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A review of this Magazine, April 8, 2012
Submitted by: Jule from Withee, WI

This is such a disappointment. I was so looking forward to this magazine. It was nothing but ads. I could've gone to the travel board and gotten the same thing. I will not be renewing this subscription.

5 Star ReviewI throughly enjoy reading Florida Travel & Life
A review of this Magazine, February 28, 2012
Submitted by: I'm Dee mom to three from Westbrook, me

Just finished reading my 3rd Florida Travel & Life magazine and must say it's a "what's going on must have", if you plan on visiting Florida. It keeps the stories and advertisements to the local Florida community. Florida is a big state with lots to see and this magazine helps by bringing in front of you so you can decide the whats and whens , when you visit.

2 Star ReviewFeedback
A review of this Magazine, December 13, 2011
Submitted by: Cindy

Have been somewhat disappointed that  the magazine focuses on advertizing and places to stay and eat (resorts and restaurants) rather than Florida living. We are considering relocating to FL and are more interested in learning about what various communities have to offer.

2 Star ReviewEnjoy the good life in Florida....
A review of this Magazine, May 11, 2011
Submitted by: Old CRO from Palm Harbor, FL

...bubbles the caption on Florida Travel & Life.  Hoping for real travel and outing suggestions, I ordered a year's subscription. 

What a disappointment when the first issue finally arrived.  It appears to be yet another warmed over, society-fueled pictorial of the good life as "they" see it.  Packed full of advertisements for budget-blowing lodging and destinations, it is a boring re-run that deserves no room on the nightstand reading pile. 

5 Star ReviewExcellent travel guide for Florida
A review of this Magazine, June 1, 2010
Submitted by: Chuck

Outstanding reference guide to restaurants, lodging and events. Information is timely and appropriate for the vacationer or native alike. With well written articles and beautiful photos, you can't go wrong subscribing to this magazine. If you are a lover of all things Florida, do yourself a favor and get this magazine! You won't be disappointed.

4 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, February 9, 2010
Submitted by: Doug

We like it very much. 

5 Star ReviewBeautiful and Informative
A review of this Magazine, January 30, 2010
Submitted by: MaryLynn from Naples, Fl

Florida Travel & Life is by far one of the best magazines I have received in a long time.   The layout of the magazine and the pictures are wonderful, the articles so informative.  I have started to make a list of all the places I want to visit for the first time or revisit!  Florida has been my home for over 20 years but I look forward to receiving each magazine to see what new places of interest I can discover. 

I will be putting each edition in a binder for future reference.  These magazines are definitely ones to keep!

5 Star ReviewBest Magazine for the New Floridian
A review of this Magazine, January 26, 2010
Submitted by: Beth from Greenacres, FL

Having just moved to Florida from New Jersey, we have a lot to learn about our new state. Where to go, what to do, where to eat, what to see can all be found in the Florida Travel & Life Magazine. I look forward to receiving our next magazine so that we can find a new spot in Florida to explore!

4 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, January 26, 2010
Submitted by: Tam from Piketon, OH

    This magazine had a lot of good information.  We are looking forward to our next issue.

3 Star ReviewFlorida
A review of this Magazine, January 26, 2010
Submitted by: cb63 from Milo, ME

Having only read one issue, I am not sure this will be useful to us.  We travel in a lower price bracket than most of the articles in the magazine cover. 

5 Star ReviewMakes a body feel warm
A review of this Magazine, January 26, 2010
Submitted by: Chris from Elk Grove Vlg., Il

Love the magazine.......thank you!

4 Star ReviewGreat to plan local trips to see the state.
A review of this Magazine, January 11, 2010
Submitted by: Manatee 1 from Sun City Center

I enjoy citting out the places I want to see and planning day trips.

4 Star Review"Awesome!"
A review of this Magazine, December 1, 2009
Submitted by: Rhonda from Oneonta, AL

5 Star Reviewgreat magazine!!!!!!!!!
A review of this Magazine, July 4, 2009
Submitted by: jo

5 Star ReviewGReat Florida destination magazine
A review of this Magazine, June 12, 2009
Submitted by: cjb from Streator, Il

5 Star ReviewFLORIDA!! Can't wait!
A review of this Magazine, March 21, 2009
Submitted by: Sandi from Newington, NH

I am making lifetime plans now and FL is in the plans! Within the next couple of years I will be making a permanent move from NH to the land of warmth and sunshine. This magazine is the perfect complement! I now have a variety of weekend journeys around my new state to visit and enjoy thanks to the detailed articles in Florida Travel & Life.

5 Star Reviewgreat magazine
A review of this Magazine, February 17, 2009
Submitted by: GWB from Lake Worth, FL

We are enjoying Florida Travel and Life.  We have selected places we want to visit the next time we go to FL.

5 Star ReviewLove it.
A review of this Magazine, November 25, 2008
Submitted by: Kaytee from Bremen, AL

It;s great I've learnt about places I'd like to visit

5 Star ReviewThis is a great travel magazine for the Florida area.
A review of this Magazine, November 18, 2008
Submitted by: Carol from Northwood, NH

Thanks, I enjoyed the magazine and since I'm spending my winter in Florida it will really come in handy. I really liked the lighthouse article. Thanks again. Carol Witham

2 Star Review
A review of this Magazine, November 18, 2008
Submitted by: penuche

I was hoping to see more on Florida lifestyle (especially homes and gardens) and less on travel.

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