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Ski Magazine

Ski is the lifestyle magazine for anyone who loves the sport of skiing.

1 Year, 6 Issues
Our Price: $12.00
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5 Star Rating
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4 Star Review
A review of Ski Magazine, April 29, 2013
Submitted by: uz

I would enjoy more ski technique!

5 Star ReviewIs there any other?
A review of Ski Magazine, October 4, 2012
Submitted by: BdV from Brier, WA

If you are a skiing enthusiast, SKI is the magazine for you! I get anxious by the end of August, waiting for the first issue to arrive, the equipment reviews. SKI will keep you informed throughout the season as to what is new in the sport. It is a no-brainer.

5 Star ReviewExcellent ski vacation choices
A review of Ski Magazine, April 30, 2012
Submitted by: downonce from Port St. Lucie, FL

Gives us an opportunity to plan travel getaways all over the world. I'll start saving now....

5 Star Review
A review of Ski Magazine, February 23, 2012
Submitted by: Charlie from Cedar Rapids, Ia

LOVE TO SKI!  The Magazine is really informative and fun to read.

I can't wait for the next issue to come.

Product review and reviews of ski areas and ski towns well done.

5 Star ReviewSKI mag creates dreams!
A review of Ski Magazine, February 2, 2012
Submitted by: Yummy from University Place, WA

Travel to slopes unkown via pics and word.  Plan your next trip. Love it, Live it, Dream it. Scope the latest, greatest and tested gear. Tips for the novice and experienced downhiller.  Always a gold nugget to help you fine tune skills and increase your confidence. Carry on SKI.

5 Star ReviewI have bena skiier for many years and always loved the magizine
A review of Ski Magazine, December 14, 2010
Submitted by: Randy from Ocean Gate, NJ

5 Star Reviewbest ski magazine
A review of Ski Magazine, June 8, 2009
Submitted by: kimchiphile from cambridge, ma

still the best out there for the adult skier

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