Our Top 10 Crafting Magazine Subscriptions

Our Top 10 Crafting Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 12-01-2023

Are you in need of new projects to craft? Are you looking for the best tips and advice? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 10 crafting magazines. From jewelry and beadwork to woodworking and metalworking to quilting and crocheting, we have it all! Read on to discover the perfect crafting magazine subscription for you!

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American Craft

American Craft Magazine

As the leading voice for craft in America, American Craft Magazine sets the pace as one of the best crafting magazines. Created by the non-profit organization American Craft Council, it honors the extraordinary achievements of craft masters and artisans. Discover little known artists, remarkable stories, and new points of view in the craft community.

Be inspired by artists' works of clay, glass, metal, fiber, wood, and more! See the world with fresh eyes and allow yourself to be motivated to shape your life expressively. Communicate with crafters just like you through the age-old impulse of making things by hand. Purchase an American Craft magazine subscription today!


Threads Magazine

Improve your sewing skills with Threads Magazine! Dedicated to helping readers grow to advance their sewing, Threads Magazine provides how-to sewing techniques from basic to advanced levels. Find dozens of patterns in each issue, from gifts and accessories to home furnishings and clothes!

Learn how to create that beautiful rug you've been eyeing with step-by-step photos that make it seem easy! Every issue touches on a wide range of topics, such as fitting, design details, pattern reviews, embellishments, embroidery, garment construction, and more! Receive expert advice and inspiration with a subscription to one of the best crafting magazines: Threads Magazine!

Crochet World

Crochet World Magazine

Bring your crochet hobby to life with Crochet World Magazine! Dedicated to the art of crochet, this crafting magazine is full of innovative designs, inspiring projects, and top-notch patterns. No matter your skill level or style choice, you are sure to find the perfect design for your next project.

Including everything from basic crochet to advanced skills, every project comes with detailed instructions and colorful photos to help you along. Stay up-to-date with the latest crochet news and ideas from the experts! Think of this as your go-to crochet resource - subscribe today!

Quick & Easy Quilts

Quick & Easy Quilts Magazine

The world of quilting is a vast one - what better way to stay involved than with Quick & Easy Quilts Magazine? This go-to guide features beautiful projects in a wide range of sizes and styles. Whether you're just getting started in your quilting journey or a seasoned quilter looking to ramp up your speed, you'll be sure to appreciate the quilting projects in each issue.

Discover new patterns, step-by-step instructions, quilt-making fundamentals, and much more! Time-saving secrets will help you finish your latest idea in no time! Refine your skills, find fun new designs, and stay inspired with a new subscription!

Good Housekeeping - Digital

Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine

Spark your creative juices with Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine! With a particular focus on the home, Good Housekeeping features articles on home improvement, gardening, and interior decorating. Discover fresh craft ideas in every issue! Each creative project is centered around each season and holiday and presented in a fun, light-hearted way to keep you interested.

Find DIY projects on furniture flips, summer crafts for kids, holiday projects, tips on knitting and crocheting, and much more! As one of the most well-rounded publications for today's women, this magazine also touches on life management, cooking, beauty care, relationships, health, travel, and much more. Subscribe today!

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine

Created by Master quilters Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine will guide you to quilting success! Learn from the pros with easy-to-follow instructions and insider tips. Each issue features 10 to 15 fabulous new quilt designs paired with illustrated lessons to help you through each one. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of quilting with advice on mastering patterns, piecing, cutting fabric, and more.

Improve your technique with tips directly from Fons and Porter themselves! Find the perfect tools with product recommendations and reviews. Submit photos of your gorgeous designs and be ahead of the curve with sneak peeks at upcoming quilting expos! Obtain one of the best crafting magazines right at your thimble-wearing fingertips with a subscription to Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine!

Rock & Gem

Rock & Gem Magazine

Perfect for amateur rockhounds and mineral connoisseurs, Rock & Gem Magazine is the best magazine for lapidary hobbyists. Discover essential instruction on creating beautiful jewelry with photos to help you every step of the way. New lapidary techniques are featured with insight from the experts.

Learn all about the science of minerals, faceting, classic deposits, and collecting trends. Plan your next field trip with recommendations from the pros: find the best areas for collecting minerals and gems! Each issue also includes a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming mineral shows. Dig on and create your next beautiful piece with a new subscription!


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