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World Magazine

A conservative, family-friendly perspective on breaking news, current events, and cultural anaysis

1 Year, 26 Issues
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5 Star Rating
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5 Star Reviewworld news from a Christian perspective.
A review of World Magazine, April 6, 2012
Submitted by: Maureen from Junction City, Wi

We read World magazine cover to cover. Don't get many magazines because we simply don't have time to read them, but this one is so relevant to our lives that we make the time. Excellent reporting and journalism of a caliber that rivals the secular national news magazines.

5 Star ReviewFamily Friendly News!
A review of World Magazine, February 21, 2012
Submitted by: Jill from Durham, NC

Our family is grateful for the experience of reading about world news from a more wholesome perspective -- News we would not otherwise get in our secular US magazines or newspapers. I do believe there is still a little bias on the Christian side -- opinions that are not always shared and unnecessary sarcasms I wish were left out, however, I am neither embarrassed, nor ashamed to allow my teens to read your magazine and learn about the world they live in. Thank you, overall, for this wonderful tool to my homeschool classroom.

5 Star ReviewThe best magazine of its kind!
A review of World Magazine, January 25, 2012
Submitted by: Tyekoroba from Spring, TX

I appreciate the conservative, balanced and informative articles this magazine gives. This magazine helps crystallize my viewpoint on many issues, and enables me to enter into better informed conversation on controversial matters in my world. Keep up the good work, you make a WORLD of difference!

5 Star ReviewMy FAVORITE magazine...intelligent, professional...
A review of World Magazine, December 13, 2011
Submitted by: "BIG SMILE" from Clyde, OH

This is the Christian's TIME magazine!  It's well-written, intelligent, professional, high-quality and under the umbrella of a Christian Worldview!   HIGHLY RECOMMEND

5 Star Review
A review of World Magazine, May 24, 2011
Submitted by: kate

Newsworthy. Christian worldview. Well-done.

4 Star ReviewGreat news magazine!
A review of World Magazine, April 5, 2011
Submitted by: Ted from NY

I like getting the news from a Christian perspective.

4 Star ReviewBest magazine on Christian Value
A review of World Magazine, October 12, 2010
Submitted by: Jen from Austin, TX

Articles in this magazine express Christian world view using a more objective tone along with convicing facts. It is like a friend who can share the daily struggles in Christian walk. It is also an effective tool when I share it with my teen age sons to confirm Christian value in them.

5 Star ReviewWorld Magazine is the best analysis of current events along with insightful articles from excellent authors.
A review of World Magazine, July 29, 2009
Submitted by: Nana

I always look forward to receiving my copy of World Magazine and read it literally from cover to cover.  I have read several of thebooks recommended and enjoy all the authors, especially Andre Seu!

5 Star ReviewUnbiased World Issues Report
A review of World Magazine, April 3, 2009
Submitted by: N.C.Tiger from Hendersonville, NC

Current issues explored with depth as Dragnet would say "Just The Facts!" Thought provoking,excellent analysis of current issues. Is now the only magazine I suscribe to. I can rely on it's integrity in reporting!

4 Star ReviewInteresting
A review of World Magazine, March 17, 2009
Submitted by: tmgreen777 from Hemet, CA

Gives some perspectives and stories ignored by the secular press.

4 Star ReviewA Helpful News Magazine
A review of World Magazine, February 4, 2009
Submitted by: deacon from Omaha, NE

"World" is a magazine that's hard to put down -- and thus takes awhile to read.  The articles, and there are many of them, are informative and are written from a helpful, informative perspective.  We have subscribed to various news magazines, and find that "World" gives a clear picture of the world!

5 Star Review
A review of World Magazine, November 18, 2008
Submitted by: Dick from columbus, oh

excellent magazine.....It's the only one i subscribe to......I enjoy a magazine that tells the truth...

5 Star ReviewThe Best news periodical
A review of World Magazine, September 9, 2008
Submitted by: Rahjah

Wonderul magazine! Intelligent, relevant news, movie reviews, etc. Would definitely recomend it to anyone who wants a concise, honest approach to the issues we all face today. A+!!!

5 Star ReviewThe best news magazine.
A review of World Magazine, December 24, 2007
Submitted by: Avid

WORLD is a very readable, in depth news magazine that addresses the current issues of the day from a Christian perspective.  The columnists are a blessing to read and provoke many new thoughts.  The photography is excellent.  Book, music, and movie reviews are helpful if needed.

5 Star ReviewA "complete" "WORLD" view!
A review of World Magazine, December 11, 2007
Submitted by: SunTaxMan from Rising Sun, MD

Rom. 12:2 reads, "Don't be conformed to this world." Phillips loosely paraphrases this as "Don't let the world force you into its mold." MY paraphrase is "Don't be overwhelmed with, or influenced by, 'public' opinion."

Reading the daily newspaper, listening to daily news broadcasts, reading news magazines - all from a non-Christian perspective, "forces" me to think about my world as these non-Christian sources view it.

With WORLD magazine, it is so refreshing, encouraging to "see" the news of the world from a Christian perspective AND to "see" the Biblical 'component' of the news. It helps me keep MY world in perspective - a perspective from God's Word.

A comparison - psychological counseling WITHOUT a Biblical perspective, is INCOMPLETE counseling - it does not deal with the whole person. News, without a Biblical perspective, is INCOMPLETE news for the Christian Believer!

4 Star Review'the most even-handed zine out there
A review of World Magazine, December 8, 2007
Submitted by: Reignman from Seattle, Wa

I enjoy honesty.  Your habit of being as tough on your friends as your enemies is refreshing in a bias only culture.  It takes real integrity to affirm when your opposition gets it right and to point out the fact that sometimes your side gets it wrong.  The rest of the pack of news magazines could take a lesson from you on even-handedness.

5 Star ReviewThis is the best magazine for educating oneself from a non-liberal point of view of current news, events and cultural trends.
A review of World Magazine, December 7, 2007
Submitted by: ozzie from amherst, ny

I  enjoy reading  a media publication with a conservative, family-friendly perspective on breaking news, current events and cultural analysis.  One certainly does not receive a fair and balanced information on current events in TIME or NEWSWEEK!

5 Star ReviewThe antithesis to the other news magazines.
A review of World Magazine, August 20, 2007
Submitted by: Mrs. M from Delhi, NY

WORLD news is written from a Christian perspective without being preachy or trying to proselytize.  It is like a breath of fresh air.

5 Star Reviewgreat family news magazine with Christian world view . I would give it a 5 star review
A review of World Magazine, July 19, 2007
Submitted by: Poosie from Olympia, Wa

5 Star ReviewWorld: A great way to get a different perspective on news & world events
A review of World Magazine, July 12, 2007
Submitted by: Conservative academic from Omaha, NE

I've been a World subscriber for almost 10 years, and have read every single issue from cover to cover.  World is thought-provoking and demonstrates a real concern about the people discussed in its pages, and often provides ways to get involved with resolving current crises, such as providing contact information for relief organizations. 

World is written from a conservative, Biblically-based perspective, and provides much-needed balance in coverage of major events.   The writers and editors are willing to admit when they make mistakes, and they emphasize that they are continually striving to improve the magazine, which includes being willing to take suggestions and consider changes.

I have found World to be extremely well-written compared to most other news sources available today.  I value the quality and perspective offered by World, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a weekly news magazine.

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