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Family Tree Magazine

Points the way toward the best research tools and practices to trace your family's history

1 Year, 7 Issues
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All customer reviews for Family Tree Magazine

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4 Star Rating
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5 Star ReviewThe Family Tree Magazine is great
A review of Family Tree Magazine, June 19, 2012
Submitted by: Mary from Appleton, WI

I am enjoying the Family Tree magazine. It is very informative and very helpful in my work on our family genealogy.

5 Star ReviewBest Ancestry Magazine
A review of Family Tree Magazine, April 10, 2012
Submitted by: Lis7065 from Leslie, MI

I love this magazine.  Can't wait for them to come in the mail

4 Star ReviewFamily Tree magazine is top quality and includes a large variety of articles on family history/genealogy with tips you can really use.
A review of Family Tree Magazine, October 18, 2011
Submitted by: Miss Allie from Anniston, AL

Since I give programs on Family History to children's groups and adult groups, Family Tree has been especially useful to me. It has informative articles and timely tips. I've shared some of the articles with families in my speaking events. I appreciate the variety of topics covered in each issue. I read it cover to cover when it arrives.I've written/published  a workbook for all ages in the family to use to compile their family history called Digging From Attics To Basements. I've found Family Tree magazine keeps me updated on new findings about doing genealogy with so many helpful ideas. Thank you, Alice G. D., Anniston, AL   

4 Star ReviewAppears to be very informative.
A review of Family Tree Magazine, July 26, 2011
Submitted by: Research44 from Georgetown, DE

This is my first issue of Family Tree and I'm impressed with the amount of information contained within.  I really enjoy this magazine.

5 Star Reviewfamily tree
A review of Family Tree Magazine, August 17, 2010
Submitted by: joanrob from san jacinto, ca

I've always enjoyed researching my family history. But got stalled at times. This magazine told me about FREE websites to check out &I found alot of missing reletives. after the 3rd issue, I renewed my subscription for another year.

5 Star ReviewIt's informative and interesting
A review of Family Tree Magazine, June 1, 2010
Submitted by: Kim from Idleyld Park, Or

I was so excited to find a magazine that would help me on my quest to find a little of my own history.  The information that I get from Family Tree, gives me ideas on different places to look online for information, places to go, and a little history that helps me understand the times.  It makes the people of my past come to life, and gives me a better understanding about what I'm looking for and ways to find it.

I have been working on my famly tree for six years now and every time I think that I've found it all, I manage to find a little tid bit of information that leads to a whole world that I never knew existed. There are still people of my past waiting to be discovered and Family Tree magazine gives me the clues that I need to unlock my past.   My journey hasn't ended and I don't think that it really every will.

3 Star Reviewafroamerican research
A review of Family Tree Magazine, August 19, 2008
Submitted by: no nickname from St Louis, Mo

I would like to see a little more on the subject

5 Star ReviewFamily Tree is a necessity
A review of Family Tree Magazine, July 13, 2007
Submitted by: zippyzebra from Troy, MI

For those doing genealogy both for themselves or others, Family Tree is extremely helpful.  It provides new sources for all kinds of research with the list of webpages covering any number of topics. It adds new ones as they come into existence.

The articles are very well done and are worth reading even if that is not your area of need.  One can always learn something new.

It is a pleasure to add my approval for the Family Tree magazine and its usefulness.

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