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The Trail Rider Magazine

Dedicated to horse owners who love to trail ride

1 Year, 8 Issues
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4 Star Rating
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3 Star ReviewGood magazine, too many ads
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, December 13, 2011
Submitted by: 12345

I really like the magazine and most of the articles.  I realize that advertizing is how you keep a magazine going, but I never subscribed to any magazine before and now I know why.  Can't stand all the ads, but I am realistic and know they are necessary.  Probably won't re-subscribe.

4 Star ReviewGood but not Great Magazine
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, December 6, 2011
Submitted by: Coal from Aledo, TX

I want to know where to ride not what to ride. This is a great magazine for trail riders but I dropped my subscription for a time because I got tired of so many articles touting Twks and Fox Trotters. I ride a foundation breed quarter horse but there are many other good breeds that work just as well and should be featured. For the trails that I like there is no advantage in having a gated horse. How about a "not sure what breed" article now and then... just good horses that do a good job. I enjoy learning about new places to ride out of state and make use of the advertisers.

5 Star Review
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, May 10, 2011
Submitted by: lance


5 Star ReviewExcellent magazine for week-end riders.
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, April 26, 2011
Submitted by: Mack from Cedar Park, TX

5 Star ReviewGood magazine for trail riders
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, March 24, 2011
Submitted by: Trailrider from MS

I have been a subscriber for a number of years and have enjoyed your magazine. There are a lot of good tips for camping and riding and a lot of the advertisements help keep me informed of new products. I have always ridden gaited horses and appreciate your articles and advice for those of us who enjoy a smooth ride on our favorite trails. I picked up some good information on a portable horse washer in the current issue.

3 Star ReviewGood magazine
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, March 6, 2011
Submitted by: Trail happy in California from Clovis, Ca

I like trail rider magazine, my favorite articles are those that let the reader know where good riding trails are located within the different states.  I like to know where good trailer parking is found, whether they have pull through spaces, water, group camping, decent bathrooms, etc.  I like articles about trail safety. Low impact horse camping.  Tips on better ways to camp. Anything to do with being a better trail rider, or how to train a trail horse.  What I don't like is the focus on gaited horses over other types of equine. Leave that to magazines dedicated to the gaited horse.  That doesn't mean you can't highlight a particular  breed every now and again as a great trail companion.  Just don't be biased on any particular type.


5 Star Review
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, June 16, 2009
Submitted by: valdave996

I love this magazine!  I find many good tips on trail riding, first aid, riding in general.  Also, very reputable advertisers.

4 Star ReviewInteresting
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, May 19, 2009
Submitted by: PNS

5 Star ReviewGreat Magazine
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, January 11, 2009
Submitted by: AK horse woman

I subscribe to about 4 horse magazines and this is the best. I wish it were monthly. It has great information. I really like the article on if gaited horses need a special bit. I also love the destination articles. This is a great magazine.

3 Star ReviewGood articles on areas to ride, iffy on nutritional and equipment advice
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, December 31, 2008
Submitted by: Cut to the Chase from Seymour, TN

We enjoy the articles on horse friendly areas around the country and plan to pack up and visit more areas in SE and central US.   It is geat to learn about so many wonderful places to ride. The recent breed information was very interesting and an educational window to learn about breeds other than QHs and Arabs.  However, the nutritional information could be (not, it would be and should be ) much better if it were written by a horse nutritionist (PhD level) or veterinarian.  One recent article describing how to ride a horse down a steep incline was really bad advice and some other bits and pieces are bogus, (for example, a recent article questioning the truth if gaited hroses really need a special bit) was really just page filler.  Proper horsemanship advice should always be a part of the magazine as many people get into trail riding and horses for the riding aspect only, without much prior and proper education of appropriate horse care. 

4 Star ReviewThis is a great trail riding magazine
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, April 29, 2008
Submitted by: Shimekrider from Drakesville, Ia

I agree with Realtrailrider.  This is an exceptional magazine.  I enjoy seeing other parts of the country and dream of going to those places some day. 

It would also be nice to include more Quarterhorse and Paint horse in the magazine besides all the gaited horses.   The Quarterhorse and Paint horse also make good trail horses.

The articles included in the magazine are interesting and relative to anyone who owns a horse.  Keep up the good work.

4 Star ReviewThis magazine is great for the real trail rider
A review of The Trail Rider Magazine, July 17, 2007
Submitted by: Realtrailrider from IA

I enjoy this magazine because it is one of a kind. There are very few other magazines out there dedicated to tral riding.

I love reading about new places to ride and also  enjoy hearing what others thought of places I have riden.

I would like to see a little more space  dedicated to the Quarter horses and the Paint horses as they truely are great trail horses and there are a great many of us out there on the trails with a breed other  than Twh or fox trotters.

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