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4.7 out of 5
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$33.95 1 Year (9 Issues)
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About Odyssey

Odyssey Magazine is an award-winning science magazine for young people ages 10 and up (grades 5 and above). Odyssey is a journey into another dimension - of space, technology, the environment, the human body, mathematics, and emerging areas - that shows kids just how cool science can be. Each theme-based issue delves into cutting-edge topics in depth, in a magazine that is both visually and intellectually exciting and entertaining and supports STEM standards.. This magazine has a cover much like a soft cover book, providing durability that allows each issue to be enjoyed for years to come. Free teacher's guides are available at

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4.7 out of 5

Based on 3 reviews

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5 out of 5

Excells in information!


This is great for the classroom and my grandchildren love it, as well. The reading level can be a small challange for some students, but I like to make them think. The stories are current to today's issues in science.

5 out of 5

Science for the younger


This magazine has been an excellent choice in my library. There are few magazine for teens, especially in science. Great articles, with lots of illustrations. The type letter used makes the magazine easy to read. Short articles, great for students.


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4 out of 5

Great material, too pricey...


My budding scientist sons love this do I. Great stuff to use in a classroom, or at home with curious kiddos who enjoy experiential learning (and who doesn't?!?). My biggest complaint: the cost. This magazine is so expensive that many families with bright children will bypass the purchase because of the expense. And for a CHILDREN'S mag, this is quite pricey...


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