Best Photography Magazines

Best Photography Magazines

Updated 03-11-2022

Adjusting your camera settings and setting up the perfect shot is just the start. Photography magazines can inspire seasoned photographers and provide a "learn as you shoot" photograph experience for those seeking to improve their skills. With help from these annual subscriptions, you'll be on your way to the pros in no time! Amp up your portfolio and sharpen your photography skills with practical photography tips, advice from fellow digital photographers, award-winning examples, and more! Keep reading to find the perfect magazine for you!

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Aperture Magazine

If you're looking for coverage on all aspects of photography, Aperture Magazine is for you! Created from high-quality materials and extra-heavy coated stock paper, each issue of this quarterly magazine is a valuable book to enjoy for years to come. Explore the world of contemporary photography through visually immersive portfolios, showcasing the field's finest artists and curators.

With world-class photography, insightful commentary, and a connection to the photography community, this is a subscription you can't pass up. Subscribe to the print version of this photo magazine today!

Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet Magazine

You don't have to be a professional photographer to enjoy photography. Contact Sheet Magazine showcases fine art photography for everyone to enjoy; avid amateurs, intermediate photographers, museum pros, as well as collectors of photo art will all be captivated. Four of the annual issues of Contact Sheet are presented as monograph photography books, featuring the latest work from a single artist.

Immerse yourself into beautiful works of art, unhindered by advertisements. The fifth issue of this subscription features works from artists in Light Work's residence program, giving massive exposure to emerging artists. Subscribe today for an enlightening experience on every page.

The Sun

The Sun Magazine

Some of the best black and white photography resides in the pages of The Sun Magazine. While not solely a photographer magazine, The Sun focuses on providing unique perspectives of our world. Each issue features thoughtful, unflinching photography accompanying social commentary, essays, poetry, and interviews.

Recent magazine covers have shown portraiture, capturing intimate shots of their subjects. The Sun also accepts submissions: not just from portrait photographers, they are interested in black and white photography, especially when it comes to human interactions. Purchase a subscription today!

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

Everyone interested in outdoor photography will love National Geographic Magazine! As the ultimate source for learning about the world, its people, and its animals, this magazine brings you closer to other cultures, people, places, and animals - all from your home!

Each issue highlights stunning photos from skilled outdoor photographers around the world. Nature and wildlife photography has never looked so brilliant - purchase a National Geographic subscription today!

Do you have a young one interested in nature photography? Try National Geographic Kids and Little Kids!

Artists Magazine

Artists Magazine

Artists Magazine is a valuable resource for beginner and amateur photographers (and artists!). As the leading how-to publication for various forms of art (even still life!), each issue of this magazine teaches tutorials, fundamentals, technical aspects of design, and valuable insight into making your artwork more appealing.

If you're starting to sell your photographic art, you'll enjoy the features of enhancing profitability, exhibiting and selling artwork, and much more! Subscribe to Artists Magazine today for general how-to information and priceless insight!

National Wildlife

National Wildlife Magazine

National Wildlife Magazine brings the world to life with incredible wildlife and nature photography! This magazine inspires readers to enjoy a closer relationship with the earth and its inhabitants.

Along with the latest research news, interesting facts, and features on animal species, each issue of this magazine features behind-the-scenes photos from some of the world's best nature photographers. You can even submit your work to the National Wildlife photography contest! Lose yourself in nature with every issue - subscribe now!

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