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Our Top 10 Boating Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 08-12-2020

If you love the water and spend your happiest moments aboard your favorite vessel, one of these boating magazines is sure to bring you pleasure. When you can’t be on the water - reading and planning is the next best thing. Whether you prefer boating, yachting, or sailing, we have compiled a list of the top subscriptions to keep you entertained year-round! Find our top yachting magazines, as they showcase the latest launches and finest designers; look for our top boating magazines, with advice, reviews, and more! Coupled with excellent photography, each boating and yachting magazine subscription will keep you informed on the latest products, events, and technologies - while also stirring your excitement!


WoodenBoat Magazine is the best boating magazine for enthusiasts, owners, and builders of wooden boats. Build the boat of your dreams with expert advice, tips, and hands-on instruction from the pros. Learn how to refine and repair your craft, discover new technologies and designs, and muse over traditional methods. Each issue features reviews, success stories, and superb photography. Make the most of your craft or plan and dream when you purchase WoodenBoat magazine today!


Whether you boat for leisure, adventure, or sport, Boating Magazine is the boating magazine subscription for you! Written with a sense of humor, each article is presented in a fun and breezy way. Learn about the newest models and accessories for performance boats, pontoons, yachts, cruisers, and more! Read performance reviews, boat tests, and how-to articles to help you improve your craft. Enter the world of boating with a Boating Magazine subscription. Enjoy free access to the iPad and/or iPhone digital edition with a print subscription.


Yachting Magazine is a great resource, illustrating the yachting lifestyle. Whether you are a novice or an experienced ship owner, Yachting enhances your boating experience. Covering motor yachts, superyachts, luxury yachts, and trawlers, articles include reviews of new products and developments, upcoming events, and chartering destinations. Find new sailing techniques, read about fellow yachtsmen’s adventures, and behold stunning photography. Purchase a discount Yachting Magazine subscription and receive free access to the iPad and/or iPhone digital edition!

BOAT International US

As the leading yachting magazine for American big boat owners, BOAT International US Magazine is the essential guide for buyers and owners of luxury yachts. In each issue, you will discover yachting news from around the world, with events like Show-Boat design awards, regattas, and design symposiums. Learn all you need to know about buying and selling in this multibillion-dollar industry, with exclusive previews and current happenings in the superyacht market. Treat yourself to a BOAT International US magazine subscription today and get inspired!


Immerse yourself in the total sailing experience with Sail Magazine! Discover the best cruises, learn how to join a sail cruising club, and receive tips for planning your cruise! Learn about the best boats on the market with boat reviews, news, deals, and tips. Are you interested in booking a charter? You will find everything you need to book a charter, as SAIL provides a charter directory and information on exciting destinations. Each issue also contains a section dedicated to gear, apparel, accessories, and exclusive deals to help you plan the perfect sail. Allow yourself to be inspired by a Sail Magazine subscription!

Power & Motoryacht

Power & Motoryacht Magazine is the essential guide for serious powerboat owners. Explore the market of seacrafts with features on the latest launches, designs, new technology, and equipment. With information on boat tests and the best yachts in the world, you will find the vessel best suited for you. Learn how to properly maintain your yacht and obtain first-rate electronics for safety, monitoring, fishing, navigation, and more. Get updates on tournaments, cruising clubs, charters, and exotic destinations from this yachting magazine. Filled with dazzling photography, a Power & Motoryacht magazine subscription will motivate you to make your next trip your best trip.


If boating is your passion, Soundings Magazine is the title for you! Made for experienced recreational boaters, this boating magazine subscription provides readers with everything you need to get the most out of your lifestyle. Stay current on the latest news and events in the industry from experienced writers and editors. In each issue, you will find information on the newest gear, features on new boats, tips on repairing and designing your craft, and articles about local recreational boaters. Live your best salt-life with a subscription to Soundings Magazine!

Southern Boating

Southern Boating Magazine is the go-to boating lifestyle magazine for passionate boat owners of the Southeastern U.S. As the expert, Southern Boating covers everything from Florida to Texas and the Bahamas to the Caribbean. Find new cruising destinations and the best new vessels while learning about the region’s culture and history. Each issue touches on sailing, cruising, racing, and fishing. Subscribe today to celebrate Southern Boating’s way of life!

Ocean Navigator

Ocean Navigator Magazine gives the crucial information needed to navigate the oceans for the most serious and avid offshore voyagers. Discover information on heavy-weather sailing, route planning, provisioning, and navigation to keep safe while out on the water. Learn what you need to know about electronics, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for your boat. Become immersed in the world of offshore voyaging while gaining from the wisdom of experienced voyagers. Purchase an Ocean Navigator Magazine subscription to round out your bluewater experience!

Yachts International

Yachts International Magazine magazine brings something more to the table. With an international marketplace and flair, this first-rate yachting magazine delivers worldly aspects to American yachtsmen. Find insider information on the most extravagant yachts, the latest launches, and the newest design trends. Each issue provides insights into the finest designers and builders, personalities, yachting destinations, and more. Engage your passion with a subscription to Yachts International today!


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