Best Cat Magazine Subscriptions

Best Cat Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 01-27-2022

Welcome to your cat magazine guide! Magazines are an excellent way to stay updated on the latest health news, product reviews, and recommendations. Whether you're looking for advice on building a better bond with your pet, a way to connect with other cat owners, or answers to those tricky questions, we have a subscription for everything! Keep reading to find the right magazine for you!

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Modern Cat

Modern Cat Magazine

Every cat lover will love the ultimate guide for living with cats: Modern Cat Magazine! Gain insight into your cat's behavior, health, and well-being with indispensable advice from experts. Each turn of the page will have you smiling with adorable photo contests and heartwarming rescue stories.

Each issue also features cat breed profiles, fun DIY projects, exclusive giveaways, and more! Give your cat the best life with help from a new subscription!


Catster Magazine

Catster Magazine is beautifully illustrated, humorously informative, and features all things feline! Learn all about different cat breeds and their behavior, with accurate info you can trust. Are you looking for just the right cat food? Readers will love the nutrition and healthcare advice from professionals!

Formerly known as Cat Fancy Magazine, this publication is a must-read for cat owners - subscribe today!


CatWatch Magazine

Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. CatWatch Magazine is perfect for cat parents looking for a trusted, professional source from Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Each issue of this independent newsletter features valuable advice on your cat's behavior, well-being, and health.

Discover articles on everything from nurturing curiosity and play to improving quality of life and health. CatWatch never contains ads, keeping you focused on critical health news. Purchase a subscription here!

Animal Wellness

Animal Wellness Magazine

Experience North America's best natural health and lifestyle magazine for cats and dogs: Animal Wellness Magazine! This highly respected magazine features the best educational content that helps cat parents make the best decisions. Discover the best natural foods and healthy recipes for your cat, integrative veterinary advice and support columns, and heartwarming stories of hope and rescue.

Get the latest news and the best information from a new subscription!

IVC Journal

IVC Journal

Are you a cat owner or vet technician looking for new ideas in cat care? Integrative Veterinary Care Journal (IVC Journal) is for you! While combining holistic and allopathic veterinary care, this journal helps enhance practice through treatment discussions, the latest industry news, nutrition education pieces, and much more!

Providing the best care is the goal - and top experts at IVC Journal can help! Subscribe here!

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