Top Magazine Subscriptions for Inmates

Top Magazine Subscriptions for Inmates

Updated 03-07-2022

Do you have a loved one in a correctional facility? Are you looking for a great gift idea? We have created a list of the top 20 magazine subscriptions for inmates! Check out our list below or visit MagazineLine to view more gift options! See the section below for more information on how to ensure your magazine can be delivered to your loved one.

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Inked Magazine

Inked Magazine is perfect for men or women with tattoo obsessions. Based in New York City and featuring high-quality photos of the best tattoos out there, it is an excellent source for tattoo inspiration. Whether it's their first tattoo or their 100th, Inked Magazine provides ideas for all! Readers also love the articles covering high-profile artists, new gadgets, and entertainment. Order a gift subscription today!

Sports Weekly

Sports Weekly Magazine

Sports Weekly Magazine is the best gift for any sports fan. It features behind-the-scenes coverage year-round and provides complete profiles and interviews of the best players. Find statistics, schedules, reports, standings, and more about what's happening in the sports world. No matter the sports season, this subscription option has you covered! There's even advice on your fantasy sports! Purchase this magazine today to give your sports fanatic a smile with every issue.


Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine is the leading men's lifestyle magazine in the world. From striking covers to sensational photography, it provides the journey of a lifetime. Men will find their favorite topics highlighted - sports, gorgeous women, entertainment, auto, jokes, and more! It is perfect for allowing your loved one to revel in all his interests and passions. Purchase Maxim today!

Men's Health

Men's Health Magazine

Stay in shape (and in good health!) with help from Men's Health Magazine! Discover new workouts with detailed workout plans for different body types. Each exercise offers guidance on making your training more effective, losing fat quickly, and building muscle easily! The valuable advice doesn't stop there - readers will find tips on improving their personal life, relationships, and overall lifestyle. Explore the latest health topics in the "Bulletin" section, snippets of recent statistics, and more in the "Useful Stuff" section. Subscribe to one of America's most popular men's magazines today!

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

Support your loved one's travel spirit withNational Geographic Magazine! National Geographic provides adventure in each issue, giving them the ability to travel the world through each page. They will receive quality content to inspire and inform readers through compelling articles and stunning photography. Discover new experiences accompanied by detailed maps and pictures - it will feel like they are embarking on the quest themselves! Issues include history, nature, culture, geography, science, and more! Purchase a gift subscription today to give them a passport to see the world!

Motor Trend

Motor Trend Magazine

For over 70 years, Motor Trend Magazine has blessed the automotive world with high-quality journalism. Each issue of this car magazine touches on everything automotive: exclusive scoops on the newest models, performance reviews, road tests, vehicle comparisons, and more! Experts weigh in with their opinions on cars, trucks, and SUVs. Look out for the unique "Motor Trend Car of the Year" edition with each subscription! If they live and breathe cars, miss the feel of the pavement under their tires, and can't wait to get their foot back on that pedal, this magazine is the right pick -subscribe now!


Slam Magazine

Slam Magazine is the ultimate sports magazine for anyone interested in basketball. Dedicated to the world of basketball, it is the only magazine that covers it all - from playgrounds to high schools, to the NCAA, to the pros. Readers will love how it showcases the style of the game with a hip-hop attitude! Each issue packs team overviews, player profiles, interviews, color action photos, and more! Get advice from the coaching staff and the freshest shoes and dopest gear. Want to give your basketball enthusiast a smile? Purchase a subscription today!


GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine is the premier men's lifestyle magazine. Stay on top of your game with reliable coverage on the world's latest culture and style updates. Discover sports profiles, profiles on today's hottest actresses and models, the best new books and movies, and updates on sports teams, technology, music, and much more! Each issue is a masterpiece with a unique design and works from the finest writers and photographers. Subscribe to this trusted resource today!

Men's Journal

Men's Journal

Men's Journal is for men who want to make the most out of their lives. With expert tips, advice, and guides, it is sure to help your loved one obtain more personal fulfillment. Each issue focuses on the good things in life: adventure, sports, fitness, travel, grooming, and more. They can read about exciting outdoor adventures, including where to go, what gear to bring, and ideas for every season. Health and fitness sections guide exercises, staying healthy and in shape, and nurturing their emotional wellbeing. Invest in your loved one's health today with this discount magazine subscription!

