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The 10 Best Travel Magazines

Updated 10-28-2020

Traveling is a leisure that gives the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives and travel magazines can provide a unique outlook on where and how you travel. With articles ranging from travel advice to detailed exploration of these locations, it's no wonder why travel magazines have remained popular. To help decide, we've compiled a list of the top 10 travel magazines.

Travel + Leisure

Visit much-coveted, faraway destinations with Travel + Leisure Magazine! Experience the full effect of a variety of locales with amazing photography and immersive stories. Explore the cultures and people of each featured destination as locals, fellow travelers, and experts share their favorite adventures. Each issue features recommendations for lodging, dining, and attractions. Find tips to save money and stay safe as you enjoy your vacation! Whether you are planning a trip or fantasizing about a dream vacation, Travel + Leisure has it all for you! Purchase a Travel + Leisure Magazine subscription today!

Conde Nast Traveler

Take a trip around the world - without even leaving your couch - with Conde Nast Traveler Magazine! Conde Nast Traveler has their writers travel covertly to give the most honest impression of traveling as possible. With contributors vacationing as ordinary visitors, they are able to provide spectacular photography and information true to the real-life experience. Discover the best places, spas, cruises, castles and more while learning the ins and outs of each area. Get the latest news, tips, and ideas to make your trip as successful as possible. Experience the best trips through detailed articles and plan your dream vacation with a Conde Nast Traveler magazine subscription!


When your dream vacation is more about being on the water than being on the beach, Sail Magazine should be your go-to vacation guide. Does the idea of planning your own cruise appeal to you? SAIL Magazine reveals the best cruises, provides information on booking the best charters, and helps you locate the best sail cruising club for you. With your travel magazine subscription, you will receive a charter directory, along with top destinations for your trip. A dedicated section on gear, apparel, accessories, and special deals provides you with everything you need to create the perfect sailing adventure. Be inspired and sail away with your discount to Sail Magazine.

Cruising World

For those water travel enthusiasts, Cruising World Magazine is a perfect fit. Featuring detailed reviews of every kind of sailboat, you will easily find the best seacraft for you. Learn how to sail safely on water with how-to guides, whether it be on a lake, in coastal waters or across full oceans. Discover tips on sailing, chartering, and maintenance along with recommendations for the best gear. Each issue is the perfect blend of boating tips and stories from readers. Be featured in your favorite travel magazine by submitting your own story! Cruise through your favorite waters with help from a Cruising World Magazine subscription! With your print subscription, you will also gain FREE access to the iPad/iPhone digital edition!

RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Shift into gear with RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine! Perfect for riders of all experience levels, this is the leading magazine for traveling motorcyclists, featuring all facets of motorcycle touring and bike vacations. Discover exciting destinations in the USA and around the world through travel stories of first-hand cruising experiences. Stay up to date on the latest news and product reviews to keep your bike in top shape. Detailed maps and first-rate photography help you plan every detail of your next tour. As seasoned riders know, it is more about the journey than the destination. Prepare to hit the road by purchasing a subscription today!

Global Traveler

Satiate your wanderlust with Global Traveler Magazine! Whether you are a frequent business traveler or taking an international luxury trip, you are sure to find useful information on every page. Discover the best deals, the finest spas, the premium flights, and more! Turn your business trip into a getaway with inside information on mini adventures to take between meetings. Subscribers will appreciate all of the enlightening information and advice on which restaurants to visit, golf destinations to tee off, and how to find the best luxury hotels. Subscribe today to begin your affluent expedition - the world is your oyster!

American Road

Adventuring through America by wheel is what makes American Road Magazine one of the premier travel magazines. Highlighting what makes traveling through the US great by motorcycle, car, RVs, and more, American Road celebrates the two-lane highways in our country. Read articles written by experienced travel writers and road scholars, with advice on travelling in comfort, maintenance tips, and full-color photographs. Discover fascinating small towns, mom-and-pop cafes, must-see tourist attractions, old motor lodges, and more. Get inspired for your next road trip with an American Road Magazine subscription!


Bringing a different aspect to travel, Afar Magazine encourages a fully immersive travel experience. Featuring vacation destinations around the world, AFAR helps readers connect with each destinations’ people, cultures, and perspectives. Discover unique adventures with editors’ picks of their favorite lodging, dining, and shopping suggestions. Feast on native dishes, take up residence in a local hotel, and experience your destination by immersing yourself in the local cultures. With beautiful photography and intriguing articles, AFAR ranks as one of the best travel magazines. Satisfy your travel bug with an AFAR Magazine subscription!


If you love camping and hiking, Backpacker Magazine will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest. Enter the great outdoors with confidence, Backpacker equips you with practical advice and advanced skill tips. You will discover remarkable locations throughout North America, complete with stunning photography and fold-out maps to guide you along your adventure. In each issue, you will find informative reviews of the best equipment and clothing, tasty recipes to enjoy on your hike, and much more. Purchase a Backpacker Magazine subscription todayand start planning the trip of your dreams!

Traveling and seeing new cultures and landscapes is daunting and there's a whole lot of Earth to explore. Luckily, using these top travel publications, you can experience more of it from the comforts of home. Between traveling to new continents, exploring across waters, or just down the road, these magazines are bound to be helpful. With great articles and stories on travel with unbelievable photographs, you'll find your next destination through one of these amazing magazines!


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