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Servo Magazine

4 out of 5
7 reviews
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Magazine Overview

About Servo

Servo Magazine is published for the next generation of robotic experimenters. It is edited for anyone interested in building or learning about robots - whether for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

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What do you think of Servo ?
Average Rating
4 out of 5

Based on 7 reviews

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43% Rated this
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5 out of 5
An excellent source for robot enthusiasts

When I received my magazine I opened and found so many gems that I kept reading it as long as I could. I read it from cover to cover, absorbing all the new information. There are plenty of sources in there so if you want to dabble or do more serious research you can. I also love the hands on articles. There is so much to learn and it's all there.


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5 out of 5
Excellent robotics magazine

This magazine contains useful articles on building robots from beginner to very advanced. I have had a great time reading it as have my students. I hope to keep a subscription to this magazine for many years.


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4 out of 5
Servo for Tech Teachers

Servo is a magazine focussed on Robotics. While it takes a general look at robotics it also covers sub categories like robotic competions. One area that I particularly like about it is the coverage of controller systems. This coverage includes the inner workings, which is applicable to other areas where micro-controllers and embedded systems are used. So, Servo while focussed gives information that can be used for other purposes. A useful magazine.


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1 out of 5
Not what I expected.

It's too technical for me. Best for hardcore robot enthusiasts. Not really for kids. I got it for my science classes to read in spare time, but not suitable.

4 out of 5
An excellent robotics magazine!

It is very interesting considering I new nothing about robotics. My son who is an electronics major loves it!


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5 out of 5
its okay

its okay


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