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Watercolor Artist Magazine

4.6 out of 5
read reviews
Watercolor Artist
Watercolor Artist
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About Watercolor Artist

Watercolor Artist Magazine is the definitive source of how-to instruction and creative inspiration for artists working in water-based media. Each issue is packed with page after gorgeous page of illustrations demonstrating tried-and-true techniques, inspirational ideas, and the most up-to-date information about must-have painting tools and materials. Watercolorists find everything they need in Watercolor Artist Magazine to help them create stunning art...from start to finish. Each bi-monthly issue also includes special reports on timely topics in the art world as well as easy-to-apply tips from the foremost experts in the field.

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Average Rating
4.6 out of 5

Based on 16 reviews

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4 out of 5
The Perfect Gift for Mom!

Mom started painting about 30 years ago and loves watercolor painting...She loves Watercolor Artist and finds it quite helpful in her painting!

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

5 out of 5
Watercolor Artist Magazine

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

5 out of 5
Inspirational Magazine

Watercolor Artist Magazine is a colorful, inspirational, and informational art magazine. I am new to watercolor and this magazine has aided in my lessons of color theory, composition, and helpful tips. I especially enjoy the colorful painting illustrations and supply list in case I want to paint what I see. A very good, helpful magazine for a beginner/immediate watercolorist.

5 out of 5
Wonderful magazine for inspiring artist.

It's always inspiring to see how others see. It gives me a new perspective to looking at the world. I feel encouraged to try things I've never done or known how to do. I love the advertisements too. It keep me up on all the new toys and where they can be purchased. It's a great place to find workshops, that one day I hope to attend. My library stopped carring the art magazines. This worked out in the long run because I like to go back to them and review articles I liked.

5 out of 5
I love my Watercolor Artist magazine - It's terrific!

Watercolor Artist Magazine covers so many highlights in the wonderful world of watercolor painting. The step-by-step techniques shared by professionals is outstanding. Watercolor Artist was referred to me by my painting instructor. I have painted with oils and acrylics, but watercolor painting medium is new to me and when the teacher, so favorably, referenced this magazine, I immediately placed my order - and was not disappointed when I received my first issue. . . Love it!

5 out of 5
interesting techniques

I've learned some interesting techniques that I have shared with my students.

5 out of 5

Love this magazine .. great articles and gorgeous paintings to inspire me to create my own.

3 out of 5

You have some very nice articles and I really enjoy looking at most of the beautiful paintings . As a new artist who is new to watercolor, having done only oil and pencil I would really enjoy seeing the steps taken to get to the final painting. I am currently taking lessons and the teacher gives me a step by step lesson to complete a fairly simple picture and I have found if I try to skip a step I ruins the painting. You wouldn't have to do it for all the pictures but if you did it for one picture per issue I think it would really help me and a lot of other beginners. Thank you, Ron D.

5 out of 5
Watercolor for all

I've been reading Watercolor Artist for many years. This is a quality publication that I hope to enjoy for years to come. Every issue is inspirational and informative - and easy to understand. Thanks for your hard work!


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