Our Top 10 Magazine Subscriptions for College Students

Our Top 10 Magazine Subscriptions for College Students

Updated 09-02-2021

Transitioning from being a high school student to a college student isn't easy. It can be challenging to find the time to sit down and read during your higher education years. Between exams, early morning classes, and time-consuming labs, campus life starts to feel like your whole life! We've collected a mix of the top 10 magazine subscriptions for college students in the United States, so you don't have to look any further! Look below to find the best subscriptions for news, sports, drinks, science, and more! Whether you're leading a student-run organization or just on social media, it's relaxing to take a break from it all and just read.

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What Magazines do College Students Read?
The top 10 magazines are: TIME, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, The Red Bulletin, Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian, Consumer Reports, Men's Health, Imbibe, and Inked.
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TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine

Stay caught up in the latest happenings around the world with TIME Magazine! With fact-checked, thoroughly researched articles, this magazine gives you the inside scoop on the news that affects you.

TIME Magazine is unique in its exceptional reporting, translating the latest headlines and political jargon into laymen's terms, breaking down and simplifying current events for easy understanding into how they affect you and your family. Discover the latest politics, science, technology, business, health, and entertainment news, alongside stunning photography. Subscribe today to receive trustworthy, easy to understand updates from one of the best magazines for college students.


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Learn how to experience life to the fullest with Cosmopolitan Magazine! As the ultimate magazine for modern young women, Cosmo helps you set and achieve your personal and professional goals like no other publication! Find valuable advice on your relationships: from getting along with your roommates to handling long-distance friendships, to bonding with your significant other.

Discover tips on beauty trends, keeping a healthy diet and exercising right. Receive health advice specifically for women and learn how to balance your busy college schedule, while reducing stress. It's also one of the best fashion magazines around. Gain a glimpse into the lives of your favorite celebrities and dig deeper into American culture. Receive the best lifestylist and cheerleader for you with a subscription! Read on the go with the digital edition!

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

Become part of one of the most groundbreaking magazines in the world with The New Yorker Magazine! No matter your major, The New Yorker has something for you. Discover the latest domestic and international news, political and cultural commentary, medical research, new technology, the arts, and more!

Stay informed and knowledgeable with incisive looks at the current political climate. Read exceptional short fiction and poetry and laugh at The New Yorker's famous cartoons with ironic twists. Stay up to date on what's happening in the business sector and get to know the companies you're buying from. Enjoy quality prose, truth, and accuracy with a subscription!

The Red Bulletin

The Red Bulletin Magazine

Go "Beyond the Ordinary" and enter world of Red Bull with The Red Bulletin Magazine! Perfect for thrill-seekers, The Red Bulletin delivers electrifying, high-quality content from the company that gives you wings. Discover the latest news in adventure, sports, travel, action, music, and culture.

Read features on the exceptional personalities who inspire you to accomplish extraordinary achievements like them. Fascinating articles are accompanied by first-class photography and extraordinary design. Break out of the norm and test your limits with a subscription to one of the best magazines for students seeking adventure, The Red Bulletin!

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Magazine

Get closer to the heart of your favorite sports with Sports Illustrated Magazine! Covering professional, college, and amateur events, this magazine gives you the latest scores, statistics, and late-breaking stories from your favorite teams.

Read in-depth features and exclusive interviews with famous athletes from your favorite college teams, as well as the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and more. Written by the leading sports analysts and announcers, the columns feature unbiased reporting and unparalleled access to all sports that give meaning to the game. Celebrate your team's wins with passion and intensity from a new subscription!


Smithsonian Magazine

View the world through a Smithsonian lens with Smithsonian Magazine! Created for modern students with diverse, general interests, this magazine touches on the topics researched, studied, and exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution. World-class writers keep readers informed and connected with science, history, anthropology, innovation, art, technology, popular culture, and more!

Go back in time with articles on past breakthroughs and jump to the future with thought-provoking themes. With a subscription to Smithsonian Magazine, you'll also receive a membership to the famed Smithsonian Institute, along with benefits like discounted prices at the Art Collectors Program, reduced IMAX and Planetarium rates tickets, and no charge admittance to Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City. Go on a fantastic journey with a new subscription!

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Magazine

Feel empowered when you become informed by Consumer Reports Magazine! As an independent, nonprofit organization, Consumer Reports provides 100% unbiased information that students can depend on. Testing and research experts provide reviews, comparisons, and product insights to help you find the best option for you.

Find the perfect laptop for your classroom needs, the best small appliances for your dorm or apartment, the right vehicle to take you everywhere you need to go on campus, and much more! Make the right choices in your purchasing decisions with a subscription!

Men's Health

Men's Health Magazine

Take greater control of your life with Men's Health Magazine! As the number one source of information for and about men, Men's Health provides everything a college student needs to obtain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Discover in-depth, expert-backed reporting from the world's most trusted and experienced authorities in health, fitness, relationships, and more!

Find new leading workout plans, nutrition, weight loss tips, and ways to transform your traditional meals into power-packed, healthy recipes. Discover tips on sealing that first date, improving your sex life, and advice on fashion and grooming. Purchase a subscription and receive the tools you need to be a stronger, smarter, grittier you! For on-the-go reading, try Men's Health - Digital!

Imbibe Magazine

Imbibe Magazine

Celebrate the world in a glass with Imbibe Magazine! As the ultimate source of liquid knowledge, Imbibe celebrates drinks as a distinct culinary category, touching on cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, coffee, tea, and more. Discover the best coffee shops to visit before your early morning class and the must-visit bars to celebrate after your tough exams.

Each issue features wide-ranging recipes and interviews with experienced tastemakers, new techniques from around the world, and travelogues to help you find the ultimate Spring Break destinations. One of the best magazines for students who are aspiring mixologists, wine lovers, beer aficionados, and coffee and tea lovers, Imbibe offers a new way of looking at drinks with an in-depth exploration of history, artistry, preparation, and consumption. Cherish liquid culture with a subscription!


Inked Magazine

Revel in the world of tattoos with Inked Magazine! Created for tattoo lovers, Inked Magazine is the embodiment of culture, style, and art. Discover unique, offbeat tattoo ideas and suggestions. Explore the minds of the leading tattoo artists and well-known icons with in-depth interviews and full-color photo spreads of their original designs.

Each issue embraces the contemporary individual's interests, from the latest fashion and gadgets to entertainment and pop culture, art, and music. Whether you're picking out your first tattoo or finding the perfect art to finish your arm piece, you are sure to be inspired for your next piece of ink with a subscription!


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