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Vanity Fair Magazine

4 out of 5
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Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
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About Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Magazine covers the spectrum of our daily lives and culture. Written with incisive wit, each issue of Vanity Fair Magazine has articles on food, fashion, travel, and entertainment, as well as political and social commentaries and original works of fiction. In-depth reporting includes interviews with some of today's hottest artistic talents, plus you'll read reviews on movies, books, art, and the theater.

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What do you think of Vanity Fair ?
Average Rating
4 out of 5

Based on 15 reviews

33% would recommend this item to a friend.

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5 out of 5
I love Vanity

I enjoy the wide variety that the mag. Puts out each month. I truly like the articles. Vanity Fair does a lot of in depth topics

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4 out of 5
A Magazibe With Diverse and Interesting Articles.

Vanity Fair consistently offers a broad range of well written articles encompassing cultural, political and business issues.

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4 out of 5
Vanity, Vanity Fair

All is vanity and so it is within the pages of this chic magazine. Vanity Fair appeals to the fashionable woman in me,pages that challenge my notion of what fashionable even means. I'm sick of preachy writing that makes me feel guilty about trying to look nice, trying to appeal to both genders. Vanity Fair lets me just "be."

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5 out of 5
Inserting mix and literate magazine

I find this magazine a fascinating mixture of fashion/entertainment, politics and general interest articles. It is a very literate magazine. The articles are well written and well-researched. You may not agree with the point of view of the author, but most make their bias very clear, which enables the reader to come to their own conclusions. I have been reading this magazine for 10 years and am never disappointed.

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1 out of 5
All ads, no substance

VF is truly a waste of time. I had to plough through hundreds of pages of fashion and perfume ads to find anything worth reading. Too much glossy paper for the landfill for me. VF seems to be a testament of American's idolization of the liberal and sometimes very idle, rich.

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0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful

5 out of 5
Superb writing and investigative reporting

Superb writing and investigative reporting

5 out of 5
Fascinating diverse magazine

One of the most interesting magazines on the market. Fascinating articles of substance, great photography and fashion. Fun!

5 out of 5

I love Vanity Fair. Great articles and the ad pics are beautiful. The articles have, at times, made me angry, saddened or laughing till I cried. The writers are thorough and thought provoking. Never a dull issue.

1 out of 5
I am finding the Republican bashing over the top

I am a true independent and find the political tone of the magazine has crossed the line of good journalism.

3 out of 5

"What's up with the print?" As much as I like reading Vanity Fair, I hate the tiny print which makes reading it in bed at night impossible.


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