Top Art Magazine Subscriptions

Top Art Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 11-23-2021

If you're like me, art is a considerable part of your life. You notice the design of billboards, the flawless curves and creases in statues, the lightwork in photographs, the texture of paintings... There's nothing like enjoying a fine piece of artwork. We've gathered a list of the top art magazines covering photography, painting, sculpting, tattooing, crafting, and even education! Keep reading to find your next magazine subscription!

Art in America

Art in America Magazine

Another title founded over 100 years ago, Art in America Magazine, is an excellent choice for readers looking for invaluable knowledge about the culture of today's American art world. Gain inside insight into the heart of our country's art centers, from New York City to Los Angeles and everywhere in between!

Well-known critics, experts, and professional artists contribute to each issue, covering fine art, contemporary art, visual arts, various techniques, and providing commentary and reviews of some of the finest work of our time. Discover profiles and interviews with top artists, gaining exclusive looks at priceless collections featuring paintings, sculptures, photography, and digital art. American art collectors will love each issue - purchase a subscription today!

Artists Magazine

Artists Magazine

For those looking to become a better artist, Artists Magazine is for you! This bi-monthly magazine is the best how-to publication for artists of all levels by covering watercolor, acrylic, oils, pastels, and ink mediums. Perfect your craft with advice and instruction from experts, learn how to master each new material, try out new techniques, and improve your abilities overall.

Receive tips on painting landscapes, perfecting portraits, finding the best subject matter, match skin tones, and more! This magazine features easy-to-follow instructions, taking you step-by-step through each new exercise and strategy. Subscribe to this contemporary art magazine today and take your art to the next level!


Aperture Magazine

Noted as the "most valuable periodical in the photographic world," Aperture Magazine is the place where the photo community comes together. For over 50 years, this quarterly magazine has displayed the finest talent in the field. Each issue features the best new ideas, inspiring work, and the most talented artists, writers, and curators.

Expertly created with high-quality materials and heavy-coated stock, each version presents a new contemporary theme with thought-provoking commentary, artist projects, and engaging portfolios. For fresh inspiration, cutting-edge ideas, and a great read you can return to for years on end, purchase a subscription today!


SchoolArts Magazine

For those interested in art education, SchoolArts Magazine is the magazine for you! Since 1901, this magazine has thrived on excellence, creativity, and support. Covering education from childhood to adolescence, each issue of this publication is created for and by art educators.

Discover tips on creating an effective lesson, new project ideas for your students, ways to address current world issues through classwork, and methods to get your students more involved in their work. Fellow art teachers from around the country recommend the tools they can't live without and showcase their students' work. Find inspiration, assistance, and joy with a new subscription today!

Watercolor Artist

Watercolor Artist Magazine

Watercolor Artist Magazine is the perfect complement to water-based art projects. Learn how to perfect your watercolor painting with in-depth tutorials and demonstrations, follow along step-by-step through basic and advanced techniques, and discover new styles to attempt. Each issue features information on the best art materials and tools, so you can be sure to get just what you need.

Submit your artwork to upcoming competitions, get the latest news with special reports, and take exclusive looks into the lives of your favorite painters through interviews and peeks inside their studios! New and experienced painters will benefit from each issue - subscribe today!

The Pastel Journal

The Pastel Journal

Pastel artists will love The Pastel Journal! Whether you're new to this medium, experimenting, or a pro looking for inspiration, this magazine is for you! Exceed your expectations with painting tips and lessons, step-by-step demonstrations, new techniques to try, and insights and guidance from experts. Find recommendations for the best supplies and tools, whether you're working inside or out.

Each issue also features interviews with the best pastel artists, accompanied by full-color completed pieces, providing inspiration and motivation for your next painting! Submit your artwork to the Annual Pastel 100 Competition and be featured in your favorite art journal! Subscribe today!

American Craft

American Craft Magazine

Take a walk through the world of crafting with American Craft Magazine! Covering the whole crafting community, this magazine praises skilled artists and craft masters working in clay, metal, fiber, glass, and wood mediums.

While this title doesn't include any how-tos, it provides plenty of inspirational material. Flip through each issue to see full-color images of unique projects created by hand, exciting stories from creators, and much more! Connect with America's crafting community with a subscription to this bi-monthly publication!


Juxtapoz Magazine

Explore the world of urban city art, alternative, and underground contemporary art, with Juxtapoz Magazine! Displaying the works of underground artists, each issue of this magazine features sculptors, painters, cartoonists, graphic artists, photographers, street artists, and much more. Learn about their work through personal interviews, and view their pieces with full-color layouts from galleries, portfolios, sketches, and exhibits.

Gain inspiration from creative street art, ballpoint illustrations, flawless photoshop, graffiti scenes around the country, pop art, artistic designs in the fashion and décor industries, and even art in music videos. Anyone interested in the edge of the art scene will love a subscription - subscribe today!

Art Culinaire

Art Culinaire Magazine

Art Culinaire Magazine offers a different type of art: culinary design! You'll want to keep each issue with high-quality, hardbound, glossy pages full of stunning full-color photos. The world's greatest chefs contribute with beautiful, professional food preparation, presented with original recipes, rare interviews, and stories of their journeys.

Perfect for chefs and foodies looking for unique inspiration, there's no other publication like it! Purchase a magazine subscription today!


Inked Magazine

Inked Magazine is the perfect choice for fans of tattoos and the inked lifestyle. Each issue of this unique publication features the best artists in the business, showcasing their work and supplying inspiration for artists and fans alike.

Read through interviews from famous tattooed beauties like Kat Von D, Eve, and Diablo Cody and tattooed men like Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, and Kid Cudi. From tips and suggestions to stunning photography and pop culture news, Inked has it all! Subscribe to this inked culture magazine today!

Another Popular Choice

Contact Sheet
Contact Sheet Magazine dedicates itself to the traditional practice of fine art photography monographs, with each issue featuring a single artist. Flip through high-quality pages and become immersed in the work of new and mid-career photographers alike. Contact Sheet is entirely commercial-free, so your art appreciation will not be interrupted. Subscribe now!

For further choices, explore our full selection of art and photography magazines here.


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