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Zootles Magazine

4.5 out of 5
6 reviews
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Magazine Overview

About Zootles

Award-winning Zootles Magazine is full of what 3 to 6 year olds love: animals, animals, and more animals! Zootles brings the powerful word and picture design pioneered by Zoobooks, to a younger audience. Orchestrating spectacular photographs, illustrations and writing, Zootles unlocks the how and why of the animal world for emerging and beginning readers. Each Zootles focuses on an animal or group of animals and explores their habitat, anatomy, social organization and communications with:
-Stories, poems, cartoons and more.
-Pull-out fun pages full of games, puzzles, and activities.
-Easy-to-do science projects for kids.
-Web resources for kids, parents and teachers to extend the fun and learning.
Zootles nurtures a child's natural love of wildlife and inspires a lifelong love of learning!

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4.5 out of 5

Based on 6 reviews

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4 out of 5

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5 out of 5
The kids find it fun.

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5 out of 5
Grandchild Delight

This is the best idea for a kids book any grandparent could ask for.


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4 out of 5
Good for preschoolers who love animals.

My three year old daughter loves animals and she loves looking at the pictures in this magazine. Some of the information is a little advanced for her age but she loves the pictures and the stickers that come with it.


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4 out of 5
Great Combo of Neat Animals & Basic Education

Like the other reviewer, we keep all our issues - each one is a different animal, so it's not boring at all! I also like that each issue features a different letter, number & concept like up/down or over/under, etc. The pictures are really great - one issue had a photo of ants with exactly 9 ants in it because 9 was the feature number in that issue. In another photo, they asked you to point out an ant over something & an ant under something. Again, I liked that they used photos of real ants & not sketches. Plus, they include lots of really cool info on a simple level so as to keep the child's interest. It's great! Funny thing is, my older child likes to read Zootles too, even though she is 'too old' for it! Makes it fun for her to read to her little brother, too!


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5 out of 5
A great magazine and reference for kids.

My 4 year old loves this magazine because there are so many different activities to do. I love it because it focuses on an animal, the letter that the specific animal starts with, and a number. Also, there is a parents' page with extra ideas to stress the topics of the issue. Since the info about the animals is always useful, we keep them to read again at a later date.


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