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If you have a Web site, you can be a part of the Magazineline Affiliate Program. Join for free and earn referral fees of 30% by linking to Magazineline.

The Magazineline Affiliate Program is designed to help your customers save up to 85% on over 750 popular magazines and newspapers, all while you earn income from each sale. Our site has the guaranteed lowest prices, quick checkout, and we don't require the customer to use a credit card.

Get on board with our new Affiliate Program and start earning commissions quickly and easily!

Why Should You Join the Magazineline Affiliate Program?

1. You'll make money.
Magazineline affiliate partners earn a 30% commission on the sale price of every magazine they sell. There is no cost to join.

2. You can guarantee the lowest prices.
We offer the lowest authorized prices for magazines on the Web. You can tell your customers that they won't find a lower authorized price anywhere else on the Internet--and mean it! Check out our Triple Guarantee.

3. You work with a market leader.
Magazineline is the online division of American Collegiate Marketing. We have been selling discount magazine subscriptions since 1974.

4. It's easy to sign up.
We've partnered with LinkShare to enhance our reporting and tracking. As a LinkShare affiliate, you'll have access to the best affiliate programs on the internet, including ours!

5. How to get started
A. Click here to go to our online application (you'll also be joining LinkShare, the world's largest affiliate program).
B. Fill out and submit the application.
C. Start putting our offers on your site - LinkShare makes it really easy!

    Click Here to Apply!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Magazineline?
A: Magazineline is the number one discount subscription agency in the U.S. We have been selling magazine subscriptions since 1974 and have been offering subscriptions online since 1993.

Q: Who can apply to the Magazineline Affiliate Program?
A: Just about anyone who has a Web site. We do reserve the right to exclude a site at any time if we deem the content of the site to be inappropriate.

Q: How much does the Affiliate program cost?
A: Nothing. It is absolutely free.

Q: How is this program different from other affiliate programs on the Web?
A: You earn a 30% commission on every subscription that results from your site referrals, one of the highest commission rates you'll find on the Internet!

Q: Can I be a member of the Magazineline Affiliate Program and another multi-magazine subscription affiliate program at the same time?
A: Sure. You can be an affiliate to as many other Web sites you like, and you will still receive a 30% commission on sales you deliver to Magazineline.

Q: Is this a domestic or an international program?
A: Participating sites can be anywhere in the world that cater to U.S. buyers. The magazine subscriptions are currently available for only U.S. buyers.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: When visitors click through the banner, logo or text link that you have properly linked to our site and they subscribe to a magazine from you will receive a 30% commission on the paid orders. We will calculate your commission and send you a check at the end of each month. If your commission totals less than $25 for the month, we will accrue your commission until you reach the $25 minimum and pay you at the end of the following month. All payments will be made in U.S. dollars.

Q: How much will I be paid?
A: You will earn a 30% commission on all paid magazine orders that come through your site. There are no additional conditions for you to worry about.

Q: When will I be paid?
A: You will be paid monthly. If your account is due less than $25, we'll roll your balance until you reach $25.

Q: How are orders tracked and credited to Affiliate partner sites?
A: Magazineline has partnered with LinkShare to ensure the most accurate tracking and reporting for internet sales.

Q: How do I create Links to
A: Once you are accepted into the Affiliate program, LinkShare will provide you with all of the tools, banners, buttons, text links and logos needed to create your links.

Q: I operate more than one web site. Can you track them separately, but pay me with one commission check?
A: Yes. You can register more than one URL with LinkShare.

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