Best Literary Magazines for Book Lovers

Best Literary Magazines for Book Lovers

Updated 09-19-2023

Whether you're a new writer looking for inspiration, a publishing industry professional, or a major bookworm looking for your next read, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of literary magazines readers should be aware of.

These titles have it all: detailed literary reviews, short stories, award-winning author interviews, and beyond. Keep reading to find the best fit for you - one story might have you hooked!

View our collection of literary magazines for some of the best digital and print magazines on the market.


Bookmarks Magazine

For valuable synopses and reviews you can trust, Bookmarks Magazine is the ultimate literary magazine! A busy lifestyle makes it hard to find time to search for your next read. Bookmarks Magazine makes it easy, featuring:

  • Over 500 book reviews a month.
  • The latest fiction, nonfiction, children's books, and classics - providing.
  • Book recommendations for every taste!
  • Emerging writer profiles and interviews.

Discover what other book clubs are reading - you might find your next bestseller! You can't go wrong with this magazine - subscribe today!

The London Review of Books

The London Review of Books Magazine

The London Review of Books Magazine is known worldwide for wit, elegance, and fearlessness. This literary journal covers:

  • The latest short fiction, excellent poetry, and lively opinion pieces.
  • Reviews of leading books, art exhibitions, and movies.
  • Features on politics, history, philosophy, science, and technology.

With articles curated by leading scholars, thinkers, and writers, The London Review is the destination for the best writers to congregate and share knowledge. Book lovers of all genres will enjoy a subscription - purchase a subscription today!

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

Though known for its stellar reporting on current events, culture, and the arts, The New Yorker Magazine is an excellent choice for a more well-rounded magazine. Apart from politics, international news, and entertainment articles, The New Yorker publishes fiction, essays, satire, and more. In each issue, discover:

  • Excellent flash fiction, essays, and other published work.
  • Crossword puzzles to enjoy between news.
  • Hilarious cartoons and satire.

Get the best of New York (and the country!) with a subscription to The New Yorker!

The Paris Review-Digital

The Paris Review-Digital Magazine

Since 1953, The Paris Review-Digital Magazine has brought creative writing to the foreground, focusing on excellent writing and the writers behind the work. Each issue of this digital literary magazine features:

  • The best fiction, poetry, art, and essays.
  • Variety of work from well-known and emerging writers.
  • Insight from the writers and artists themselves in Writers at Work interviews.

Get the latest art news, high-quality imagery, and work from some of the best voices in literature. Purchase a subscription to The Paris Review-Digital today!

The Threepenny Review-Digital

The Threepenny Review-Digital Magazine

As the cornerstone of elegance since 1980, The Threepenny Review-Digital Magazine covers the best of art and society. Dive into each digital issue for:

  • Excellent short stories, essays, poems, and memoirs.
  • Coverage of books, theater, film, music, and more.
  • Regular writing from Nobel Prize-winners, U.S. Poet Laureates, and well-known authors.

With beautiful black-and-white photographs and easily accessible issues, this digital magazine subscription is perfect for fans of elegant literature. Subscribe to The Threepenny Review today!

Booklist Reader-Digital

Booklist Reader-Digital Magazine

If you're looking for innovative book recommendations for your library, look no further than Booklist Reader-Digital Magazine! Each issue of this digital magazine:

  • Offers diverse recommendations for books and audiobooks.
  • Helps librarians choose books for book lovers of all types and ages.
  • Accepts applications to become a reviewer - no library degree required.

Subscribe to Booklist Reader today and find the perfect next choice for your book discussion group! For more guidance, subscribe to Booklist - Digital Magazine, an imprint of the American Library Association and a trusted resource for librarians, teachers, and readers.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine

Are you a fan of sci-fi books' fantastic, otherworldly features? Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine is for you! Highly respected in the field, this literary magazine:

  • Features outspoken, humorous, and excellent at curating a world of its own.
  • Publishes fiction from leading and up-and-coming writers.
  • Introduced classic SF stories like Stephen King's Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon, and much more!

Get the latest offerings and opinions on new books, films, and science with a new subscription!


Cricket Magazine

Do you have a young one who loves to read? Cricket Magazine is the ultimate children's literary and poetry magazine, perfect for ages 9-14. Some fun features:

  • Created with extra durability and a soft cover, perfect for dozens of reads throughout the years.
  • The finest fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and illustrations.
  • Help readers develop their creativity and inspires them to write their own stories.
  • They can even enter contests with their creative writing submissions!

Purchase a subscription to this Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner today! For younger readers, try Spider (for ages 6-9), Ladybug (for ages 3-6), and Babybug (for ages six months-3 years).

Oxford American-Digital

Oxford American-Digital Magazine

Published by The Oxford American Literary Project, Inc., Oxford American-Digital Magazine features the best in Southern writing. Each issue presents:

  • American short fiction writers
  • Original writing by some of the country's top writers
  • The best American short stories from the region.
  • The complexity and vitality of the South.

If you enjoy American short fiction, this is the subscription for you: purchase here!

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