Top 10 Magazines for High School Students

Top 10 Magazines for High School Students

Updated 03-18-2024

If you're looking for a magazine subscription for your high schooler, you've come to the right place! Whether you're aiming to find something informative, something to supplement their class material, or something they'll have just have fun reading, we've got you covered! Below you'll find titles covering science, nature, sports, celebrities, technology, news, and more! Read further to find the perfect title for your teen.

Top 10 High Schooler Magazines in the U.S.
To choose the top magazines for high schoolers, we assessed each magazine's circulation, reach, and readership. A magazine's circulation takes into account the number of copies of each issue are distributed, which includes single-copy sales and verified and paid subscriptions. Readership refers to the total amount of people who read each issue. Finally, a magazine's reach is determined by how many people are reached across digital, social, and print platforms.

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Magazine features a circulation of over 2 million and a readership of over 4 million people. They reach a total of 28 million people across all platforms.

Help your high schooler travel the world from the safety of their own home with National Geographic Magazine! As the ultimate source for knowledge about the world and its people, this nature and science magazine teaches readers about captivating places and environments, fascinating people and animals, and exciting adventures in the natural world. Explore with today's best journalists and award-winning photographers as they take you to new places in every issue, exploring different cultures and histories with detailed, full-color maps and images that make you feel like you're along for the ride!

National Geographic provides quality educational content with credible, researched information that you can trust: from nature and ecology to popular science and current events, and more. This is the perfect magazine for your adventurous teen - subscribe today and watch them get excited when the iconic yellow cover arrives each month! We also offer National Geographic Kids and National Geographic Little Kids for younger siblings in middle school and elementary school!

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine has a circulation of over 1.2 million and a readership of almost 16 million people. TIME reaches a total of over 47 million people across all platforms.

What better way to read the news than with one of America's most trusted publications? For nearly a century, TIME Magazine has provided reliable, objective news stories for readers young and old. Stay up-to-date on U.S. and world news, covering current events, government updates, political changes, hot button issues, discoveries in science and technology, and popular culture and entertainment updates.

Each edition breaks the headlines down, simplifying current issues and enhancing readers' understanding, explaining what today's headlines mean for them. They will learn to navigate any conversation with ease! Subscribe today for trustworthy news and stunning photography!


Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine features a circulation of over 1.5 million and a readership of 3.1 million. They reach a more than 17 million people across all platforms.

Published by the Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Magazine is perfect for the teen who has diverse interests. While this publication emphasizes features on the natural and hard sciences, it also touches on various topics researched by the famed institution. Find a unique take on science, history, nature, archaeology, anthropology, technology, art, theater, popular culture, and even more! Travel back in time, look into the future, and learn about current hot topics in each issue.

Fantastic photography is paired with in-depth articles by world-class writers, encouraging critical thinking and captivating readers with each page. Purchase a subscription for your high schooler today and receive a complimentary membership to the Smithsonian Institute, discounted tickets, and free visits to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in NYC!

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

The New Yorker Magazine sports a circulation of over 1.2 million and a readership of 5.3 million people. They reach more than 20 million people across all platforms.

As a favorite of educators and students alike, The New Yorker Magazine is a great tool to utilize in and out of the classroom. Students can learn about various subjects, as each issue offers a unique take on various essential topics, from politics and foreign affairs to business and technology, and more!

Stay in the know with culture articles, reporting on the latest in music, movies, and television. This publication also features short fiction, poetry, humor, crosswords, and their famous cartoons to lighten their day. Subscribe to this Pulitzer Prize-winning magazine today!

Popular Mechanics - Digital

Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine

Popular Mechanics features a circulation of over 900,000 and a readership of over 2 million people. It reaches over 15 million people across all multimedia platforms.

For those high schoolers that aspire to make, tinker, and do it themselves, Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine is the magazine for them! Uncover how things work, how the latest technological advances will impact you, how new inventions are conceived of, and more! Each issue includes new projects to undertake, written to be easily understood, and full of details to assist in completing them.

Experts also provide shopping guides to compare and choose the best products for you and your family. Curious minds all around will appreciate lessons and answers from leading scientists and inventors - subscribe now for your future inventor!


Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine has a circulation of 220,000 and reaches over 5 million people.

Satisfy their natural curiosity with Discover Magazine! As the leading science news magazine for the average reader, this magazine covers various scientific disciplines and topics, providing a comprehensive look into the latest news in a way that is easy to understand. Find updates in astronomy, anthropology, physics, biology, paleontology, technology, the mind, and much more!