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated Magazine is another great gift idea for sports buffs. Help them experience the intensity, passion, and heart of the sports that they're missing. They will receive unparalleled access to the insider's perspective, with coverage on college sports, NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, and more! Leading sports analysts provide in-depth coverage with the latest statistics, scores, and interviews with favorite athletes. Give the perfect gift with a Sports Illustrated subscription!

Street Trucks - Print + Digital

Street Trucks - Print + Digital Magazine

Street Trucks - Print + Digital Magazine is the expert on custom trucks! Dedicated to encouraging readers to do their work, it provides everything someone needs to build the truck of their dreams! With extensive coverage on technology, readers will get information on upgraders, custom pain techniques, suspension work, interior and restoration tips, and more! Your loved one will love the gift of ultimate knowledge with this Street Trucks gift!

People Magazine

People Magazine

Take a stroll through everything Hollywood with People Magazine! Highlighting true, entertaining stories, each issue of this magazine connects readers to America's favorite celebrities. Find the latest celebrity news, gossip, and interviews along with humbling pieces about their everyday lives. They won't miss a thing with reporting on tv shows, movies, royals, music, catwalks, and red carpets. Get your?entertainment weekly - purchase a subscription today!

Dell Word Search Puzzles

Dell Word Search Puzzles Magazine

Dell Word Search Puzzles Magazine is an excellent gift for someone looking to fill time and exercise their brain. With 107 fun word puzzles, it provides hours of enjoyment! Variety puzzles include Hidden Numbers, Tanglewords, Full Houses, Tail Tags, and Bingo! This magazine is perfect for anyone - no matter their age or level of expertise. For 130 pages of fun in every issue, purchase today!

Channel Guide

Channel Guide Magazine

Channel Guide Magazine is the perfect choice for any inmate. No matter what state they're in, they'll find a comprehensive guide covering over 120 channels. Channel Guide will help them stay up-to-date on all of their favorite TV shows and movies! Delivered 12 times per year, each issue of this magazine also features TV Crossword, Sudoku puzzles, and more! Give the gift of TV knowledge today!

Car and Driver

Car and Driver Magazine

Your loved one will rediscover the thrill of the open road with Car and Driver Magazine! Provided with comprehensive coverage of all things auto, readers will love picking out their next vehicle with experts' advice. Each issue features reviews and analyses, road tests and comparisons, and maintenance and reports on all the cars, trucks, and SUVs worth knowing. Get inside the industry with relatable reporting and excellent full-color photography. Rev up their engines with the gift of a Car and Driver discount subscription!


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Every modern woman needs a beauty reprieve, and Cosmopolitan Magazine is the perfect escape! Your loved one will enjoy immersing herself into the world of Hollywood through red carpet photos, exclusive celebrity interviews, and the latest gossip. Help her feel like herself again with tips on beauty, reducing stress, and women's health! Each issue includes valuable advice on personal relationships, astrology, workouts, and more. Subscribe today!

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine

Staying updated on the latest news is essential, no matter where you are. TIME Magazine makes it simple! Trustworthy, fact-checked, and expertly analyzed, this magazine features the latest news in every field: from politics and business to current events and society, science and technology to human achievement and the arts, and much more! Determined to make the news easily understandable and attainable, TIME helps readers understand the latest headlines. Subscribe here!

Us Weekly

Us Weekly Magazine

Help your loved ones get up close and personal with their favorite stars, from wherever they are! With Us Weekly Magazine, readers get the best of pop culture and entertainment. This entertainment magazine is perfect for those who don't want to miss a thing, featuring red carpet looks to the latest styles and home tours to special interviews! Get detailed profiles of today's hottest musicians, actors, actresses, and more. Subscribe today!

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Popular Mechanics Magazine is an excellent choice for those who wonder how things work. Discover the latest advancements in science, technology, and space through detailed articles and interviews with the inventors, entrepreneurs, and engineers behind them! Are they interested in the latest gadgets? Read through honest reviews and comparison shop! Each issue also includes tips on problem-solving for those with a DIY attitude. Whether your loved one is a mechanic, aspiring maker, or loves DIY projects, they'll love a subscription to this magazine - purchase here!

How do I send magazines to inmates?

Before you place your order, please check with the state prison or correctional facility to make sure that the magazine you wish to send is on the facility's approved list. You can do this by checking their website or contacting them directly. When you are ready to place your order, make sure to provide their full name, prison identification number, and the prison facility's complete address. The prison identification number is needed to make sure it gets to them. If you have any questions, please call us, and we can help you place the order over the phone.

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