The Best Architecture Magazine Subscriptions

The Best Architecture Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 02-20-2024

A superior architecture magazine subscription keeps readers updated on the newest projects, the latest trends, and updates on all aspects of architecture. Whether you're an architecture student or an industry professional, magazines are an excellent resource for inspiration, instruction, and creativity for architecture enthusiasts of all skill levels. These magazines reach millions across print, social, and online platforms. Keep reading to discover our picks for the best architecture magazines.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

With a print readership of 3 million, Architectural Digest has brought the finest architectural design to the forefront for over a century. With features from some of the industry's best writers, Architectural Digest brings invaluable inspiration, brilliant ideas, and exciting entertainment to architecture enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Discover the latest architectural news, today's hottest designers, and gorgeous homes worldwide. Whether you're looking to advance your skills or for fresh ideas to add beauty to your life, AD has it for you. Purchase a subscription today!

Luxe Interiors + Design

Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Connect with the largest architectural community of 25 million people with Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine! Favoring the art of luxury living, Luxe features stunning homes from the minds of the best interior designers, builders, and home design professionals.

Each issue features the latest news in art and design, expert advice on adding your personal touch, and fresh ideas for fans of modern design. Get to know top designers through exclusive interviews and experience their work nationwide - from on-trend lighting pieces to choosing the best color for your space. You'll want to take advantage of this - subscribe today!


Dwell Magazine

Refresh your home with guidance from Dwell Magazine! Created for all budgets and lifestyles, Dwell offers the best contemporary design to an impressive community of 14 million. This magazine is curated by professional designers and features well-rounded content that caters to buyers, renovators, and builders.

Each issue features new approaches to how you look at your home, inspiring creativity and offering a humanistic method of home design. Discover expert advice on refreshing your home, with must-ask questions for your contractors and how-to guides for renovation and construction. Purchase a Dwell Magazine subscription today!

Interior Design

Interior Design Magazine

Get your design trend updates from the media giant that industry professionals follow for inspiration: Interior Design Magazine! With an audience of over 9 million, this monthly magazine features beautiful photos of the world's most remarkable buildings.

Stay updated in the design community with the latest architectural industry news, upcoming events, groundbreaking project ideas, and more! Each issue offers an in-depth look into eye-catching designs and the brilliant creators behind them. No matter your skill level, you'll find valuable inspiration from a new subscription - purchase today!

Architectural Record

Architectural Record Magazine

Since 1891, Architectural Record Magazine has provided generations of architects and designers with vital content and news for their profession. Each issue of this premium architectural magazine features the latest design ideas and groundbreaking industry trends, making it the perfect resource for anyone learning about modern design.

Discover green architecture and sustainability strategies, explore advancements in building science, and enjoy stunning portfolios of plans for new homes and businesses. Subscribe to Architectural Record Magazine today!

More Resources for architecture students, designers, and industry professionals:
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If you want to enjoy worldwide architectural projects, international architecture magazines give you a head start! Whether you're heading to Milan, Spain, Tokyo, or Delhi, titles like Dezeen Magazine and Architects' Journal are great places to start.


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