Some of America's best nonfiction writers explore complex topics in a fun, enlightening way, including Water Isaacson, Jim Holt, Carl Zimmer, and more. With a focus on ideas and discoveries, fully illustrated with colorful photos, and the real story in every issue, your high schooler is sure to enjoy every page. Subscribe today!

The Sun

The Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine sports a circulation of over 70,000 people.

The Sun Magazine is one of the best literary magazines available! This magazine features intimate, socially conscious writing in each issue, priding itself on being an ad-free sanctuary in a world filled with advertisements. From essays and short stories to poetry and interviews, The Sun aims to celebrate life, explore the challenges humanity faces, and highlight when we rise to meet them.

Having won awards and appearing in Best American Essays and Short Stories, the editors favor personal, creative writing, welcoming submissions from readers. Challenge the status quo and honor the complexity of life with a literary magazine subscription today!


Bookmarks Magazine

Bookmarks Magazine has a circulation of almost 40,000 people.

Get expert recommendations for your teen's next read from Bookmarks Magazine! Bookmarks' staff read, sort through, and summarize over 500 book reviews every month. Whatever their interest, they are sure to find the perfect match: from little-known gems to best-selling works, YA fiction novels to children's books, games, and magic nonfiction to true crime and travel nonfiction, and much more!

With a wide variety of topics, authors, and genres, this is a great magazine to use as a tool to get your child to read more - and you may even find some for yourself! Subscribe today!

Sports Weekly

Sports Weekly Magazine

Sports Weekly has a circulaqtion of over 120,000 and reached millions of people across platforms.

For sports fanatics and athletes, Sports Weekly Magazine is your one-stop source for all things sports! Whatever sports your high schooler is into, this print subscription has you covered: from college sports, MLB, and NASCAR to the NBA, NFL, NHL, and more. Discover the latest scores, stats, and award-winning action photography.

Get a unique look at your favorite teams with gripping interviews and profiles of athletes, late-breaking stories, previews of upcoming games, and entertaining articles by leading sports analysts and announcers. Receive an insider's look with a Sports Weekly subscription!

Other Popular Choices

  • Archaeology
    Enter the exciting world of the Archaeological Institute of America with Archaeology Magazine! This title is an excellent choice for students interested in adventure, history, discovery, and culture.
    Each issue brings the ancient world to life, taking readers into the field with superb photography, detailed maps and drawings, and explanations of historical cultures. Travel around the globe, learn about exciting discoveries, and visit the human past. Foster your teen's sense of adventure with a subscription!

  • Psychology Today
    Explore the mind with Psychology Today Magazine! Bringing psychology to the masses, this magazine makes the science of the mind readily available to the general public. Authors from various fields contribute to articles touching on psychology, neuroscience, health, and more.
    Receive insight into health concerns like autism, depression, and stress; learn how to adjust to changes in your life and family; and explore the intersection of emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of daily life. Subscribe today!

  • Wired
    Wired Magazine is an excellent title for students interested in the latest and upcoming technology. Featuring top-notch reporting on science and technology, this magazine can be enjoyed not only by those in the high-tech industry but also by teens interested in the field. Each issue covers the latest news in IT topics, new software and tech, and the companies and people making it all happen!
    The "Ask a Flowchart" section teaches readers how to answer technology-related questions with flowcharts, while the "Gadget Lab" section features the latest gadgets and gear, testing them and delivering the findings. Subscribe today and make your technology addict happy with each issue!

Importance of Magazines for Teens
Magazine subscriptions are a great source of learning for teenagers. With the rise of digital and social media, it can be hard to get some students to pick up a book and learn. As explained by Vavla in her article, "Benefits of Using Newspapers, Magazines and Books in Classroom," magazines offer a great alternative: instead of lengthy chapters explaining a topic, magazine articles are often short, to the point, and easily digestible, including visual queues specifically designed to engage readers.

Each issue covers a multitude of topics, capturing and keeping readers interest while also improving their vocabulary and teaching them about the world around them. Putting it perfectly, "The benefits are numerous, but above all, they make teaching and learning more exciting and fun" (Valva, 2009).

Get a Subscription with MagazineLine
Magazines are a great way for high school students to learn, unwind, and have fun. With a subscription to any of the titles listed above, your teen is sure to stay informed, entertained, and excited to receive each new issue - in and out of the school year! For more options, explore our selection here!


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