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Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine features inspirational and thought-provoking Black perspectives.

1 Year, 12 Issues
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All customer reviews for Ebony Magazine

Average Customer Rating:

5 Star Rating
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5 Star Reviewgreat reading
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 20, 2014
Submitted by: kim

Great reading and pictures

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 17, 2014
Submitted by: GeeFair

Great articles. LOVE IT

5 Star ReviewThis is a fantastic magazine with good information.
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 13, 2014
Submitted by: None from Wilson, NC

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 13, 2014
Submitted by: emonique989

Great magazine from an African American perspective.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 13, 2014
Submitted by: PrimaDonna

I look forward to Ebony every month!

4 Star ReviewMagazine of colour
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 5, 2013
Submitted by: Gil from Las Vegas, NV

A good magazine for pople of colour...

1 Star ReviewEbony is not what is used to be!
A review of Ebony Magazine, January 31, 2013
Submitted by: thaylogan

When I was growing up, I enjoyed looking at Ebony because the people that I read about were what I wanted to be. What I see now are not what I would view as positive role models. For example, who wants to see Wiz with his pregnant, unwed girlfried? We have to be careful when we shed a light on such negativity.

4 Star ReviewThis is a great news and entertainment magazine
A review of Ebony Magazine, June 12, 2012
Submitted by: missnat from Gaffney, sc

Ebony provides good information dealing with black issues and concerns and the articles are very inspiring.  It allows you to keep up with things that are happening in not only the black community, but all around.

5 Star ReviewStaple magazine
A review of Ebony Magazine, May 22, 2012
Submitted by: TLG from Fort Wayne, IN

Ebony has been a staple magazine in the black community all of my life.  All of these years they have keep our community informed on our people.  They do it with such class.  I'm proud to be a subscriber to a magazine with such a positive history.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, May 8, 2012
Submitted by: Femi from Dallas, TX

Educative, informative and entertaining.

5 Star Reviewgreat
A review of Ebony Magazine, March 20, 2012
Submitted by: john from columbus, oh

it great

5 Star ReviewVery entertaining black magazine
A review of Ebony Magazine, March 6, 2012
Submitted by: Peaches

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 24, 2012
Submitted by: blackcat from Kenosha, WI


4 Star ReviewGreat
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 21, 2012
Submitted by: Veronica from Fort Wayne, In

This is a great magazine I read it all the time and tell my friends about it!

5 Star ReviewExcellence in telling the black experience
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 11, 2012
Submitted by: KT from Brooklyn, New York, NY

I've always loved Ebony magazine since I was young and my father Jack Wilcox  always had his subscriptions on our living room table.  I know it was kind of late for me to subscribe ( I'm 54) but you know what they say, better late then never.  I've gotten two magazines since I subscribed and I am more than satisfied.  Thank you Ebony.

5 Star ReviewGreat Magazine
A review of Ebony Magazine, November 25, 2011
Submitted by: wife2dondi from NJ

Growing up this magazine was ALWAYS in our home. Still love it and I'm so glad it has the same quality so my children can also read it without me worrying about them reading offensive material. Thanks Ebony!!

5 Star ReviewGlad I'm Back
A review of Ebony Magazine, October 31, 2011
Submitted by: Ms. Shariff from East Orange, NJ

I'm glad I'm back.  Had stopped reading Ebony for a while.  The articles just weren't holding me.

I was offered such a great deal from your company, I couldn't refuse.  So I took my chance and ordered Ebony.  I received my first subscription and now I'm hooked again.  Thanks to Ebony for stepping up their game.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, September 29, 2010
Submitted by: bbenjamin from orlando, fl

I have been reading ebony magazine since I was a teenager in the 70s and Im 55 now ,its still awesome.

5 Star ReviewExcellent for African Americans!!
A review of Ebony Magazine, May 18, 2010
Submitted by: dparish from Dallas, TX

I have been a long time reader of Ebony magazine, I really appreciate a magazine for African Americans that gives some fashion, some politics, some love and just some all around fun!!

4 Star ReviewOne Of the best magazine's out there.
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 2, 2010
Submitted by: Chilla from Gardena, CA

Love  the  special features, and articles.

3 Star ReviewReview for Ebony Magazine
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 15, 2009
Submitted by: Terrie from Saint Louis, MO

Ebony Magazine has a lot more puff and fluff than at any time in its production.  Investigative reporting, historical analysis and serious discussions has given way to coverage of entertainers and other trivial pursuits.

5 Star ReviewStill leading voice of the community
A review of Ebony Magazine, November 10, 2009
Submitted by: Henry from Ashburn, VA

With all of its problems and all of the problems of print media, Ebony still produces a quality product. Interesting and relevent articles that benefit the community and world.

5 Star Reviewebony is the very best!
A review of Ebony Magazine, September 15, 2009
Submitted by: sassy mom from waukesha, wi


5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, February 24, 2009
Submitted by: Judy from Los Angeles, Ca

I find Ebony very informative and current and I find reading the magazine a pleasure. I am a past subscriber to this magazine. I love the new size that Ebony now features.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, January 20, 2009
Submitted by: Dee from Douglasville, GA

Great Magazine and great company  Magizine Line received as promised.

