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Working Mother Magazine

3.5 out of 5
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Working Mother
Working Mother
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About Working Mother

Working Mother Magazine is the essential tool for mothers who have made the decision to raise families while continuing to pursue their careers. Working Mother Magazine offers intensely personal stories about real women and innovative solutions for busy parents who want to raise happy healthy and loving children. Go beyond merely balancing the demands of work and home life to integrating all the aspects of your life in a meaningful way. Yes, there are plenty of magazines for parents, but only one that appreciates all that you do-and inspires you to be more of who you are!

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Average Rating
3.5 out of 5

Based on 19 reviews

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5 out of 5
Great Tips

I love this magazine and wish I had taken it when I was younger.

2 out of 5
It's ok, not what i thought it was

The magazine is ok. It's not what i thought it was. I thoughtit wouldbe more tips and things for working moms. Example, cooking/organizing and so on.

3 out of 5
A lot of interesting topics

This magazine offers a lot of interesting topics but could be more intune with today's average working mom's issues: like dealing with marriage problems, sickness and managering, making ends meet when there is no money etc.

3 out of 5
Working mothers have teens too.

I have only read one issue so far and found it pertains mainly to mothers of young children.

4 out of 5
A great magazine for a woman on the go!

Working Mother has information that applies to almost any woman on the go! There are tips for fun family-time, tips for making more time and using it productively. I love the mini-articles every couple of pages. Perfect for a woman who has only minutes between the next kid-tastrophe or extra-curricular activity!

2 out of 5
Overcrowded pages

The magazine has some good articles; however, I find it to be very busy and overwhleming to look at. They try to cram too much information on a single page.


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