: Jeannie from Riverdale, IL

No need to read other magazines on current eventsand trends relating to stars.

3 Star ReviewStar Review
A review of Star Magazine, July 12, 2007
Submitted by: Nessa from Laurelton, NY

Not enough stories - too many pictures.

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