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Watch! Magazine

Looks at America's favorite TV shows, movies, fashion, travel, sports, news, food, music and more

1 Year, 6 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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5 Star ReviewWatch Magazine
A review of Watch! Magazine, February 20, 2014
Submitted by: Jim Nash from Beavercreek, OH

This magazine exceeded my expectations.  Please keep it in your lineup

1 Star ReviewWatch! OUT
A review of Watch! Magazine, February 28, 2013
Submitted by: Jane from Springfield, IL

Watch! magazine is another platform for ads and trivial pursuits of the materialistic self-absorbed. Watch! is redundant trash.

4 Star ReviewInteresting magazine on entertainment
A review of Watch! Magazine, May 24, 2011
Submitted by: redjamie from Dublin, CA

Liked this magazine for its interesting articles on TV shows like Blue Bloods. I think it is an unusual mix of entertainment, health and beauty magazine, so I am inclined to say this is geared toward women. The pictures are nice and the articles ook well produced and are well written. I think this is a magazine that I would consider renewing.

5 Star ReviewThis magazine ROCKS!
A review of Watch! Magazine, December 20, 2010
Submitted by: catfancier from Alliance, Oh

I got my first issue and thought "WOW". I like it very much!

4 Star ReviewGreat magazine fro TV's #1 n!
A review of Watch! Magazine, April 13, 2010
Submitted by: lasergirl70 from Clearwater, fl

I just received my copy of CBSWatch! and really loved it. It was much better than I expected it to be. I was thinking it would be kind of a TV Guide for CBS, but no! It had interviews, updates and more! looking forward to my next copy!

4 Star Reviewgood for star knowledgs
A review of Watch! Magazine, February 16, 2010
Submitted by: bert from reynoldsburg, oh

1 Star ReviewQuestion value
A review of Watch! Magazine, December 8, 2009
Submitted by: PaakoJim

I really didn't find the publication useful or very interesting.  In the magazine's defense, I have only seen one issue.

5 Star ReviewGood articles on TV celebrities past & presemt
A review of Watch! Magazine, October 6, 2009
Submitted by: dopeysal from Miamisburg, OH

My first issue I received had a great article on my favorite show THE BIG BANG THEORY--great article and great pictures of the cast.

I have received my 2nd issue but have not had a chance to read it, but I am so looking forward to it.

So far I cannot find anything about the magazine I do not like. I usually pitch my magazines but I believe I am going to save these to read again and refer back to.

5 Star Reviewwho knew i would read about food and travel; love it!
A review of Watch! Magazine, September 30, 2008
Submitted by: rich from phoenix, az

fantastic magazine with more info then TV Guide

2 Star ReviewCbs Watch need to be rewatched again
A review of Watch! Magazine, January 14, 2008
Submitted by: tybenwesmsom from colorado springs, co

I found this to be a ok magazine. Lots of the shows I dont watch. Most of the articles are ok it just depends on the show. I wont renew it since I really dont like it. Plus it not a very big magazine        

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