Top Magazines for Older Women

Top Magazines for Older Women

Updated 12-01-2023

Magazines are a great way to separate from the world for a little while. Now that most publications offer a digital version and a print version, it's easier than ever to read wherever you are. We've gathered a list of the best magazines for older women: from cooking and home decoration to health and well-being to fashion and beauty to news and travel; we have a title for you! While not all of these titles specifically cater to mature women, they provide helpful, entertaining articles that apply to this demographic. Many of the magazines featured below offer a print and digital edition, whichever you prefer. Read further to find the best title for your relaxation time.

Why Are There So Few Magazines for Women Over 60?
This brings us to the critical question: Why are there so few magazines for women over 60? Let's take a step back.
Baby boomers make up a considerable part of our national population. From 1946 to 1965, 76 million boomers were born. By 2019, they numbered 71.6 million (Pew Research Center, 2020). With seniors being such a large population group, it's a wonder that there aren't more products and magazines explicitly catered to them. This could be because companies don't commonly market to an older audience - they usually focus on younger generations. But why?
Older adults are at a different time in their lives. Many are no longer working, with much more time to spend on leisure and fun with money saved for later years. It would make sense to promote products to this demographic, with boomers now spending over $500 billion annually, more than Generation X, Millenials, and the Silent Generation (Epsilon, 2019).

Magazines for Women Over 60 and 40
We'll start with a general listing - with magazines for women over 40 and magazines for women over 60. Here we have magazines focused on de-stressing, cooking, inspiration, hobbies, travel, and more. While these magazines are specifically "old lady magazines," they do feature articles and topics that are beneficial and fun for this age group. Read below to find out more.

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest is fun, high-quality, and timeless - just like you! For nearly 100 years, this lifestyle magazine has provided optimism, humor, faith, and hope to readers. Each issue comes in an easy-to-digest format, with vivid art and innovative features creating a beautiful design. Discover thousands of tips for creating healthy meals, saving money, improving your day-to-day routines, spicing up your home, and much more.

Chuckle at new jokes and stories and enjoy big belly laughs when you share with friends! With unbiased reporting, groundbreaking journalism, and the latest coverage on issues that matter to you, this publication is one to trust. Subscribe today! For the online edition of Reader's Digest, subscribe here.

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure Magazine

Plan your next big adventure with Travel + Leisure Magazine! Whether you're craving an experience in the United States or abroad, you'll find inspiration within these pages. The top destinations and vacation spots are highlighted and rated by experts, locals, and fellow travelers as they share their best experiences at each location. Find the best lodging, choice restaurants, the most rewarding attractions, and budget-friendly ideas for traveling.

Gorgeous photography will make you feel like you are already there, giving you an inside look at destinations before you book your ticket! Make time for the essential things in life - like vacation! - with a new subscription today! If you prefer reading on your electronic devices, subscribe here to the digital edition!

Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms Magazine

Build the garden of your dreams with Birds & Blooms Magazine! For novice and expert gardeners and birdwatchers alike, this magazine keeps subscribers up-to-date on the latest happenings in the world of birds and gardens. Learn how to attract rare birds to your yard with tips on buying particular feed, which birds to expect in different seasons, and their various migratory patterns.

Discover insider secrets for growing plants that attract certain birds, advice on choosing the correct soil, and how to grow plants in those pesky droughts. Why stop at your garden? Each issue also features DIY sections to enhance your backyard with unique décor ideas and instructions on repurposing everyday items. Make your garden a bird-haven with help from a subscription! If you prefer the digital version of Birds & Blooms, subscribe here.

Country Living - Digital

Country Living - Digital Magazine

Celebrate the country life, no matter where you live, with Country Living - Digital Magazine! With themed issues each month, this magazine brings a country approach to everything in your life! Stretch your kitchen skills with simple, delicious recipes, from breakfast and quick meals to southern comfort food and pies. Refresh your home with new design inspiration in every issue!

Have a blast with DIY projects that bring that laid-back style to your home. Discover tips on entertaining guests, gardening and landscaping, restoration, antique collection, travel, and more. Bring the country lifestyle to your home with ease with a new subscription!

Good Housekeeping - Digital

Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine

Find inspiration and meaningful content in Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine! Since 1885, this women's magazine has been the most trusted source of information for women of all ages, especially for mature women. Embodying a commitment to women and their homes, Good Housekeeping touches on everything that matters to you: health, home decorating, family, financial wellness, beauty care - they have it all!

Discover your new favorite recipe, find tips for eating healthy and staying fit, try new DIY crafting projects, reinforce your relationships with your loved ones, plan your next family holiday, and so much more! With reliable, meaningful information in every issue, it's no wonder that this is one of the best magazines for older women. Sit back and relax with a magazine you've known since you were young - subscribe today!

Cosmopolitan - Digital

Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine

Feel young again through the ultimate magazine for modern women: Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine! Though it is the most prominent young women's media brand, there are plenty of articles and features of interest to women over 40. Discover new fashion and beauty tips in each issue, from casual pieces to formal attire, each tailored to the season and time of year.

Find the most flattering swimsuit for your body type, the best business wear to accentuate your management style, and the right makeup for every occasion! While fashion and celebrity interviews are important at Cosmo, their writers also focus on helping women achieve their personal and professional goals. Get started on the proper diet for you, balance your work-home schedule, reduce stress, and conquer your fears while looking your best! Subscribe today!

