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American Journal of Nursing

Using a lively format, presents practical, hands-on, detailed, and essential updates and insights

1 Year, 12 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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3 Star Review
A review of American Journal of Nursing, December 28, 2010
Submitted by: Kopygirl

American Journal of Nursing doesn't have quite as many pages as it used to have.   And the contents seems to be more specialized.  However, it is still a good magazine for both nurses and students.

1 Star ReviewNot a magazine for a Student
A review of American Journal of Nursing, October 19, 2010
Submitted by: frogger from Jacksonville, FL

I did not like this magazine because I found it a little difficult to understand as a nursing student. I have two other nursing magazines that are easier to read and I enjoy them. I am going to try this one again once I have finished my nursing courses, maybe then it will make much more sense. However, I do not think I will need three nursing magazines. This one and one of my other ones seem to say the same thing every month.

5 Star Review
A review of American Journal of Nursing, September 22, 2010
Submitted by: SN from PA

As a student nurse, this journal is exactly what I need for information, required articles, and study helps. I recommend it to every student nurse and RN!

5 Star Review
A review of American Journal of Nursing, August 17, 2010
Submitted by: mmw

I love AJN, and will keep subscribing! Their folks are up-to-date, the ads are not flooded with irrevelant information, it's an all-together excellent resource for continuning education, up-coming conferences, and great read all-in-one. Thank you.

4 Star Review
A review of American Journal of Nursing, December 11, 2008
Submitted by: Nursing Student from Renton, WA

I subscribed to this magazine along with the Nursing 2008.  I am a nursing student and I use this magazine to write my papers.  This is a peer reviewed magazine, which is a  requirement for my papers.  I love having them to read at home.  I don't have to make late night trips to the library to find an article (if the magazine is available).  One of the best investments I have made.  Also a good resource for later in your career.

2 Star ReviewNot worth the subscription money
A review of American Journal of Nursing, November 19, 2008
Submitted by: Flash

With the 4 magazines that I have received so far, the content is very redundant.  I have not found the content of those magazines interesting or of adding value to my daily practice.  I also have a subscription to critical nursing care of which I have found to be very useful in my practice.  I know which magazine subscription I will continue and it won't be the American Journal of Nursing.

5 Star ReviewThis is a very informative nursing magazine. Love it!!
A review of American Journal of Nursing, October 2, 2008
Submitted by: shell from Milwaukee, WI

This magazine is educational and a good resource in factual data to use for research papers. Very informative with current and relevant articles pertaining to todays nursing.

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