Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Seniors

Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Seniors

Updated 12-01-2023

We've put together a list of the top magazines for seniors. Retirement brings time to explore your passions further or develop new interests - or both! From health to cooking, travel to golf, and much more, you are guaranteed to find the perfect magazine subscription for yourself - or the senior in your life! Keep reading to discover popular print magazines for seniors, some of which also have digital options!

Explore our full collection of magazines for seniors here! And we also provide great options if you're looking for a gift for grandparents.

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest

Available in Large Print as well as regular, Reader's Digest is an all-time favorite magazine of the senior demographic. Every month, readers receive excellent health advice, the latest trends, health care news, healthy and delicious recipes, and tips to continue living a rich, satisfying life.

Each issue features colorful art and enriching, real-life stories in an easy to read format. Test your brainpower with fun quizzes and puzzles - even in the Large Print edition! As one of the best seniors magazines, Reader's Digest Large Print features everything from the regular edition, printed on non-glare paper for easier reading. Purchase a subscription today! If you prefer reading on your tablet or smartphone, order the online version here!

Prevention - Digital

Prevention - Digital Magazine

Prevention - Digital Magazine delivers the best holistic health approach for seniors. As you age, it becomes more and more important to focus on your health and well-being. Stay informed about prescription medications' side effects and learn how to prevent sicknesses and injuries before they happen.

Find the best healthy recipes (that actually taste good!) and exercises that work for your age! Each issue also includes tips on managing stress levels, improving your mental acuity, and learning how to recognize cancers. Share each edition with your caregiver for extra help. Take the next step on improving your health today with a new subscription.


Guideposts Magazine

For a positive, lighthearted read, try Guideposts Magazine! As one of the most inspirational publications in the country, this magazine aims to inspire, nurture personal growth, provide hope, and add cheer to readers' everyday lives. Each issue features true, heartwarming stories about courage, faith, and answered prayers.

Read through a collection of positive quotes, yummy recipes, tips on personal relationships, and much more! Purchase a subscription to this great magazine today! For the visually impaired, try Guideposts Large Print.

Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms Magazine

If you've taken up birdwatching and gardening in your retirement, Birds & Blooms Magazine is the magazine for you! Whether you are a novice or an aficionado birdwatcher, Birds & Blooms has tips for you. In each issue, you will find advice on which feed to buy, where to find rare birds, how-to information for attracting new birds, and more!

Discover gardening tips like which soil to use, which plants to put in the sun vs. the shade, and secrets for attracting birds to your yard! Get your garden and bird fix in one publication by subscribing today! The digital version is available here.


Wildsam Magazine

Wildsam Magazine is the perfect gift for senior fans of the RV lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a new RV or just starting, RV Magazine helps you discover your retirement adventures' ideal vehicle with the latest in news and events. Learn how to make your road trips more comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable!

Discover countless tips like how to fix your broken awning, make gourmet meals on the go, and fit in your favorite hobby in between bouts of driving! Enjoy your retirement by planning your next trip with a new subscription today!

The Civil War Monitor

The Civil War Monitor Magazine

The Civil War Monitor Magazine is the perfect magazine for the senior history buff. Covering American's most significant conflict, The Civil War Monitor covers the Civil War from various social, military, economic, and political perspectives.

Delivering biographies, eyewitness accounts, battle stories, and more with period photographs, illustrations, and supporting period documents, The Civil War Monitor is a must-read - sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Relive history with a subscription!

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure Magazine

Now that you are retired, it's time to travel and relax! Get inspired by Travel + Leisure Magazine as the pages transport you to the world's best destinations. Start planning your dream vacation with Travel + Leisure's expert reviews and news on popular locations, complete with each destination's photographs.

Discover tips on how to save money, stay safe, and find the best travel equipment. Whether you are looking to go on a trip with your grandkids or a romantic getaway, you are guaranteed to find great ideas. Purchase a subscription today! For the digital edition, subscribe here.

AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine

Written and formatted especially for seniors, AARP The Magazine reaches more than 40 million members of the American Association of Retired Persons. Free to members, this senior living magazine keeps older adults informed about what matters most. Featuring health and wellness, AARP provides information to help guide them around health, dental, and vision care, and care for their beloved pets!

In this top senior magazine, discover the latest in entertainment, movie reviews, and politics - while also receiving tips about savings, retirement funds, and vacation planning. Become a member of the American Association of Retired Persons and receive your subscription for free!


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