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Reminisce Magazine

America's best nostalgia magazine with fond memories and vintage photos

1 Year, 7 Issues
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5 Star Rating
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1 Star ReviewReminisce assaults you with more than 50% advertising
A review of Reminisce Magazine, April 17, 2014
Submitted by: Pez D Spencer from Minneapolis, MN

Reminisce magazine is just a delivery platform for bulk advertising that we 'suckers' are enticed to pay for.  It's over half advertising that you must constantly read around to get to the -very- few items of interest. And, did I mention all the 'blow in cards'?  There are 8-10 cards per issue that keep falling out as you leaf through this 'sham of a magazine'.  "Reminisce" is clearly all about profit for the owners, who have little regard for their readers. They promote the magazine with a few good photos that entice you to subscribe and once you do, you're stuck in a vortex of inescapable advertising.  I'm happy that my subscription is in its last month, and certainly will not renew...  Shame on Reminisce for enticing innocent people to subscribe with nostalgic photos, so they can make profit on both ends, the subscribers, and the advertisers.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, April 10, 2014
Submitted by: ann from Lake Havasu, az

Hi, It's nie to be back to reading your wonderfull magazine

4 Star ReviewFun to look at
A review of Reminisce Magazine, August 15, 2013
Submitted by: KJ

Very timely service

5 Star ReviewA wonder gift of "remembering"
A review of Reminisce Magazine, February 19, 2013
Submitted by: Mo from Elgin, Ok

This is the only magazine I subscribe to. I look forward to it sooo much even after 3 years. I am giving it as a gift to three friends.  Also, just saying, I FINALLY found Hattie's Hat Pin in THIS issue so...........thankyou. It is always fun to look. :-)))) ( By the way, I was born in 1953 sooo I do remember quite a few articles and ads etc.)

5 Star ReviewReminisce
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 20, 2012
Submitted by: BonBon from Freehold, NJ

Reminisce brings back memories of a time where people took the time to show their love and support of one another.

5 Star Reviewremember the good times
A review of Reminisce Magazine, June 26, 2012
Submitted by: smith from austin, tx

really enjoy the articles and pictures

5 Star Reviewgreat articals
A review of Reminisce Magazine, June 19, 2012
Submitted by: pat from hesperia, mi

love4 this magazine

5 Star ReviewThis is a wonderful magazine. The stories are very positive.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, March 15, 2012
Submitted by: Dagmar from Washington, DC

The stories are all very positive and some are hilarious. It reminds me that we are all humans living on this planet together. I am also reminded about what life was like growing up.

I am thankful for this magazine.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, January 17, 2012
Submitted by: Mary Jane from Wade, nc

I ordered the magazine for my husband as he has had a strke and his memory is not good but he so enjoyed going back in time  I realy wantto send in a story from his past. this is good for him 

Mary Jane J.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, January 10, 2012
Submitted by: Kasee from Locust Grove, VA

Ah!  Sweet memories of times we'll never see the like of again.  We love the magazine and look forward to the next issue. 

5 Star ReviewMemories
A review of Reminisce Magazine, November 8, 2011
Submitted by: Corky from Fort Collins, CO

I looove this Reminisce. I am 61 years old and it brings make so many memories of the way things used to be.   I look at a picture or read something and I say to myself "wow, I remember that!!!"

Definitely puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh.  Enjoy it so very much and when I see the magazine in my mail box I get excited to see what is in this issue.

There was an article recently where the true story took place in Fairbury, Nebraska.  That is where I graduated from high school whenI lived with my grandmother.

Awesome!!!  Very very pleased with the magazine.  Good job!  Thanks!


5 Star ReviewA nice escape from today's world !
A review of Reminisce Magazine, September 18, 2011
Submitted by: little tyke

THis magazine is very thoughtfully done.    I don't just glance at the photos; I look at all the details, taking my time..  There's so much to look at, even the helpful sayings along the sides of each page.  I did have some confusion when I once got a notice about getting double the issues,year round( for more money ), but it wasn't clear how to do it.  


5 Star ReviewI look forward to every issue!
A review of Reminisce Magazine, January 18, 2011
Submitted by: Joan from Wisconsin

I am not quite a "baby boomer", but I really enjoy your magazine.  I picked up my first copy to look at in a waiting room and I loved it.  I wanted to finish it and I didn't have time!  That same week I checked our local bookstore and bought the current issue.  I love that it is not full of ads and that it takes me a long time to read.  Most magazines I pick up I can flip through in 20 minutes. Twice I have seen contributions by someone I know, so that makes it fun, too.  I bought my parents a subscription for Christmas!

2 Star ReviewThe Reminisce magazine is not quite what i thought.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, November 5, 2010
Submitted by: Mrs C from sun city, az

this must not be the same magazine i thought i was getting, therefore i am not to happy with it.  the last magazine i had ordered years ago it contained many recipes from older members of the people featured in your magazine.

