Best Magazines for Coin Collectors

Best Magazines for Coin Collectors

Updated 11-15-2022

Coin collecting is a serious hobby: there's so much history to learn, news to keep up on, and tips to consider. What better way to learn and stay up to date than with a magazine subscription? Our magazines feature paper money and coin news, auction and show schedules, valuable pricing guides, and more! Read further to find our list of the best coin magazines! Browse our complete collection of magazines.

Numismatic News

Numismatic News Magazine

Numismatists rejoice! As the American industry's #1 coin collecting magazine, Numismatic News Magazine keeps you updated and knowledgeable on the latest market trends and happenings. Each issue offers a detailed coin price guide, updates on gold and silver markets, and a comprehensive calendar of the coin shows nationwide! Learn more about the industry with "Coin Clinic," a recurring Q&A column featuring fascinating facts and rare coins, historical features by field experts, and more! Find the best deals, sell your material, and learn more about collectible US coins from a new magazine subscription!


COINage Magazine

Gain a deeper look at the world's most interesting coins with COINage Magazine! As a leading name in numismatic magazines, COINage is a must-have for novices, hobbyists, and experienced enthusiasts alike. Receive wisdom from the industry's top experts, from introductions of collecting to new insights for pros! Each issue highlights historical articles, updated coin values and price guides, and the latest news in investing. They have it all, from precious metals like US gold and silver to paper money and ancient coins! Subscribe to this bi-monthly magazine and get collecting!

World Coin News

World Coin News Magazine

Yearning to learn more about coins around the world? World Coin News Magazine is the magazine for you! Learn about the history of coins from leading experts with in-depth information and facts about the coins themselves and the countries that issued them! From United States coins to Japanese Yen and beyond, each monthly issue covers coin news, new topics in the industry, and a calendar of upcoming shows, auctions, and events worldwide. Subscribers will love the leading authority on world coins from their first issue onward! Purchase today!

Coin World Weekly

Coin World Weekly Magazine

For subscribers looking for more frequent issues, Coin World Weekly Magazine is an excellent choice! As the preeminent, most respected source for weekly coin news in the US and abroad, this coin world magazine dedicates itself to serious collectors and connoisseurs. Discover coverage on new issues in the industry, updates on market trends, profiles of fellow collectors and their impressive collections, and more! Subscribe today for buying and collecting tips galore!
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