Our Best Magazine Subscriptions for Teachers

Our Best Magazine Subscriptions for Teachers

Updated 01-19-2024

It can be challenging to create the perfect lesson plan, find the right supplement materials, and stay up to date on everything in education. We've gathered a list of our best magazines for teachers so that you can have all the information delivered right to you! Whether you're interested in homeschooling during the pandemic or higher education scholarly journals, check out our top teacher magazines below!
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Education Week

Education Week Magazine

Stay up to date on education news with Education Week Magazine! Created by Editorial Projects in Education (EPE), it provides extensive coverage on local, state, and national K-12 educator news. Discover analyses and opinions from the experts through objective and comprehensive reports. Gain insight into personalized learning and assessment.

As one of the best magazines for teachers, Education Week helps raise awareness of American schools' critical issues. Allow yourself to feel inspired and empowered with one of the best educational magazines!
$69.94, 37 Issues

Story Monsters Ink

Story Monsters Ink Magazine

Discover the latest literary wonders with Story Monsters Ink Magazine! Explore the academic world from your chair, with the latest news on award-winning books and products. Get inside new and renowned authors' minds with exclusive interviews. Find the best content for your classroom with movie and book reviews.

Each issue features new activities for students, the best books on the market, and leading teaching tools to implement. As one of the best magazines for teachers looking to beef up their syllabus, Story Monsters Ink is a monster of a magazine! Subscribe to this teacher magazine subscription today!
$150, Monthly Subscription


ADDitude Magazine

Establish a better connection with your students using the information delivered by ADDitude Magazine! As the world's most trusted source of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), this is one of the best magazines for teachers wondering how to make their students' lives easier. Receive expert advice and the most accurate, up-to-date information from leading professionals.

Learn about removing the stigma surrounding ADHD, remove students' feelings of isolation, help parents secure the correct accommodations for their child at school, and help them connect with others through understanding and compassion. Find practical solutions with a new subscription!
$19.99, Quarterly Subscription

The Teacher Advocate

The Teacher Advocate Magazine

Become the best teacher you can be with The Teacher Advocate! Designed to help teachers acclimate to their profession, The Teacher Advocate provides connections, support, and advice for readers. Discover evidence-based and practice-oriented instructions that easily implement into your daily classroom routines.

Each issue offers essential resources, references, and support for educators at all stages of their careers. Find fresh ideas and tips to apply to your classroom with a digital subscription! Sign up for a KDP membership and get it free!
Free to KDP Members, Monthly

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids Magazine

Perfect for teaching kids ages six and up, National Geographic Kids Magazine touches on various important subjects. Help them explore the world right from your classroom with feature articles on different cultures, other children, current events, world history, and so much more! Each issue provides exciting stories about wildlife, science adventures, animals, sports, and technology, proving that learning can be a blast!

Interactive projects are perfect supplementary materials for class lessons, and pull-out posters look great on classroom walls! Your students will love when each new issue arrives - subscribe to this valuable resource today!
$29.95, 10 Issues


Zoobooks Magazine

Delight your students with Zoobooks Magazine! Created with kids aged 6-12 in mind, this magazine is a superb zoological reference, offering an excellent way for K-12 educators to answer kids' questions. Plan your lessons around each issue, focusing on a new animal, bird, insect, or reptile in each edition. Every issue grants a glimpse into the animal world, helping children learn about the anatomy, habitat, lifestyle, and unique aspects of their beloved animals.

Engage your classroom in fun new activities like word search puzzles, secret codes, picture puzzles, easy projects, and much more! With award-winning photos, informative diagrams, excellent wildlife writing, and no advertisements, Zoobooks is sure to instill a life-long love of learning. Subscribe to one of the best subscriptions for teachers today!
$24.95, 9 Issues


Highlights Magazine

There's no education as fun as a Highlights education! As one of the world's best children's magazines for ages 6-12, Highlights Magazine is an ad-free, wholesome space where your kids can learn - and have fun at the same time! Build your elementary and middle school lesson plans with each issue in mind, as they cover a fascinating range of topics like science, nature, and animals to familiarize readers with the world around them.

Fun activities will keep them occupied for longer than you thought possible: discover skill-building puzzles, jokes, games, riddles, Hidden Pictures scenes, crafts, science experiments, and more! Foster creativity, sensitivity, empathy, and critical thinking skills in early childhood with a subscription!
$39.99, Monthly Subscription


SchoolArts Magazine

Find classroom inspiration with SchoolArts Magazine! As the leading national art education magazine, SchoolArts is one of the best teaching magazines for art educators. Covering art education from preschool to high school, you are sure to find the perfect projects for each level. Discover unique lesson plans, emerging trends, and classroom-tested teaching strategies.

Find inspiration from passionate, innovative art educators just like you! Receive professional support and strive for excellence with a subscription!
$24.95, 10 Issues


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