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Our Top 10 Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

Updated 11-19-2019

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for a child - especially something they will enjoy year-round. Look no further! We've put together a list of the top magazines for kids of all ages, and you can view more children's magazines at MagazineLine! Give them the gift that keeps on giving with a magazine subscription today!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is the perfect gift for any child from ages 6 to 12. Help your child explore the world with each turn of a page. While teaching about animals, science, adventures, and more, National Geographic Kids appeals to their curiosity and keeps learning fun! Find award-winning photos, fun facts, and articles that will capture and keep their attention in this magazine subscription. Is your nature lover younger than 6? We also have National Geographic Little Kids, for ages 3 to 6! Order a gift subscription today!

Girls' World

Girls' World Magazine is the magazine that your girl would buy for herself if she was able. It is designed for girls aged 7 to 11. She views this as fun and entertaining - but you can be assured that Girls' World is packed with content that is age-appropriate and inspirational. Inside each issue, she'll find crafts, party ideas, recipes, and advice, with all-around girl-centered content. Take advantage of this discount magazine subscription and give the perfect present to make your girl feel confident and proud!


Keep your child interested in learning with this fun magazine! Highlights is geared toward children aged 6 to 12. Covering topics like nature, science, and animals, Highlights provides entertainment in every issue! They'll love finding games, riddles, stories, science experiments and more! They could even be featured themselves! Highlights Magazine accepts submissions from their young readers - from hand-drawn pictures to poems. Do you have another curious child younger than 6? You can also try a magazine subscription of Highlights High Five , for ages 2 to 6, and Highlights Hello for ages 0 to 2! Order this as a gift today!

Ranger Rick Jr.

Ranger Rick Jr. is a great gift for little nature lovers! Made for children aged 4 to 7, this magazine is packed with lots of high-quality photos of their favorite animals. Each issue also includes fun animal facts, games, stories, and more - all geared toward helping readers learn and getting them ready to read. All age-appropriate content, Ranger Rick Jr. helps draw kids closer to nature. They can even submit their own drawings with "Ricky's Mail" section! Gift this magazine subscription today and give your child bundles of fun with every issue!

Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick is another great gift for nature lovers! This title is made for ages 7 to 12, making it the older counterpart of Ranger Rick Jr. They'll find tons of pictures of animals and plants, with facts or stories to accompany each one! Readers will enjoy games, comics, puzzles and more packed in every issue. While they're having fun, you can be assured that they're learning too! Ranger Rick will help them hone their reading skills - and get them closer to nature! Take advantage of this discount magazine subscription today and send the perfect gift to your budding naturalist!

Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five is the perfect magazine subscription for starting your little one on the road to learning. Geared towards ages 2 to 6, it provides the perfect chance to have some one-on-one learning time together. With puzzles, stories, activities, games and more, this colorful magazine will help inspire your child's curiosity early in life. Highlights High Five is developed by experts in the field of early childhood - so you can purchase this with confidence, knowing that this will help support your child's development. Order a gift today!

Sports Illustrated Kids

Give your sports lover the best gift today with Sports Illustrated Kids! From 8 years old to 14, a Sports Illustrated Kids subscription is perfect for young readers. Packed with all the information needed on favorite athletes, it also features nutritional tips and sports techniques to improve their game. The design and photos grab attention on every page - while the articles improve reading and social skills, without them even knowing it! Purchase this discount magazine subscription to give them a smile every month!

National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids is an excellent gift for curious 3 to 6-year olds! This magazine is only 8" by 6", so it is perfect for little hands - and fits easily into a busy mom's purse! Don't let the small size fool you - it's packed with learning and teaching tools produced by educators. Every page of National Geographic Little Kids is colorful and sure to keep your child's attention. Fun animal facts and games accompany the vibrant photographs. They'll also find collectible animal cards in every issue! Take advantage of this magazine subscription deal today and watch them get excited at the arrival of every issue!


Does your child persistently ask the infamous question "Why?" An Ask Magazine subscription provides the answers! Made for curious children aged 6 to 9, Ask Magazine delivers all the information - while also bringing the fun! Filled with cartoons, cool projects and puzzles, they'll learn something new on every page! Your child will love reading about real-world inventions and their inventors, along with excerpts about artists, scientists, and thinkers! Purchase this gift subscription today!


Is your child an animal lover? Then Zoobooks is the magazine for them! Geared towards kids ages 6 to 12, Zoobooks Magazine highlights a different animal in every issue. Inside, they'll find facts, insights, and more on the animals! Outstanding photographs are accompanied by projects, puzzles and games. They even accept reader submissions in their Zooworks section! Your child will love learning about their favorite animals uninterrupted, since there are no ads! Do you have a younger animal lover? We also offer Zootles for ages 3 to 6, and Zoobies for newborns up to age 2! Order today to give the perfect gift!


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