Best Astronomy Magazines

Best Astronomy Magazines

Updated 03-09-2022

Are you interested in space? Would you like to unravel the mysteries of the universe? Whether you're a beginner space observer or an experienced astronomer, there is always something new to learn and ponder over, especially in scientific fields like astronomy and cosmology. We've gathered the top magazines for astronomers, stargazers, and all people interested in the solar system and our universe. These titles feature articles on it all, from excellent astrophotography to insights from professional observatories to stargazing tips! Read further to find the best magazine subscription for you!

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Astronomy Magazine

Take a deep dive through the deep sky with Astronomy Magazine! As the world's top astronomy magazine, this publication keeps subscribers abreast with the latest astronomy news in all its splendor. Discover the newest advances in space exploration, new research from professional observatories, articles on cosmology, and insights from the pros in the first half of each issue.

Hobbyists will further enjoy the second half of each edition, with planet and star charts, features on upcoming sky events, and tips on improving your observation techniques. With brilliant astrophotography of the night sky, space telescope reviews, and more, this monthly magazine is the best - subscribe to Astronomy today!

Science News

Science News Magazine

Stay current on everything science with Science News Magazine! Though not based solely on astronomy, this science publication features a vast space and astronomy section in each issue. Learn about cosmology, dive into planetary science, visit exoplanets in other galaxies, and discover what astronomers have found through lunar rock samples and other space rocks!

Featuring short, accurate articles for professional scientists and general readers alike, this magazine aims to empower readers to interpret and evaluate the latest news for themselves in all fields of science! Subscribe today for a well-rounded science experience!

Scientific American

Scientific American Magazine

Have you wondered what famous scientists and Nobel laureates are researching? Then Scientific American Magazine is the choice for you! Featuring the most critical research and knowledge, this monthly magazine touches on a wide range of topics, including the sciences, medicine, technology, the environment, and more!

Their space and physics section touches on several important subjects and discoveries. From astrology to cosmology, dark energy to dark matter, black holes to dark skies, planetary science to quantum physics, and extraterrestrial life to space exploration through the universe - you'll never get tired of learning something new! Purchase a subscription today for monthly space news!


Muse Magazine

Are you looking for a gift for astronomy lovers aged 9-14? Try Muse Magazine! This young discovery magazine aims to inform, teach, and build on children and teens' existing knowledge - while still being fun! Each issue features 9 Muses, each with a different specialty!

Each muse teaches something special, ranging from Kokpelli's jokes and songs to Chad and Aeiou's hardware and software to Bo's exciting factoids. Learn all about astronomy from Urania as she teaches space exploration through planet hunters, searching for another earth, and life in new worlds! Young readers will love learning all about amateur astronomy - and other subjects too! Purchase a subscription for your young one today!


Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is an excellent choice for curious readers of any level and discipline. This magazine focuses on ideas and discoveries in astronomy, physics, biology, technology, and much more, featuring science news in various fields.

Their astronomy section keeps amateur astronomers informed, touching on The Big Bang Theory, Pluto's status as a dwarf planet, asteroids, nebulas, Jupiter's size, and skepticism in the field. Get the real story through colorful photos, big-idea stories, and cutting-edge research! Discover is an excellent choice for those looking for honest, clear-cut articles in all scientific fields - buy a subscription today!

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