Best Magazines for Farmers

Best Magazines for Farmers

Updated 04-08-2022

For everyone from beginning farmers to small-scale growers or large operations and everything in between, we have a magazine for you! Finding the right magazine can be challenging, but we're here to help! Choose from great reads for every production level. Whether you are just beginning, are a small-scale grower, or a large operation, we have a farming magazine that's right for you! Read further for your choices featuring farming news, self-sufficiency tips, homesteading advice, and much more.

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Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News Magazine

Lead a happier, more sustainable life with Mother Earth News Magazine! Perfect for small-scale farmers, this magazine aids you with every aspect of your country lifestyle. Discover valuable tips on cultivating your organic garden, including growing your fresh produce, preserving your returns, keeping your soil healthy, and more!

Learn how to effectively manage your small farm, aid in sustainability, care for your livestock, complete DIY projects, find homesteading hacks, and cut down on costs! Increase your self-reliance and practice sustainable farming with a subscription to this country living magazine today!

Progressive Farmer

Progressive Farmer Magazine

Farming isn't just a business, it's a way of life, and America's most popular agriculture magazine knows it! Since 1886, Progressive Farmer Magazine has helped American farmers manage their businesses and create the best farms possible.

Each issue features insights on boosting yields, increasing profits, conserving resources, reducing costs, and much more! Discover articles on farming news, land use and prices, legal issues, marketing tips, crop production, estate planning, safety issues, and even farm kids' activities! Watch your farming business grow with a new subscription!


MaryJanesFarm Magazine

Enter the empowering world of organic farming with MaryJanesFarm Magazine! The founding editor MaryJane Butters shares her rural life experience from her organic farm in Idaho.

Discover modern farmer tips, creative ideas for your home, delicious recipes straight from MaryJane's kitchen, using organic ingredients in everyday meals, inexpensive decorating tips for your country home, and craft ideas for the whole family! Purchase a MaryJanesFarm subscription and start your simpler, healthier homesteading today!

Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms Magazine

Hobby farmers rejoice - Hobby Farms Magazine is the magazine for you! This agriculture magazine comes with a community of hobby farmers who understand the country life because they live it too! Receive expert advice on how to get started maximizing your garden's potential, raising livestock, beekeeping, and more!

Each issue also comes with instructions for do-it-yourself projects, real rural lifestyle stories, and features on new products. Subscribe today!

Farm World

Farm World Magazine

For farmers in the Midwest, Farm World Magazine would be an excellent choice. Since 1955, readers have turned to this farm journal for news and advice on agribusinesses in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

This title has it all, from classified ads on market pricing and farm equipment to a calendar of events for regional county fairs to auction listings and show reviews! Discover articles on agricultural politics, crop and livestock management, animal health, farm safety, agricultural research, and more! Purchase a subscription to this weekly journal today!

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