Taste of Home

Taste of Home Magazine

Have fun in the kitchen with Taste of Home Magazine! As one of America's best cooking magazines, this publication is perfect for those needing an introduction to the kitchen and those who know their way around it with their eyes closed. Each issue contains 100+ recipes for every type of occasion.

Find recipes for weight loss, family favorite simple dishes, potluck menus, and special celebrations, and meals for a crowd or just for yourself. Every recipe features a full-color photo, whetting your appetite and showing you what your dish will look like. Cost-saving menus, desserts, appetizers, healthy snacks for kids, 30-minute dishes - Taste of Home has it all! Subscribe today and bask in the joy of cooking. For the digital edition, subscribe here.

Fitness Magazines for Older Women
As we age, it is essential to stay fit, especially in these times where we've been mostly at home, staying away from others. Pilates Style, Women's Health, and Runner's World feature workout plans, healthy food guidelines, weight loss tips, and inspiration to keep your body in tip-top shape. Find your next workout and commit to staying healthy with one of the titles below!

  • Women's Health
    Women's Health Magazine is one of the best magazines for older women looking to be the healthiest version of themselves. Each issue of this magazine provides practical advice from the experts for creating and maintaining wellness routines. Learn the best ways to lose weight, get proper nutrition, create delicious healthy recipes, boost your energy levels, achieve all-around better health.
    On top of fitness, Women's Health also touches on relationship advice, adventure ideas, product recommendations, and profiles of amazing women just like you! Subscribe today for creative and inspirational content on every issue! For the digital edition, subscribe here!

  • Runner's World
    Runner's World Magazine is an essential guide for all runners, old or young. As America's number one running magazine, this publication keeps readers informed on everything from important race events to the latest gear and accessories. Whether you're training for your first 5k or your fifth marathon, the expert advice from Runner's World writers will help you reach your goals.
    Discover tips on nutrition, training and workout plans, injury prevention and recovery, and more! Successful athletes share their stories, motivating and inspiring readers to try their hardest and do their best. Subscribe to the digital edition today!

Magazines that Keep Seniors Informed
While it's great to have some fun, entertaining magazines, it's also crucial to stay up-to-date with everything going on worldwide. Here, you'll find the latest news on health, science, politics, business, shopping, entertainment, and more. Each of these publications features trustworthy, accurate reporting.

  • TIME Magazine
    Get accurate, trustworthy news with TIME Magazine! With exceptional reporting and expert analysis, you can be sure you're getting information without any political spin. Each story is fact-checked and researched properly - they even cite sources! Discover reports on health, business, entertainment, and the latest discoveries in science and technology.
    Achieve a deeper understanding of our world with in-depth investigative articles, as TIME translates political jargon into laymen's terms and provides graphics to simplify current issues. Gain answers to the tough questions with a subscription!

  • $30, Weekly Subscription

  • New York Magazine
    Bask in the magic of New York City with New York Magazine! With in-depth analysis of everything in and affecting the Big Apple, this magazine features advanced reporting, in-depth investigations, stunning photography, and more.
    New York Magazine covers everything worth seeing in the City that Never Sleeps from politics and business to fashion and shopping to entertainment and pop culture to nightlife and the best clubs. Enjoy feeling like a true New Yorker with a subscription! Take your reading on the go with free access to the mobile and tablet app.

  • $70, Bi-weekly Subscription

Other Great Magazines for Mature Women

Healthcare and Wellness

  • Prevention Magazine
    Feel your best, head to toe, with Prevention Magazine! With trustworthy advice, new ideas, and valuable healthcare secrets from experts, this will be your new favorite magazine! Discover the latest medical developments, learn how to prevent sickness and injuries before they happen, find easy, healthy recipes, and plan your next workout with help from each issue! Subscribe today and be healthier, stronger, and age gracefully!

  • Psychology Today
    Explore the depths of your mind with Psychology Today! This title is the only magazine devoted entirely to every subscriber's favorite subject: themselves! Each issue highlights the latest discoveries in psychological research, helping you apply expert results to your own life emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Promote a healthy mind with a subscription today!

Fashion, Hairstyles, & Skincare
  • Vogue
    When it comes to high-end fashion, there is no other like Vogue Magazine. Around for more than a century, this magazine has grown along with baby boomers! Keep tabs on the latest haute couture, learn secret styling tips, and find the latest trends in hairstyles, makeup, accessories, clothes, and more! Embrace your inner diva - subscribe to this fashion magazine now!

  • Elle Magazine
    Elle Magazine is perfect for sophisticated, mature women with a style of their own! Providing refreshing wisdom and inspiration, this magazine features many product recommendations and reviews: makeup, skincare, haircare, and clothes, along with stunning covers - even featuring women over 50! Inject glamour into your life with a subscription! For the digital version, click here.

  • Harper's Bazaar
    If you're looking for upscale fashion, Harper's Bazaar is a perfect choice! Featuring ideas and inspiration for women of all ages for over 150 years, this visual muse features the latest fashions, hairstyles, and skincare. Embrace the universe of glamour with every issue of a subscription! For the online version, click here!

What Women's Magazines Have Large Prints?

A couple of women's magazines also feature editions in large print. These feature larger font, bold, beautiful coloring, and non-glare paper for easier reading. Check out these titles below!

Magazines for Women of Any Age
Magazine subscriptions are a great gift, perfect for relaxing with, staying in the know, and having some laughs! We hope you've found a few magazines to try for yourself or your loved one! To see more magazine titles for women of any age, check out our extensive collection!


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