5 Star ReviewI love this magazine
A review of Ebony Magazine, October 21, 2008
Submitted by: Mel from Duluth, GA

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, October 8, 2008
Submitted by: NEMO


4 Star ReviewThis is one of the best educational and historical magazines.
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 14, 2007
Submitted by: Brena from Philadelphia, PA


This magazine is an outstanding source of information. From a educational, historical and informative view. I really enjoy this magazine and look forward to each and every issue. Thanks for continuing to provide a excellent source of up to date information. God Bless and continue to keep up with the outstanding work.

Gracie Robinson

5 Star Review"Growing up with "Ebony" "
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 13, 2007
Submitted by: Cookie from Temple Hills, Md

I have had a subscription to Ebony magazine since I was 15 years old-I am now 40.  Ebony is the only magazine that I read immediately after I get it out of the mailbox.  I am a lifelong subscriber and supporter of Ebony magazine.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 13, 2007
Submitted by: hunnycomb74

I think this magazine is great. It gives insite to black families.

5 Star ReviewGreat Magazine for African Americans
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 11, 2007
Submitted by: Me

This magazine, along with another Johnson publication - Jet, are great for African Americans in that it allows us to stay up to date with progress that we are making in many different areas.  If it weren't for Ebony and Jet - we wouldn't know what was going on in the black community.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: "Sister" from Dayton, OH

 Its the greatest magazine to have in your home, office, church, or for any special event in a personal or professional setting.

I like all of its articles, feature stories, etc.  It has been a part of my monthly reading list since my marriage 35 yrs. ago.  I plan to keep it around for many, many, more years.  The same goes for the spouse and the marriage.

5 Star ReviewThis is the best magazine in the world
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: Ebony from thomson, ga

this magazine is very informative and it helps the community that it is trying to reach.

5 Star ReviewGreat for good positive stories
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: LWalker from indianapolis, in

Ebony is great magazine for positive articles about the achievements of African Americans as well as ideas about health and wellness. I highly recommend it!

5 Star ReviewAs an African American this magazine is the best current Black History
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: Mama "C" from B.C., Mi

This magazine is like a Bible for Black People. The currency of the information., the history we can always depend on, make black people stand tall with the credit we deserve.  I am proud to say I read this material every month. It is such real reading about Black people, I have offered this magazine to a few whites  as other material to read. They have taken an interest and found things they did not know about.

5 Star Reviewluv the magazine!!!
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: Tnice2271 from Wilmington, NC

I thank that Ebony is one of the most intresting and well put togehter magazines.  The Magazine is never boring and always have good information in it for everyone.  Tell you what is going and in style and who is who.  Everything that people are intrested in.  Keep up the good work.

5 Star Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, December 10, 2007
Submitted by: No nickname! from Ypsilanti, MI

Ebony Magazine is stories about black progress, and achievement throughout the world.

5 Star ReviewThe Best in Urban Magazines
A review of Ebony Magazine, July 13, 2007
Submitted by: Tanya from Montgomery, Al

Ebony represents the urban community with grace and style.  It is a great vessel of information and entertainment for  urban communities all across the nation.  Thank you for the hard work of all of those men and women who work so hard to continue to bring us a magazine we can be proud of.

4 Star ReviewEbony Magazine Review
A review of Ebony Magazine, July 12, 2007
Submitted by: Angela from lagrange, GA

Hi. My name is Angela. My review is called the voice of Ebony People because I believe that Ebony is a great magazine by far but it could be better. I've noticed through my readings that Ebony focuses on several different issues such as news, politics, health, law and then there are great insperational stories from the higher class African Americans or Articles written by certified writers or counselors (which are great). But, I'd like to see more articles written by the someone of the middle class society because I feel that most of your readers fall into this category. Perhaps if there were a section monthly thats set aside just for the article posted by the "middle class" woman or man on any topic they choose. You could call it, the voice of our people. They could write about things such as finance, children, broken homes, religion. Just to hear the voice of real people who we live next door too would make the magazine feel more "at home and personal"  personally, I myself am a very educated black woman and I love to write and mentor. I'm not apart of Corporate America and I'm not ashamed of it. I live an honest life and I work hard. I work a nine to five job and I'm a single mother of am eight year old son. And my life is good. But I have hopes and dreams and stories that I feel could inspire people who go through my struggles. I can read your colum on bad relationships but I dont feel it, because it's coming from the corporate World. But If a neighbor down the street had some advise to give, it seems more real, more welcomed. More obtainable because it's coming from a real source. I think I can touch someone with me story or my advice on how I got out of a difficult situation. Ebony is a great magazine but it's almost a world away to some of us, sometimes I feel it would be nice to read an article written by a 30 year old single mother, have  a picture of her, so that your readers can connect this person and allow her to share her struggles and how she's making a consious decision to make it in this world daily and it's coming from a person who's real, not Dr. so and so from the American counseling Society. It would give me hope to read that and know that half way around the world there is another mother, just like me. And just because she may not be apart of Corporate America,  she still has a voice, a story that needs to be told, a hope that needs to be given. Then, Ebony would be ranked a 5 star magazine. Because Ebony (black) should be the magazine, the voice, the stories, the lives of all our people. I strongly feel that each and every one of your readers would enjoy that change and gain some form of knowledge from it, no matter how big or small the lesson is, there is always one to be learned. And it can be taught by anyone, even a child if you accept it. The bible tells us that " a child shall lead them ", that statement alone validates everything I stated above,  you don't have to have a degree to make a difference in this world. Any voice thats willing to be listened to can be heard. Thank you for your time.

Angela Hamler, 29 yrs old, Single Mother. Lagrnage GA.

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