Best Magazines for Military History Buffs

Best Magazines for Military History Buffs

Updated 02-10-2023

Do you enjoy reading about the great escapades of America's military? Can your loved one not get enough of military history? With our list of the best magazines for military history buffs, you save yourself time and money! We have a little of everything from memorabilia and collectibles to rare, archival photos of important historical events. Keep reading our list of bestsellers to find the perfect gift idea!

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Military History

Military History Magazine

Military History Magazine offers a fresh perspective of American and global history of warfare. Readers will experience world history from their own home through first-person accounts on land, air, and naval battles, from current to ancient warfare.

Jump back in time to the 20th century to the waves of Normandy, even further back to Civil War times, and more as top military historians and writers report on important historical events, their commanders, and leading campaigns. Purchase a subscription today!

Or subscribe to the Military History Quarterly Journal (MHQ), Military History Quarterly Journal.

World War II

World War II Magazine

Relive the second world war with World War II Magazine! This historical magazine rehashes WWII through captivating stories on different countries' leaders, soldiers, places, weapons, and tactics. Each issue captures the drama, excitement, and action of the world's most significant conflict, featuring battle maps, firsthand battle accounts, rare photos, and more!

Why stop here? This historical magazine also reviews books, movies, and video games about WWII - so you can experience the war to the fullest. Subscribe today!

Military Trader/Vehicles

Military Trader/Vehicles Magazine

Military Trader/Vehicles Magazine is an excellent resource for collectors of historical military artifacts and collectibles. From collection to preservation to restoration to display, this magazine dedicates itself to providing the latest collectors news and advice, market information, event calendars, and artifact profiles on a wide range of artifacts.

Whether your interest lies in vintage military uniforms and helmets, ammunition and firearms, pins and medals, flags and other militaria, or military vehicles, you're sure to find valuable information you can't find anywhere else. Try a magazine subscription today!

The Civil War Monitor

The Civil War Monitor Magazine

Gain a new view and understanding of the Civil War with The Civil War Monitor Magazine! Leading historians, authors, and researchers contribute commentary from various perspectives, including military, social, economic, and political views.

Take a walk through comprehensive maps, relive events through well-researched articles, and view rare historical photos and documents in each issue. Modern-day Civil War enthusiasts will love a subscription - purchase one of America's Civil War magazines today!


Vietnam Magazine

History buffs and veterans of foreign wars alike will appreciate the authoritative coverage of Vietnam Magazine. Written by veterans, journalists, and military historians, this bi-monthly magazine explores the people, weapons, strategies, and complexities of America's most controversial war.

Discover interviews, firsthand recollections of crucial battles, and behind-the-scenes period photos from veterans who experienced active duty in Vietnam. Get the whole story from a subscription today!

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