Our Most Popular Boating Magazine Subscriptions

Our Most Popular Boating Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 05-17-2023

If you love the feel of the wind in your hair and the waves beneath your feet, if your happiest moments are aboard your favorite vessel, you've come to the right place. When you're stuck on land, boating magazine subscriptions are an excellent way to put your mind on the water. Whether you prefer boats, yachts, or sails, these yachting magazines feature the latest launches, finest designers, gadget reviews, expert advice, and much more. Find your new favorite magazine with one of these award-winning boating magazines!

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Power & Motoryacht

Power & Motoryacht Magazine

Are you looking for more about powerboats? Power & Motoryacht Magazine is here for you! Explore the market of seacrafts with features on the latest launches, designs, technology, and equipment. Find the vessel best suited for you with exclusive boat tests and the best yachts globally.

From maintenance and safety tips to electronics recommendations, a new subscription motivates you to make your next trip your best. Purchase a subscription today!


Soundings Magazine

Soundings Magazine is an excellent choice for experienced recreational boaters. Featuring everything you need to get the most out of your boating lifestyle, Soundings Magazine keeps readers updated on the latest news and events in the industry. Discover new boats, the newest gear, repair tips, design advice, and more!

Live your best salt life with a subscription to Soundings Magazine!

Southern Boating

Southern Boating Magazine

Boat owners of the Southeastern U.S. love Southern Boating Magazine! As the go-to boating lifestyle magazine for Southern boaters, this magazine covers everything from Florida to Texas, the Bahamas to the Caribbean. Discover new cruising destinations, the best new vessels, the regions' histories, and more!

Subscribe today to celebrate Southern Boating's way of life, from sailing and cruising to racing and fishing!

BOAT International US

BOAT International US Magazine

As the leading yacht magazine for big boat owners in the U.S., BOAT International US Magazine is essential for buyers and owners of luxury yachts. Discover boating news from the United States and worldwide, learn about buying and selling in this multi-billion dollar industry, and get exclusive previous in the superyacht market.

Treat yourself to a BOAT US subscription today and get inspired!


WoodenBoat Magazine

WoodenBoat Magazine is the best boating magazine for enthusiasts, owners, and wooden boat builders. Create the boat of your dreams with expert advice, DIY tips, and hands-on instruction from the pros! Each issue provides advice on refining your craft, updates on the latest tech and designs, and superb photography.

Make the most of your vessel when you purchase a subscription today!

Ocean Navigator

Ocean Navigator Magazine

Ocean Navigator Magazine is an excellent resource for the most serious and avid offshore voyagers. Discover valuable lessons on heavy-weather sailing, route planning, provisioning, and navigation to keep safe on the water. Each issue also features essential info on electronics, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

Subscribe to Ocean Navigator today to round out your bluewater experience!


Sail Magazine

Enjoy your next trip on the water to the fullest with Sail Magazine! Created for fans of cruising, racing, or lifestyle boating, this sailing magazine features inspiration and education for sailors of every kind. Discover the best cruises, boat reviews, DIY upgrades, gadget recommendations, charter directories, and more.

Celebrate the sailing way of life with one of the best magazines about sailing: Sail Magazine!


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