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Rock & Gem Magazine

4.7 out of 5
read reviews
Rock & Gem
Rock & Gem
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About Rock & Gem

Rock & Gem Magazine provides instruction for the amateur lapidary and mineral hobbyist. Step-by-step photos show and tell how to create jewelry. Rockhound field trips point out the best areas for collecting. Rock & Gem Magazine also includes buyers' guides listing products and services.

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Average Rating
4.7 out of 5

Based on 14 reviews

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5 out of 5
Best wish book ever!

This magazine makes me wish I would win the Lotto so I could go traveling everywhere there are beautiful and/or unusual rocks to be found!

5 out of 5
I can dig it!

I Receive my Rock and Gem magazine on time and in good condition. The articles cover a wide range of skill levels and interests. I have gathered surmountable amout of knowledge. I read the magazine from cover to cover,I also use them as reference guildes.

5 out of 5
This Magazine "Rocks"!

Not only does it "rock", but it's a real "gem"!! Seriously, it is exactly what type of rock hound magazine I wanted,. The content is informative, interesting, and covers all the perimeterrs on this subject that most fascinates me. I am thoroughly satisfied, recommend it highly, and definitely worth subscribing to.

5 out of 5
Rock and Gem is a gem

I am very pleased with Rock and Gem magazine. The articles are very interesting and I am looking forward to future issues.

4 out of 5
Rock Hound Alert!

I've enjoyed reading Rock& Gem from the news stand and I especially enjoy being a subscriber. The articles have detailed information in an easy to understand format with clear language. I have been inspired to study further. I only wish there was an issue every month.

5 out of 5
Rock & Gem is an excellent magaziine for information

Rock & Gem is very well put together. The feature articles are always right on. the how to sections are great. It is also a terrific source for finding mineral dealers and supplies for everything. This magazine has it all.

5 out of 5
only magazine for us "rockheads" I mean "hounds"!

I just love this magazine. The photos are so beautiful and it has a "I can do this" feel to the projects. The experiences in the field put me there, with the writer. The articles are refreshing, knowledgeable and just plain fun. Thank you

5 out of 5
This Rock and Gem magazine ROCKS !!

Received my first issue and my husband grabbed it before I could even get the chance. We were so excited to have a look at the magazine. We checked it out from cover to cover

4 out of 5
Field trip on paper

Great topics, resouces for all,cant wait for next issue.

5 out of 5
the best for the starter rockhound

it will teach you all you want to know


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