5 Star ReviewExcellent Nostalgia!
A review of Reminisce Magazine, October 7, 2010
Submitted by: Jerry from Manteno, IL

Great magazxine.  I am approaching 60 years of age and even though some of the articles are from before my time, I enjoy reading about the "good old days!"  I sure remember things mentioned and it is fun to know what has happened to some of the things from when I was growing up.

5 Star ReviewReminisce is a magazine for all Generations ! Love seeing things from my childhood, my Parents and my Grandparents.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, August 17, 2010
Submitted by: ktwniw

This is the best magazine of all times !

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, August 3, 2010
Submitted by: Sandi from Albertville, MN

I enjoy reading storys and seeing pictures of the 40's, 50's, and 60's, it takes me back to the good old days.

5 Star ReviewLots of fun!
A review of Reminisce Magazine, August 3, 2010
Submitted by: Airport Guy from Murray, Ky

It would be interesting to know the average age of the readers of  Reminisce. I can relate to so many of the stories. Keep up the god work.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, June 18, 2010
Submitted by: Eddie from Winston Salem, NC

 This is an outstanding magazine.  My Mother inlaw sent me a subscribition for Christmas and what great memories it brought to mind about some of my childhood  Great Magazine thank you 

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, June 15, 2010
Submitted by: Bill from Huntington, Tx

I am not a good writer, but this is the only magazine we have ever received that I always read from cover to cover.

5 Star Reviewnostalgic
A review of Reminisce Magazine, April 20, 2010
Submitted by: iris

I love this magazine. I love reading these stories of times gone by.  Even though I was born in late forties, this magazine brings so many nostalgic feelings.  Great stories for all ages to enjoy and I love the ads and recipes of that era.  I recommend this magazine to all.

4 Star ReviewBest of the past.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, February 13, 2010
Submitted by: Tim from Greensburg, PA

We are enjoying th e magazine very much.  We finally got our first copy last week.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, February 3, 2010
Submitted by: Juanita from Wagoner, Ok

I have enjoyed this magazine .thank you

5 Star Reviewbest informative magazine i've read
A review of Reminisce Magazine, January 19, 2010
Submitted by: GA from Broadus, TN

Magazine is very enjoyable, love the articles, it is very well put together.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, November 17, 2009
Submitted by: pat from prescott valley, ar

I like the magazine, i have for the last couple of years, i like going back in time.thank you hjelmi h.

5 Star ReviewGreat magazine ever
A review of Reminisce Magazine, November 17, 2009
Submitted by: jules' from Warrenton, MO

I am 46 yrs old and absolutely love this magazine. I read it from cover to cover. I love to hear stories from long ago and how people enjoyed their lives as a child or teenager. I recommend all ages to subscribe to this wonderful magazine!

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, October 20, 2009
Submitted by: georgie from lusdy, ma

I just love the magazine. My sister is now getting it also.  I am 66 and it brings back so much of the past. Thank you Georgette

5 Star Reviewgreat magazine
A review of Reminisce Magazine, September 29, 2009
Submitted by: Jeff from Lake City, FL

 Read it cover to cover looking forward to the next issue.

5 Star ReviewLove The Nostalgia.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, July 21, 2009
Submitted by: "Zubie" from Wellington, Fl

Love to see the 'old times' when life was simple.

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, July 9, 2009
Submitted by: Diane from Farmingville, NY

My first issue of Reminisce I read from front to back.  It brought back so many memories of when I was little.  I even gave it to my Mom to read and she loved it. 

5 Star Reviewenjoying the past.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, July 1, 2009
Submitted by: bob from chestertown, md

there is  no presure,requirement or schedule when youread this magizine. just turn the pages and enjoy.

4 Star ReviewA magazine that brings back the good old days
A review of Reminisce Magazine, July 1, 2009
Submitted by: Ed from Nine Mile Falls, Wa

It is fun to read about things that happened when yo were young and didn't notice because of the fun you were having.

5 Star Reviewbest reminisce magazine ever!
A review of Reminisce Magazine, June 2, 2009
Submitted by: Viv. from houston, te

I am a returning reminisce magazine subscriber.  I enjoyed it very much years ago and am very glad to be back in your "family" again.  I am always so excited to receive my magazine in the mail.  I always can't wait until the next one comes in.  I just wish they were every month.

4 Star ReviewMemories
A review of Reminisce Magazine, April 28, 2009
Submitted by: Nel from Reading, pa

A magazine that has no comparisons, just memories

5 Star ReviewI Love Reminisce!
A review of Reminisce Magazine, April 21, 2009
Submitted by: Stichqueen from Bristol, IN

The magazine is wonderful! It takes me back to when I was a young child and my grandparents lived with us. I can remember so many times eating many of the recipes I find in the magazine. And the pictures take me back!! I like the fact that I can share with my kids and grandkids some of the photos and stories as they coincide with some of my own memories.

