Top Automotive Magazine Subscriptions

Top Automotive Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 02-01-2023

Love cars? Whether you are interested in hot-rods, your next new purchase, or the classics, you are in the right place if you enjoy staying on top of current auto trends. We've compiled a shortlist of the best car magazines to get you started. Here are ten excellent periodicals featuring exclusive stories, how-to guides, model testing, and event coverage related to the auto industry. These are a car enthusiast's favorite reads and sure to be enjoyed! Be sure to scroll through our list of magazines and subscribe to have them shipped to your doorstep.

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Motor Trend

Motor Trend Magazine

As the world's automotive authority, Motor Trend Magazine brings information and entertainment with every page-turn. Let Motor Trend help you with your next significant investment with top-notch car reviews, road tests, and exceptional pricing guides on domestic and import cars.

Read detailed pros and cons lists on a wide range of vehicles in the Vehicle Comparison section. Discover what's in store next with sneak peeks and forecasts of future cars. Learn how to correctly take care of your car, stay up-to-date on motorsport and car news, and get the whole experience with excellent full-color photography. Purchase this car magazine subscription today!

Car and Driver

Car and Driver Magazine

Car and Driver Magazine is an excellent source for purchasing a new vehicle or finding older models' information. Containing information for every automobile type, the magazine features sections covering vehicle maintenance, comparison shopping, and accessories that help you make a well-informed purchase.

Car and Driver is most commonly known for its Road Test section, consisting of ratings based on performance in various conditions, including wet and dry conditions, on asphalt or rugged roads. With a subscription to this bestseller, you'll get access to all of this information and more! Whether you're looking for racers, SUVs, performance cars, or others, you can read on the go with the digital edition!

Hot Rod

Hot Rod Magazine

If you're a fan of the hot-rodding culture, Hot Rod Magazine is for you! As the oldest magazine devoted to hot rodding, this magazine has been in the culture center for over 70 years. Discover money-saving tips and technical how-tos on maintenance, rebuilding, restoration, engine buildups, paint, and more!

Get the latest industry news and find the latest trends for the American hot rod. Perfect for anyone into raging rods, pro stocks, rally rockets, and classic muscle, a new subscription will bring enjoyment with every issue!

Classic Motorsports

Classic Motorsports Magazine

Classic car enthusiasts will love Classic Motorsports Magazine! Featuring striking photography, profiles of vintage and rare models, and high-quality card stock paper, you'll find comparison tests, personality pieces, buying guides, interviews, and much more!

In each issue, helpful technical sections provide lots of great "how-to" advice to help beginner and experienced enthusiasts. Stay up to date with the calendar of upcoming vintage races, auctions, and rallies - and their results! A subscription will come with FREE access to the digital edition!

Collectible Automobile

Collectible Automobile Magazine

Experience the history of the American automotive industry with?Collectible Automobile Magazine. With brilliant color photographs and lively writing, you will feel like you are experiencing the splendor of collector automobiles firsthand. Step back in time with in-depth looks at cars and trucks from the 1930s-1980s, with feature articles written by esteemed authors.

Each piece presents professional photos and archival pictures from the official manufacturer files: view reader photo submissions, budget cars, and predictions of future collectibles. Purchase a subscription today and reminisce with each issue!

Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Motor News Magazine

Become well versed as a collector when you subscribe to the bible of the collector car world: Hemmings Motor News Magazine Bringing invaluable information for over half a century, it has become the world's largest auto marketplace for antique, vintage, classic, muscle, street rod, and unique interest cars.

Locate that hard-to-find vehicle in special classified listings. Every issue includes thousands of cars and parts for sale, hundreds of practice tips, buyer's guides, and more. Discover the latest auction results or find the next event near you! Purchase the parts you need and restore the vehicle of your dreams with a print subscription today!

Grassroots Motorsports

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Race into the world of motorsports with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine! Perfect for true do-ers and sports care enthusiasts, this publication covers everything from auto-crossing to rally to vintage racing around the country. Written by hands-on experts and covered in grease, all the technical articles are scribbled down while working on their project cars in the garage.

Discover product tests, comparison tests, and how-to features in each issue. Subscribe today and receive FREE access to the digital edition - make sure to include your email address!

Street Trucks - Print + Digital

Street Trucks - Print + Digital Magazine

Are you looking into starting your own project vehicle? As the leading authority on custom trucks, Street Trucks - Print + Digital Magazine is for you! Transform your vehicle with help from the experts: from technical articles and high-performance upgrades to custom paint and renovations based on your budget!

Gain inspiration from spotlights of other custom trucks, highlighting the latest styling trends and aftermarket parts. Get more power behind the wheel with help from a new subscription!

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Magazine

While not solely focused on the auto industry, Popular Mechanics Magazine includes an auto section in each issue! Comparison shop like the best of them with detailed info on new cars from sedans to sports cars. Discover the specs on your dream car, the latest advances in the industry, troubleshooting hints, and more!

Popular Mechanics also touches home improvement, sciences, technology, and health, making this a well-rounded magazine. Make the best decisions with help from a new subscription!

Diesel World - Print + Digital

Diesel World - Print + Digital Magazine

Fall in love with the diesel-powered culture with Diesel World - Print + Digital Magazine! Discover how to heighten power, improve mileage, and increase the longevity of your diesel vehicle in each issue. Road tests of the latest equipment help you pick the best gear for your ride, while in-depth articles explain the tech behind it.

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