Best Science Magazines

Best Science Magazines

Updated 12-01-2023

Staying updated on the latest news and scientific discoveries is essential, though it's challenging to find breaking news all in one place. Science magazines are a great place to look! We've created a list of the most popular scientist magazines available, perfect for American scientists, laymen, and children.

View our entire collection of popular science and nature magazines here for more choices like Archaeology and Smithsonian Magazine.

Scientific American

Scientific American Magazine

If you're looking for the latest research in a wide variety of fields, Scientific American Magazine is for you! As one of the best resources for those wanting to unearth the latest advances in science and technology, this magazine features scientists' and Nobel laureates' work in science, medicine, energy, health, the environment, business, and more!

Discover exciting, cutting-edge research, important ideas, and new knowledge in every issue. Having published articles by over 200 Nobel Prize winners, Scientific American is a source you can trust - subscribe to this monthly magazine today!

Science News

Science News Magazine

Science News Magazine is an excellent choice for laymen and scientists looking for a quick overview of the latest cutting-edge research. Each issue of this magazine covers all fields of science, medicine, and technology in short articles, making it easy to understand.

Discover the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs with help from photographs illustrating the latest advances. Get unbiased, informed updates from a subscription - order today and get access to the iPad edition!

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

Who says learning can't be fun? Go on an epic adventure with National Geographic Magazine! Designed to entertain and inform, this science magazine covers popular science, nature, geography, history, and cultural news in a fun, vivid way.

Each issue analyzes breaking news, covers trending topics, and takes readers on a wonderful exploration. Some of the world's best journalists and award-winning photographers provide vivid insights into the world around us. Subscribe today!

Younger science enthusiasts will love National Geographic Kids (ages 6-12) and National Geographic Little Kids (ages 3-6).


Discover Magazine

Are you looking for a science magazine that you can enjoy with your whole family? Discover Magazine is the one for you! Covering a wide range of disciplines, this magazine makes science come alive for readers old and young!

Each issue touches on astronomy, medicine, physics, paleontology, neuroscience, technology, and more! Read articles written by award-winning writers, expert scientists, and Nobel laureates; get lost in full-color illustration; witness science come alive! Stay updated on the latest discoveries with a new subscription!

Popular Mechanics - Digital

Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine

Gadget and gearheads rejoice - Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine is here! As the best source for comparison shopping for new technology, this magazine provides detailed reviews, informed gift guides, and more!

Get the latest, trusted information on new products and services in home improvement, outdoor living, science, and technology fields, along with exclusive conversations with the inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs who make it all possible! Tinkerers, makers, and DIY-lovers will benefit from a subscription - order now!

Are you looking for kids' science magazines for new scientists?

Titles like Zoobooks and Ranger Rick Dinosaurs are excellent choices for young animal and dinosaur lovers - from age 3 to 12!

The Ranger Rick wildlife series covers ages 0 - 12, created for little hands and young minds! Start your little one off with Ranger Rick Cub (ages 0-4) and transition them to Ranger Rick Jr. (ages 4-7) before starting on Ranger Rick (ages 7-12).

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