3 Star ReviewThis is a good start
A review of Reminisce Magazine, February 27, 2009
Submitted by: Frank from Cranston, RI

     I think more info on old products, toys, tools, and trends of the time would be much more interesting than the true stories you print. You could do stories on the “ Stereo View “ era for example. This form of entertainment  became our country’s and the World’s, passion before Radio, TV, Movies. It was our only way to see what was happing around  the world when we were all stuck at home building our country. Stereo View pictures took our nation from the Civil War through World War I, World War II, birth of the Air Plane, and so much more. Families, hole neighborhoods got tougher nightly to view each others pictures. You know they even shared complete comedies in pictures?  This form of entertainment continued through the 1950’s.

     Stories on Shag carpet, red, blue, green, yellow, Appliances, Boom-a-rang Formica, Youngstown cabinets, I could go on and on. I think stories about these thing would boost your readership. True stores you print are nice but become boring quickly. They have very little information, no excitement, no wonder, nothing to set your mind thinking  about things.

      The Why, What, and With What we all did in the past is more interesting who did it. You have a good start but you more punch to make the magazine great.


Just my Thoughts


5 Star ReviewA wonderful vehicle into the past!
A review of Reminisce Magazine, February 10, 2009
Submitted by: Jujie from Ambridge, Pa

I just love this magazine,  it takes you back to a kinder, gentler time when things were so much simpler and  life was geared to God, family and country. Hopefully I can still say "God" in this review. Looking at this mag just puts me in a better frame of mind and transports me to times of good memories. Keep  it coming! Julie Pastine,  Ambridge, Pa.

5 Star ReviewBest pictoral magazine featuring the best of the past
A review of Reminisce Magazine, October 7, 2008
Submitted by: annieb54 from York, PA

There are two magazines similar in origin , I receive both,  and they both have very good articles but the there are more pictures and much more of a variety of time periods pictured in this magazine. I say a person can never get enough of "the good old days" in this frantic, crazy world we live in now. It's good we have a way to escape, if only for awhile through the wonderful memories and photos of others.

5 Star Reviewwhen life was good
A review of Reminisce Magazine, May 7, 2008
Submitted by: ky from fort edward, ny

i have seen reminise mag. and just fell in love with it. i grew up in the 30's, 40's and 50' was great in those years, when children were polite, done what the parents told them to do without talking back. your mag. takes me back as soon as i open the pages and start to read. keep them coming for many of us who would love to take a trip back to the good ole days, even if it is in a mag.

                                                                                    k. bordeau

A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 11, 2007
Submitted by: SHARON from glendale, az


5 Star ReviewWonderful Memories
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 8, 2007
Submitted by: tntmont from Greensboro, NC

My husband and I love going through the pages of yesterday.

5 Star Reviewso good, I keep all and read over and over
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 8, 2007
Submitted by: charlie from independence, ca

perfect for me, I was there. I can't get enough. I love it, thank you!!!!

5 Star ReviewNostalgia at it's best.
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 8, 2007
Submitted by: Butch from Grand Rapids, MI

For me, this is a great magazine (Reminisce), a one of a kind. I love the old stories, and the information about times past. If you're interested in nostalgia, this will be a pleasing magazine to read. Trust me...

I've shared this Magazine (Reminisce) with my neighbors, and they too were quite impressed.


5 Star Review"Good old times back when...."
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 7, 2007
Submitted by: June Bug from New Providence, PA

Great magazine brings back old times!  I remember so much of the stories you feature. Some just from my mothers memories and the times we would talk for hours. I grew up with older parents and learned about the good times and the bad.  I like to collect old things but don't have many. I don't have my parents anymore but the magazine helps keep the memories alive for me. I share it with my neighbor and he loves it too!   Thanks, June Jefferson in PA.

5 Star ReviewA trip back in time
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 7, 2007
Submitted by: Miss Golden Oldie from Metairie, La

Whenever you're in the mood for a trip down memory lane, or a glimpse  into "the good old days", just pick up a copy of "Reminisce" and you will  be transported back in time. Every magazine is packed with insights from readers and interesting articles. I  always look forward to receiving my new edition!!!

5 Star Review
A review of Reminisce Magazine, December 7, 2007
Submitted by: Joycee from Cartersville, Ga

This is a good magazine to review stories from 50 to 80 years ago.

5 Star ReviewNostalgia at its best
A review of Reminisce Magazine, August 23, 2007
Submitted by: K.T. Halvorsen from Buckley, WA

I was born in the mid "60's", but reading this magazine helps me to imagine what life must have been like before I was born and for my parents.  The stories and pictures are so reflective and nostalgic  that it makes you wish for the simpler times like they seemed to have been back then.  This is a great magazine. 

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