Best Dog Magazines

Best Dog Magazines

Updated 03-09-2022

Dogs are:

  • A human's best friend.
  • A child's beloved doggy.
  • A dog owner's child.
  • One of the best parts of life.
It's no wonder we want to give them the dog's life they deserve! Pet magazine subscriptions are a great way to stay informed and learn more about your dog. Keep reading to find the best magazine for you!

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Modern Dog

Modern Dog Magazine

For the best articles, hottest trends, and coolest features, try Modern Dog Magazine! Learn how to communicate more effectively with your pet with dog psychology tips, expert advice, training tips, and problem-solving from top trainers. Join fellow dog owners in their passions through dog art, accessories, and DIY projects!

Each issue also focuses on profiles of different dog breeds, upcoming dog shows, revered breeders, and much more! Keep your dog fancy with a Modern Dog subscription!


DogWatch Magazine

From one of the world's top veterinary colleges, DogWatch Magazine is a testament to Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine's prestige and excellence. Each monthly newsletter features trusted news on dog health and care. Discover expert advice from a trusted source on subjects like canine nutrition, behavior improvement, and training tips!

All good dog owners should subscribe to this one! Subscribe today and invoke better health in your pup!

Animal Wellness

Animal Wellness Magazine

As one of North America's best pet lifestyle magazines, Animal Wellness Magazine provides highly respected advice and content on everything dog! Discover topics like canine healthcare, the best natural products, and even well-being advice! Subscribers will also love the recommendations for healthy recipes and book reviews!

Purchase a subscription to this excellent pet magazine today - you and your pooch will never be happier!

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Are you interested in learning more about training, health, and purebred dogs' pedigrees? View more at The American Kennel Club (AKC) To learn more about the largest sanctuary for homeless animals, visit the Best Friends Animal Society. You can subscribe to The Best Friends Magazine by donating $25 or more.


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