Best Tech Magazines for Techies

Best Tech Magazines for Techies

Updated 12-01-2023

It can be challenging try to stay on top of all the current technology trends: with ever-changing software updates, new inventions, and advancements, it's nice to get all your news in one place. A subscription to any of these technology magazines will help you stay in-the-know with valuable insights and analyses, expert recommendations, and everything you need to know about what's happening in the tech world. Keep reading to find the best technology magazine for you!

Top 10 Technology Magazines in the U.S.
In choosing the top technology magazines, we took a couple of things into account: circulation and reach. A magazine's circulation refers to the number of copies of each issue distributed to the population, including paid subscriptions, single-copy sales, and verified subscriptions. A magazine's reach refers to how many people are reached across all platforms, including digital media, social platforms, and print platforms.

Popular Mechanics - Digital

Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine

1. Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine features an impressive circulation of over 970,000 subscribers and reaches more than 15 million adults.

Comparison shop to your heart's content with Popular Mechanics! Anyone with a fascination with how things work will enjoy every issue of this publication. Stay up to date on the latest technology and popular science news with groundbreaking articles from experts.

With reviews and gift guides on new gadgets, you'll find the best product for you - from automotive to science to technology. Need troubleshooting help? We've got you covered! Issues also include troubleshooting hints to help you correctly diagnose and resolve any problems with your new tech. Stay curious and make informed decisions with a subscription to one of the best technology magazines!


Wired Magazine

2. Wired Magazine sports a circulation of over 890,000 subscribers and reaches more than 15 million people.

Get the news of tomorrow, today, with Wired! As the ultimate technology magazine, this publication provides top-of-the-line reporting from journalists on the inside of the tech industry. Perfect for tech addicts and curious minds, each issue covers an array of the latest news and information on this booming field.

Discover cutting-edge ideas with articles that aim to shape, illuminate, and challenge how we think; groundbreaking science with explanations on how things work; buying guides for new gear; the latest updates on big data, and in-depth reporting on the effects of new technology on the world around us. Gaze into the future of tech and make sense of our constantly changing world with a new subscription!

Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision Magazine

3.Sound & Vision Magazine features a circulation of 75,000 subscribers and reaches over 600,000 people.

Delight in the home theater experience with Sound & Vision! Whether you're a beginner home theater enthusiast or an audiophile with a head start, this magazine will help you achieve the entertainment space of your dreams. Discover the latest home theater tech news: from audio and surround sound to video and movies, and more!

Choose the best product for you through detailed product reviews and comparisons, along with previews of upcoming tech! Each issue focuses on one standout item, breaking down the details in an easy-to-understand format - lookout for the specs, ratings, opinion pieces, and technical language translations! Subscribe today, then press PLAY!


Stereophile Magazine

4.Stereophile Magazine has a circulation of more than 70,000.

For beginner and expert audiophiles alike, Stereophile helps you get the best out of your music. Your sound system is a necessity, so building a high-quality system worth your hard-earned money is essential. This magazine provides invaluable insights and recommendations to help with your startup or upgrade your setup.

Discover authoritative reviews and in-depth reports on the latest sound technology from experts, covering amplifiers, loudspeakers, CD players, turntables, and more. Experienced stereo professionals test new products, detail their technical measurements, and examine how the products sound in subscribers' homes. You won't want to miss an issue - subscribe now!


audioXpress Magazine

5. audioXpress Magazine sports a circulation of more than 52,000 subscribers.

Read the magazine of choice for everyone interested in audio with audioXpress! Recognized as the authority on audio and reproduced sound, this magazine touches on everything from acoustic design and audio projects to hi-fi audio products and electronics, and more!

Discover innovative solutions in audio electronics, audio networks, electro-acoustics, and software design; the latest technology and industry news; countless reviews of components and trends; and audio construction projects to take on yourself! Design and produce the best audio with DIY projects and tips from audioXpress enthusiasts. Audio hobbyists are guaranteed to enjoy every issue - subscribe today!


Videomaker Magazine

6. Videomaker Magazine features a circulation of 50,000 and a reach of 665,000 people.

If video production is your niche, Videomaker is the magazine for you! As the number one national magazine for video enthusiasts, this tech magazine covers all levels of video production techniques: from planning and shooting to editing and distribution.

Receive valuable instruction on techniques, unbiased reviews on the latest equipment, respected opinions on popular electronics today, and updates on the newest technological advances in the field. Novices and pros alike will benefit from reading each issue. Freedom of expression is imperative for the progress of our world: become inspired, share your vision, and purchase today!

Circuit Cellar

Circuit Cellar Magazine

7. Circuit Cellar Magazine has a circulation of around 28,000 subscribers.

Circuit Cellar is your ultimate resource for all your electrical engineering needs! Designed and edited for professional engineers, educational technologies, and electronics technology decision-makers, this print magazine provides essential information on the embedded processor- and microcontroller-based technology.

Covering the what, why, and how's of technology, Circuit Cellar features microcontroller-based design projects and step-by-step tutorials, interviews with the world's top electrical engineers, industry news updates on the most critical topics, and much more! Subscribe today!


Servo Magazine

8. Servo Magazine sports a circulation of over 11,000 subscribers.

Get a front-row seat to the world of robotics with Servo! Whether you're looking to build your first robot, enhance your existing robot, or learn about robotic engineering, this publication is a must-read for any interested in this fast-changing field.

With the dynamic advances in robotics, it is crucial to stay on the cutting edge: Servo guarantees you do! Discover interviews with professionals, vital tutorials and exciting projects, little-known hacks, and sources for all the technical tools and parts you'll need. Jump right in with your soldering iron, finish off that perception layer, jump right in: subscribe today!

What is the Best Tech Magazine Subscription?
What magazine deserves the title of Best Tech Magazine? Wired Magazine! From highlighting geek culture, sharing the latest tech news, thought-provoking articles that change the way you think, buying guides for the best tech, groundbreaking science, and more, Wired is the ultimate technology magazine that has it all!

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