Best News Magazines

Best News Magazines

Updated 02-22-2022

It can be challenging to find trustworthy, accurate news sources in these times, so we've made it easy! We've compiled a list of the nation's best news and political magazines. Keep reading to find the best match for you!

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

As one of the most influential magazines globally, The New Yorker Magazine is an excellent choice for those looking for accurate, trusted, timely news. From domestic news in New York City to international news across the globe, subscribers will get an in-depth look at all the important stories, including the latest in politics, business, sports, fashion, current events, the arts, and more!

Each issue also features popular ideas and trends in fiction, nonfiction, commentary, and satire - including bestselling book reviews! Subscribe today for fresh content and compelling news in each issue!

The Economist

The Economist Magazine

Experience the gamut of weekly news stories with The Economist Magazine! As the premier news publication worldwide, The Economist has an excellent reputation. Discover the latest in business, politics, science, technology, literature, the arts, and much more!

Thoughtfully organized and insightful, each issue provides critical commentary and analyses of each bit of news. This magazine subscription comes with print and digital access, with access to an immersive experience, audio editions, and web-only content like podcasts and blogs. Subscribe today and stay in the know!

The Week Print+Digital

The Week Print+Digital Magazine

Are you looking for national and world news? The Week Print+Digital Magazine is an excellent choice! Get the latest news articles in various fields, including global affairs, politics, science, business, technology, current affairs, and more.

The Week doesn't just report the news; it breaks it down with thoughtful care, providing valuable analysis and commentary on news pieces and opinions worldwide. Subscribe today for witty, entertaining articles in each issue!

Newsweek - Premium

Newsweek - Premium Magazine

Newsweek - Premium Magazine is a high-quality, influential weekly news magazine, providing award-winning journalism for over 80 years. Some of the top writers in the world provide robust reporting and meticulous analysis of the latest technology, politics, economics, business, and international news.

Subscribers love the commentary on society, the arts, lifestyle, health, and the Washington scene. If you're looking for it, Newsweek has it - subscribe today and get the ultimate print + digital experience!

National Review

National Review Magazine

Interested in politics? Try National Review Magazine! As one of the nation's leading voices for political news, this magazine provides a unique conservative perspective and analysis. Each issue is a powerful mix of witty articles, thoughtful critiques, clever reporting, and a Republican viewpoint.

Stay updated on the latest economic and political news, browse through the latest book reviews and social commentary, and enjoy conservative thoughts edited by New York Time's bestseller, Rich Lowry! Subscribe here!

More Popular Choices:

Try The New Republic, Mother Jones, or Harper's Magazine for more liberal-leaning news publications.

Foreign Affairs and Newsweek are excellent choices if you're looking for reporting little to no media bias!

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